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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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Z4 G4 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 11

Hello everybody!


For still quite a short time I'm a proud owner of a HP Z4 G4 Workstation. :))
And generally it works marvellously.

Meanwhile I'va also got to update it to Win11, which also worked well. But there are a few questions that are important to me and I couldn't resolve somehow uncomplicated:


1) How can I enter BIOS / UEFI? When it starts there is for some time just a black screen until the HP-logo (obviously a modified Windows-logo appears).

2) How can I enter the boot-menu? I may whish to start from a USB-stick or another media, and my previous PC had F8 to push for a menu that allowed me to select which device I'd like to boot from. Is that also here possible, and if so, how?


3) According to the shop who sold it to me, the Z4 G4 should come with Windows for workstations. But even after updating to Win11 it tells me that it's a "normal" pro.

OK, how is it hnow? Is there a Win11 pro FOR WORKSTATIONS included? Or would I have to pay for a kind of update??

If included, how can I upgrade it??


Befor telling me to consult a kind of manual, please forgive, but I'm almost blind, and therefore I tried to "scim" somehow through a manual by using searching-functions, but I didn't found any clue to answer the above asked questions. If somebody could help me, I'd be VERY thankful.


for now, all the best from Austria


Florian (Kecki)

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You should check your order confirmation.
If Windows Pro for Workstations is mentioned, they have to send you a new license key.

(But during upgrade from 10 to 11 it doesn't change.)
If not, you have to buy one. But is it worth it?
I seriously doubt that you need a ReFS file system, as Windows would not even boot from that drive.
That's the main difference. You also need a Backup-Software that supports ReFS.


You have to press the Esc-Key during start-up to enter the BIOS.
But if fast boot is enabled that might be bypassed.
So run Windows and press the Shift-Key and select Start==>Reboot
Then you can enter BIOS when it reboots and you have the chance to ruin your machine. 😀



HP Recommended

all of your questions can be found by reading the user manual for your model or by a simple google search




Google query: " how to enter bios HP z4 G4" will show numerous links that it's  F10 to enter the BIOS setup, and this is used on almost all of the HP workstation models, simply tap this key repeatedly during startup. also note that  F9 will give you a device to boot from menu






the only one that might be a bit harder is windows for workstations, this is a "OPTIONAL OS" not a standard install windows 10/11 are the normal OS installs

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