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Z240 sff
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

How do one install a M.2 SSD on the motherboard of Z240 sff?

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From the following specs, I can't find it has slot/port which is suitable for M.2 SSD




Please check yourself.



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To the OP.... this is a user to user forum.... 


Here is your answer:

Both the Z240 Tower and the SFF form factor workstations come with what HP calls an "embedded M.2 slot" built into the motherboard.  This is engineered to accept the HP G2 Z Turbo Drive, without the necessity of a separate PCIe card with the actual M.2 drive attached to that PCIe card.  Go to the link  HERE, and search for "embedded" in the PDF.



The HP G2 Z Turbo Drive we usually think of is the PCIe card that has the little "gumstick" shaped M.2 drive attached to the card via a M.2 socket on the card, and with an aluminum heatsink attached atop that.  The M.2 drive actually is the gumstick, and that itself can be inserted into the dedicated M.2 socket built into the motherboard that directly communicates with the PCIe bus without needing the PCIe card to get onto the PCIe bus.  If you search Google for "Z240 QuickSpecs" and download one of those and search that PDF for "M.2" you'll find under Expansion Slots this:  1 M.2 slot (PCIe Gen3 x4)* and: * M.2 slot supports compatible devices up to 110mm.  This is the same type of M.2 socket you'd see on the HP ZTD card, but soldered onto the motherboard itself.


Personally I'd get the HP unit.... it will have HP firmware on it compatible with the workstation's HP BIOS that will ensure success.  When you go into the QuickSpecs for your workstation under the "PCIe SSDs" section you will find a pretty long list and the 3 HP option part numbers that are made to go into the dedicated on-motherboard M.2 socket are:

HP Z Turbo Drive G2 256GB PCIe SSD (Z240 MB) **     T6U42AA
HP Z Turbo Drive G2 512GB PCIe SSD (Z240 MB) **     T6U43AA
HP Z Turbo Drive G2  1TB  PCIe  SSD  (Z240 MB) **      W6C19AA

** Installed in native M.2 slot on Z240 motherboard

Now you can go buy one of those 3 sizes and use it as your boot drive, or data drive.  These are not cheap (maybe you can find one used).  Here is a HP datasheet for the 512GB size:



In the QuickSpecs there also is a separate listing for the G2 Z Turbo Drive for Z240 workstations having a "Z2" motherboard.... you will need to figure that out... make sure there are not 2 versions of the motherboard, and if there are make sure you know what version yours is.  Also, the specific PCIe slot required by HP to insert a HP G2 Z Turbo Drive PCIe interface card into varies:

HP Z240 Tower: PCIe Slot 3
HP  Z240  SFF:   PCIe Slot 4


Here are 3 added HP PDFs on their M.2 options:





As noted, these are expensive, and may not be worth the cost to most users.  This is especially true if you have the option of using very fast current generation SATA III 2.5" form factor SSD, at least 512GB in size, such as the best Samsung or Intel ones.  I personally use the 512GB Intel 545s, and the Intel ToolBox SSD utility.  I also use the HP Z Turbo Drives G1 and G2 and rarely can see a difference between that Intel SSD and the ZTDs in our day to day use.


Z240 SFF M.2 on-motherboard socket.png

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Attached are two pics, and this is from an eBay ad stating it came from a Z240.  The ad did not say if from a SFF or Tower form factor.  This gives you a HP P/N which is 82641-001.  The parts may have multiple part numbers for the same exact thing.  Assembly, Spares, Option build to order, Option aftermarket part numbers.   The heatsink shown below is important.... these gumsticks usually need some cooling, and I bet this is what comes in the kit.  Do the homework.....


s-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600.jpg

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Here is a pic from a Z240 Tower review, with one of the HP G2 ZTD directly attached to the M.2 motherboard socket.... note the rear end hangs off the motherboard, and there is a threaded socket built into the silver case metal below to accept different length M.2 gumsticks.  I'm quite sure you'd need the heatsink.  I have no idea if the heatsink is different for the SFF versus the Tower form factors of the Z240.  You can only see pics when a moderator releases them.....


HP-Z240 Tower.jpg

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SDH has covered the SSD question quite well...and his reason for going the hp heat sink route is a important item


however if you don;t or can't find the HP heat sink, you can use 3rd party heat sinks but not all 3rd party ones are equal


avoid the ones that use sticky tape to hold the heat sink, same for the rubber band type attachments both can come loose without warning leaving a loose metal piece in the case that can short out the motherboard


there are however heat sinks that  securely clamp on the 2280 sized ssd's (not sure about smaller ones) here are some examples from ebay as of 6-17-19







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