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HP Recommended
HP Z4 G4
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I tried installing 2 Samsung 860 QVO 2 TB SSDs into my HP Z4 G4 workstation.  When one of these SSDs (uninitialized) is connected, the workstation fails to boot (the spinning circle goes on forever).


I have talked to HP support on the phone and was told HP can only support the SSDs listed in the Quickspecs for the workstation. Unfortunately, only HP SSDs are listed.  For example, the HP 2TB SATA Y6P08AA (or Y6P08AT) SSD listed is minimum $1300 USD (I'd have to import this SSD to Canada incurring even much more expense).  And that's for a mere 2TB!!!  The HP support person could not provide me (even unofficially) with a list of some third party 2.5" SSDs that will work with the workstation. Wow - this could end up being my last HP product.


Did anyone have success installing third party 2.5 inch SSDs into an HP workstation?  Thank you.









HP Recommended

first of all i would not be using "QVL" based nand SSD'S in a business system much less "TLC" based SSD"S although a TLC based drive might be suitable in some specific usages neither are really suitable for this class of workstations which is why HP does not qualify them


now as to installing 3rd party SSD's, yes you can install them but as you have found out HP will not support them since they have/will not test consumer based drives in workstations (same for other OEM workstation makers like dell/lenovo and so on)



which version G4 do you have the "W" xeon model or the "X" core series



are you trying to boot from the SSD or use it as a data drive?


do you have a M.2 SSD in the motherboard slot as a boot device?

how is this drive connected? is it being setup as a primary boot device?



HP Recommended

Thanks for the reply.


I have the W version (Intel Xeon). 


I was intending to install 2 (mirrored) SATA III SSD drives (2.5 inch) as data drives and remove my spinning drives.


I have a  512Gb M.2 SSD in the motherboard slot as a boot device.


Rather than using the Samsung QVL, I could purchase Samsung EVO drives. Although, I'd prefer Samsung Pro drives, the 2 TB drives cost twice as much as the EVO versions.


It's not simply the case that HP will not support third party consumer SSDs, I was told they will not support anything that is not listed in the Quickspecs -- there were only HP SSDs listed in the Quickspecs. As far as Dell goes, the Samsung SSDs will work there (even if Dell may not support them).


HP Recommended

No manufacturer  can support every device available that may (or may not) work with their hardware workstations are dedicated computers that are usually shipped with specific hardware and software. they are NOT general purpose systems


there is nothing strange with HP only supporting items they have tested or qualified other workstations venders do the same


since you are trying to use non HP approved hardware it's up to you do do the compatibility/qualifying of a item


now back to your problem,....


do you have another computer? if so can you format the drive on that system?


do you have another SATA SSD to try in the z8 ?


in your Bios, is the boot order set to the M.2 drive being the first boot device? (higher up in list than the SATA drive)


to check, connect the sata drive, enter the bios and check boot order you want the m.2 device to be higher up in the list than the sata drive


HP Recommended

Iirc, the Z workstations are marketed as personal workstations to design professionals, etc.  There was never any indication of a lack of upgradeability or incompatibility with popular add-ons.available in the market. Having owned two Z workstations, I'd say they are as "general purpose" as it gets. 


I returned the 2 Samsung QVO drives I was going to install in my Z4 G4 workstation. 


I could format the SSD drives with my laptop via USB/Sata adapter cable.  But now, I would need to order two new SSD drives - and I was wondering which ones are known to work besides HP SSDs.  Regarding the HP 2 TB SSD listed in the Quickspecs, the minimum price I could find is $1,300 USD and then I would still need to import it into Canada.  Needless to say, that's an insane price in today's market..  


My workstation's bios is set to work in UEFI mode and the M.2 is designated as the boot drive.  I will (now) boot up into the bios and have a look. I get back later.

HP Recommended

The UEFI boot order is:

  1. M.2 SSD0
  2. USB
  3. CD/DVD
  4. etc.


HP Recommended

In my opinion,...workstations by their nature and targeted audience are not general purpose computers. if you want one of those buy a boutique system or a OEM consumer system...... workstations are targeted to a narrower audience and do not have to conform to industry ATX standards for case motherboard size power supplies and other things.

HP does not make drives, they source them from venders like samsung and may (or may not) work with the drive vender to develop custom firmware other than that a HP drive is physically made the same as a consumer part in many cases 


you can get a used SSD or mech drive off ebay for about 20 dollars capacity is not important, you want to see if you have the same problem with the workstation, if so then it's highly unlikely it's the hardware but something you are doing or not doing


HP Recommended

Thank you.  Maybe I will try to find cheap used SSDs to see what's going on. 


It's not just HP workstations (or business PCs for that matter) that do not conform to industry ATX standards for case motherboard size power supplies and other things, etc..  HP "consumer" desktops are pretty much in the same boat -- I've owned those before.


One reason I buy HP business products is that I like the warranty and support (the support is normally much better than that offered by HP for its consumer products (honestly, I'd never buy an HP consumer product again). More recently, things seem different with respect to HP "business" support (but it's too soon to  make a determination).



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