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Hello, i know the question has been solved here:



However none of the links to videos actually work. Could someone please share a video link that works?

HP Recommended

HP increased security on their links, and now many of the old ones don't work... just copy the link and add the "s"... https:// instead of http://    That trick works for some old links...


Here's some info for you.  Also you may wish to PM the posters on that old post from within this forum... sometimes it will get through.  Note the current HP Z2 mini mounts are available on eBay, new, and you want to search for the best price via all the identifiers noted below.  It is best to get one in its original box so you get the proper length metric screws, and instructions:


In the box....jpg


These also can be found elsewhere:

HP Z2 Mini VESA Sleeve Y7B61AA B&H Photo Video (bhphotovideo.com)

Used HP Z2 Mini Arm / Wall VESA Mount Solution Y7B61AT B&H Photo (bhphotovideo.com)


I've attached some PDFs for you at the bottom of this post, and here are some added info/links:

QuickSpecs v2 for the current HP Z2 Mini VESA Sleeve (also, attached below):

It turns out this attaches through the bottom cover of the Z2 Mini via a standard 100mm-spaced VESA mount pattern with four M.4 round head 7mm screws into threaded blind-ended inserts deeper inside the workstation.  The blind ends keep a novice from using too long M4 screws and damaging the internals of the workstation.


QuickSpecs for HP Z2 Mini are attached as a PDF below... I've highlighted a few items for you... page 7.


The 2017 HP Business Accessories brochure from that era is too big to be attached as a PDF below.  It shows that there are multiple alternative ways to attach an ultra small PC/workstation to different HP monitor frames.


There are different identifiers for the same current mounting dual-sleeve approach... other methods can work fine if they use the standard 100mm-spaced VESA mount standard:
HP Z2 Mini VESA Sleeve Y7B61AA,   Y7B61AT,   Y7B61AAR,   913294-001


Some pics from a Japanese site which give you a better feel for all the parts involved including the two nesting sleeves for high security protection of the Z2 Mini... it can  be locked into those sleeves once installed:


Good luck on your project.  It would be valuable for you to post info after you figure this all out.


HP Recommended

Note that when you look at the Japanese link's pictures that there are two sleeves... the inner sleeve goes on first with 4 of the special 7mm long M4 screwed into the 4 blind-ended metal M4 threaded inserts in the silver metal motherboard mounting plate, exposed when the bottom cover is removed.  There are pics below from above and below that internal metal mounting plate inside the Z2 Mini.  Once the "inner" sleeve is attached (through the bottom Z2 Mini cover) it can be locked into the "outer" sleeve with the remaining four 7mm long M4 threaded mounting screws.


There is some good info on YouTube but I can't find the video described in the old post.  Take a look:


I believe you won't need to remove bottom cover of the Z2 Mini to attach the double sleeve security mount, but this video shows what the bottom surface of the metal mounting plate looks like  if you did... note beginning at 00:45 of the video the section regarding what is under bottom cover, and the blind-ended M4 threaded metal inserts attached to the silver metal motherboard attachment plate. I believe you can pull off the 4 rubberized feet from the bottom cover without removing that cover first... this will give you access for the 4 attachment screws to be placed through the bottom cover into the blind ended threaded metal inserts.


Mounting plate from above, with motherboard out.  You don't need to do this... it is just shown for perspective:


View from above...View from above...View from belowView from below


Again.... I don't think you need to remove the bottom cover to attach the "inner" sleeve to the case.  I believe you simply need to pry out the 4 rubberized feet from the bottom cover to gain access  to the attachment holes.  Save those feet.



In this video, we will see how to repair and replace various parts when servicing or upgrading your HP Z2 Mini G5 computer. Follow the steps in this video to properly remove the specific parts and then safely install the replacement parts for sustained or improved performance. You can directly ...
HP Recommended

I'm also working on a similar project with a mini HP Z2 workstation... so this is good investment of time.


In your original post above in which you provide a link to an older post... the mount shown being used with that mini Z2 in fact is not  the current Z2 Mini 100mm spacing VESA high security dual sleeve Y7B61AA mount.  Instead, the picture shows an older straight-vertical mount, the E5J35AA, which is seen in 2 views in the PDF below, and also in the bottom pic below.  HP has stated this older mount is for "legacy displays".  A good link for you to review is from SpiceWorks.com, HERE , also showing that older straight-vertical mount.  That would only fit on a HP monitor stand built with the recess it inserts into.


Note that a number of these HP mounts will only fit on HP monitor stands made to accept them.  The good news is the guy's success shows that the mount holes in the bottom of your Z2 Mini are 100mm-spaced VESA standard holes.  Note that the stand he uses is straight-vertical, but some HP stands have an lower angled-back section that then transitions to straight-vertical.  A stand made for the Z2 Mini G3 listed in a 2017 HP resource shows that type of angled mount as the N5N00AA, Assembly P/N 828325-001, listed with a bunch of pics on eBay  HERE , and mentioned by HP to be for "current displays" of that era, shown just below:

Z2 Mini mount for angled monitor stand.jpg


Also, some HP monitor stands have one front-facing set of 100mm-spaced holes to attach the monitor with, and also a second rear-facing set of 100 mm-spaced M4 threaded holes to attach a computer mount to.  However, for the two mounts discussed above there is a rectangular hole in the lower 1/3 of the stand into which that bottom bulky bottom end of the mount slips through and locks into:


Older HP Thin Client mount.jpg

So, you really need to know what your HP monitor stand is like and get the right mount that will work for you.  I've also used the 2-part quick release HP mounts (6KD15AA) for other projects but the top lever you slide sideways to separate the two parts might be hard to get to between the Z2 Mini and the back of the monitor stand.  Getting the most recent double-sleeve one made for that Z2 Mini probably is the wisest move, and allows locking the Mini inside the nested sleeves. 


See attached...

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