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HP Recommended
HP Z600 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Edit:- ( CPU model revised for a porper CPU X5660)


it's 1st time come here but i need a quick answer to a question related to CPU & Memory supporting:-


I try to obtain a used Z600 workststion for editing projects originally  fitted with DDR3 12800 2GB x 6  , E5620 x 2 , Nvidia NVS 300 x 2 , 500G HD x 1 being offered by a seller


Seller managed to sent me a photo capture part of the bios it writes "boot block date 01/07/10" (c2 revision board)


My question is :-


1)is it possible to run dual X 5660 Westmere 6 core CPus using stock heatsinks? (kit No. WG732AA)


2) is it possible to run max. 48GB (6x8GB) DDR3-1333 ECC Registered Ram?


Note that both Cpus and Ram will most likely obtain from after-market sellers other than designated HP distributers


See attached jpeg for snap shot of system bios boot block date



Kindly i need a quick reply or the Z600 offer will slip away fast





HP Recommended

The answer is yes.  That 2010 boot block date confirms it is a "version 2" Z600 that is the later type of motherboard (which is what you should be getting, for sure).


The X5660 you speak of has a sSpec code of SLBV6.  There is only one sSpec code so they are all the same, and it can be bought new from Intel for about 1220.00 USD each or used from eBay about 65.00 each.  That has a 95W max TDP, which is what the smaller original heatsinks are designed for also.  Search eBay under that sSpec code.


A faster alternative set of two processors, which I just installed in my version 2 Z600 motherboard with the same boot block date, is the X5675.  That is the fastest hexacore that HP ever certified for the Z600 and it runs at 3.06 MHz rather than the 2.80 MHz of the X5660 you asked about.  Cost from Intel is 1440.00 USD each; cost used from eBay for is about 110.00 USD each.  Those also are rated for 95W max TDP, and have a single sSpec code of SLBYL.  Thus, whether you buy them from HP, Intel or eBay you're getting the same processor.


I use Noctua thermal paste.... never a problem.  I generally do not buy processors from China.... the US sources are usually about the same price, and there is some greater protection and faster delivery from US seller.


Memory..... yes, and I generally like to buy used HP memory off eBay, or find a good pic of an official HP stick and then search for the exact ID memory on eBay.  The HP sticks are the best and most likely to succeed in my mind... they have gone through added HP quality control procedures, and I have not had issues with buying used.  I have 6 x 4GB HP in mine, which are currently the ECC unbuffered type.  If you look at HP QuickSpecs for that workstation from about 2013 (version 50, for example) you can see 48GB works fine.  Here is a HP PDF that deals with the later Z600 "version 2" motherboard memory optimization:  see HERE.  I personally have not installed the 8GB sticks so have no experience to share on that.




By the way, the chipset fan on those runs unnecessarily too fast and I always add on a Noctua low noise 4-pin adapter to drop the noise level and extend the life of that little fast fan:  see HERE




You can find those on Amazon here in the US..... high quality and never a problem with those either.




Hope that helps......

HP Recommended

Many Thx SDH 4 tech support on CPU & Ram details and yes i have been study HARD to obtain enough info. to ask a proper question here.


B4 that i know nothing about "Boot Block Date"  / 6 core 12 threads CPUs / ECC ram etc etc.

Days and days of reading different revisions of Quick Spec gave me enough headache.....(which i never know there were REVISIONS)


Considering "money vs clock speed" matter and U R rite about X 5675 there were on top of the approved chart 4 Official CPU supporting. However , i  am running on a tide $ situation, get a pair used X5675 vs X 5650

It leaves me no other options but a pair of X5660 even with dropped down to X5650 is the only way out


So Boot Block Date C2 support dual 6 cores CPUs & 48G ram that's good enough 4 me


Again Many thx cheers




HP Recommended

Happy to help.... that is an excellent workstation as you have planned it.  The 48GB of RAM may be one thing to scale back on with a tight budget.  The cost/GB of ram for larger sticks such as 8GB each stick is higher than if you go to the 4GB/stick or even 2GB/stick.  You will know best, however, how much you really need.

HP Recommended

If you don't need the highest level of processor power, which hardly anybody does 'all the time', apart from database analists ao, you'll probably be ok with either x5650, x5660, x5675. By the way, the fastest of the x5600 series, with regards to clockspeed, would be the x5672. 'Only' a Quad Core, but at 3,20 MHz.

With any of these in dual configuration you'll have a serious amount of processing power at your disposal, even by todays standards.


What indeed does matter is memory. From my experience with high end software (CAD, BIM/FEM/FEA etc. as well as running VM's), you'll most likely run out of memory before processor power becomes an issue.

