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I recently installed some HP T510 thin clients' OS that were were running Windows Embedded with the Linux-based ThinOS.  This has resulted in some display issues, and I am wanting to go back to Windows Embedded, but when I do so, the installer says there is no license available.


These units were running Windows Embedded to start with; is there a way to get the Windows Embedded re-installed on these and have a valid license recognized?

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the T510 can run various versions of windows OS'S  7/10/ and Linux


you need the "SPECIFIC" version of the OS that the box(s) have a license for


you cannot install windows OEM if the boxes license is for windows thin client or windows IOT


in your case it's windows embedded, but is that the Standard version, the thin client version


and is your license for the win 7/8/10 release of embedded


the standard OS's were the ones listed below (but others could be ordered it it was a "CTO" order)


  • HP ThinPro
  • HP Smart Zero Technology Genuine
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Genuine
  • Windows Embedded Standard
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Thanks for the reply, DGroves.


I recall it looking like Windows 7.  When I run the HPThinUpdate tool, however, only ThinOS (and up to version 5.2) is available for the T510 under "Operating System".


I did create a WES7 image from one of the other models (T520), but it gives me that "No license" message when I try to do install it.

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Actually, now that I think about it more, it may have looked more like WinXP, which may be why the image is no longer available in HPThinUpdate (and is one of the reasons I "upgraded" to ThinOS).


As far as I can tell, all these units only have 2GB flash drive, and all the WES7 images I see for other devices appear to be 4GB+ which aren't going to install on the T510s, though I am open to other suggestions, if there are any (other than replacing all the T510s with newer units...)

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the flash drive can be upgraded to a larger size



the t510 actually shares the same hardware base as the t5570, t5550, t5565, t5570e and t5565z.


2GB (Max 8GB)
   Max resolution
VIA ChromotionHD 2.0
2048 x 1536


The embedded operating system is one of:

  • Genuine Windows Embedded Standard 7
  • Genuine Windows Embedded Standard 2009
  • HP ThinPro
  • HP Smart Zero Client Service
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 (CE 6 Release 3)

depending on the exact model.


this link may be helpful



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Ah, OK, so based on the OS' you list, I am pretty sure the OS running on them prior to the "upgrade" was Windows Embedded CER3.  Except for the t5565, I don't see the other models you listed that the t510 shares a hardware base with in the HPThinUpdate, and even under that model, only ThinOS is available.


I did a Google Search, and found a link on archive.org to an ISO download for Windows Emdbed CER3 and I have downloaded it.  Even though it is less than ideal (especially since HP doesn't even seem to make it available anymore as I seem to think it is based on WinXP), I am going to try putting that image onto the units that are having the display issues and see if that resolves the issue for those users.

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windows 7/8.x /10 VIA ChromotionHD 2.0 driver



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