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ProOne 440 G5

We are trying to get Fedora:32 working on the ProOne 440 G5. We've also tested Ubuntu 20.04.1, but both distros don't seem to work at all. The screen just cycles through RGB, white and black on boot. It looks 90% similar to this: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Operating-Systems-and-Recovery/Screen-Flashing-Different-Light...


Linux will boot with the kernel mode setting (KMS) disabled (`nomodeset`), but this disables the GPU driver and dramatically decreases video performance as well as lowering the resolution and disabling the sound. We kinda need sound for our use-case.


Does anybody know how to get Fedora:32 working on this machine (or Linux in general)?

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is this 440 G5 notebook posted to DESKTOPS?

a PROBOOK ?  zero HP support for linux so... ask the linux forums for help>? sorry but there is that....😐

I only do desktops but will try now,  off topic posting me...😎


every linux distribution and every versions only support some GPUs, by era, (age)😉

why not ask the linux forum such as Ubuntu v20 ,


no GPU told at all a PCI e card or is this iGPU in the CPU ?????    it can not have a card it is a PROBOOK PC.

so no CPU told. (probook)


440-g5. PROBOOK, not any kind of desktop here.

if GPU card get the driver from the GPU card maker , them  only. 12 makers, 10,000 cards lay about. (desktop answer)

if iGPU fails the PC was sold with 5 different CPU  processors and  3 different iGPU used,  Intel HD Graphics 520, 610 and 620

no CPU told no way to answers this, only your Linux kernel version answer that.

so what GPU do you run, sound is later..

this PROBOOK some have  NVIDIA GPU option not told your HP PRODUCT ID # so we can tell you.'


see why 440G5 means so little vast versions sold world wide, see?




see that?  vast motherboards too and not the same.




sound per the product support page at HP.  does not look simple nor easy to  get LINUX on this,,,,  "COMPLEX"

Conexant ISST Audio, version
Conexant SmartAudio HD, version 8.65.319.100
Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) Audio Controller, version
Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) OED, version


what to do is first run free and safe,  HWinfo32.exe (google) it

now see what is REALLY there, all chips.

then with facts in hand tell linux guys what fails. iGPU what? exactly then later sound(hard nut that)


NO warranty answers by me.
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Sorry about that. Here are the specs: https://www8.hp.com/h20195/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4aa7-5848eee


We used kernel 5.9.9 and 5.9.13. Both of these would not boot with kernel mode settings.


The iGPU is an Intel UHD Graphics 630.


I have already posted in the Ubuntu community.

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