DDR3 ECC modules for Z600 and Z800 are widely available at low prices. A quick lookaround revealed a sale of 48Gb 10600 ECC FB (6x8Gb) for € 65.


HP Recommended

Facts i learnt in a hard way after using Z600 for a while:-


1) No need to go for X5675, go for X5670 (performance no big difference but Price is a significant difference)


2) Must close the side cover or all of the cooling fans will run in 100% which is noisy.


3) Place this workstation above the floor  better laid it flat, Power supply intake fan served as a vacuum cleaner (Suck in all dust and fail)


4) Reason as above, always check the power supply cooling fan


5) Unusual Operation response due to Bios (e.g. several old fashion display card might caused hardware crash/ improper working  behavior. Mine got a serious problem using  a working  NVIDIA 9600gt (green version - no aux power12v required) , causing on board   ICH9 chipset out of order, force me to change use a ATI  HD5770 then everything is fine) might be pci bus with limited power supply limit (75W max.) causing problems buit i don't know


6) Several LSI chipset Raid / HBA card working fine in this workstation. Given that  flashed with latest firmware and Driver. Test with bios version 3.6  under win 7  64 bit  with LSI  sas3801-8E,  sas3442 -4i4r,  SAS9201-16E,  SAS9280-8E (choices much more than QUICK GUIDE Recommended)


7) On baord PCI cooling fan operate slow, need to place another fan right behind the pci cooling fan.


😎 If possible get a full 48G ram installed, i got mine 48G B4 Samsung Fxxk up Ram Market.


9) Hardware support is extremely limited DUE TO 5) as above, all of Hardware Driver must be microsoft WHQL certified or such device will NEVER WORK PROPERLY which is extremely annoying .


10) An excellent choice running Hxxxxxxxxh, fast, efficient, cheap, expandable n hardware trouble free (given that u have enough knowledge)

HP Recommended

Agree on the processors.  I found a great deal on a second version 2 Z600 and got two of those faster quad core processors (X5672) you mention.  A bit faster and feels just a bit snappier in use in a single-threaded environment.  Very subtle benefit.  The dual hexacore dual X5675 build wins out big time on Passmark, however, and multi-threaded operating systems and programs are the future.


On the memory, the HP engineer advice is to optimize the memory controller performance by using identical sticks of RAM in all 6 slots.  I have done that too, 6 x 4GB/stick.  I need to experiment with a configuration before I really trust it, and even have been burned by that due to unforeseen issues.  So, I'll defer to you on the 6 x 8GB/stick issue.

HP Recommended

I have old Z600 with old bios (rev 1.X) and  boot block 01/30/2009 and original X5570.

With the 3.61 bios update, X5670 = OK (tested under windows 10 1809, 100% perfect).


Photo from my Z600 BIOS after update 3.61 :




BIOS : https://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp84001-84500/sp84160.exe


or https://support.hp.com/fr-fr/drivers/selfservice/hp-z600-workstation/3718663


Kind regards

HP Recommended

The same HP engineer who helped us figure out the boot block date method of ensuring one has a version 1 or version 2 of these workstations posted in the past that one might get a later (version 2) HP certified processor to work on a version 1 workstation, but that it would be eventually unstable especially if two were installed.  Others have posted here about getting one to work but failing on two.  Instability was the issue.  Stability is one of the main reasons our enterprise chooses HP.


Most of us will not choose to be exposed to that risk at work, or at home..... but you may choose to do so.  Too many have reported here over the years about eventually seeing the downside of that approach.  You can do what you wish with your data, but I personally would not recommend this to others.  What I would advise, instead, is getting a used Z600 version 2 motherboard for about $50.00 and swapping that in, and then not worry.  The swap process takes me about 1/2 hour.  Look for 460840-003 on the small white bar code label on the right.... there are many Z600 motherboard pictures on eBay.  The higher "Rev" alphanumerics have that -003 Assembly Part Number.  Ignore the white printing above the label.


The same approach works with the Z400 but there is an easier way.... the version 1 has only 4 memory slots and the version 2 has 6.  Here is a version 2 Z600 barcode label as an example, with REV AK.... AH, AI, AJ, AK are other examples.

Z600 version 2 example.jpg

HP Recommended

Do you have a link with "report of stability issue" with rev 1 Z600 please ?


With Dell T3500/T5500/T7500, all support X5687 and X5690 without problem or question (just heatsink replacement for heatpipe version for130W cpu vs 95W cpu).

I have more than 30 Dell station still in use...


Including dual cpu mode, just flash bios and even with first serie (sticker vista or production @ 2009, last production during 2012 with 7 sticker) you can boot with all 1366 xeon cpu without any restrictions.


And you can use classic ATX PSU with 3500 and 5500 (for 5500, one cpu and not test with 7500), very low cost solution vs specific HP PSU for Z series.

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