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hp compaq 8000 elite convertible minitower pc
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

I have a big problem with my hp compaq 8000 elite convertible minitower pc

After updating the BIOS, this error and messages occurred at startup

I can not reach a solution out of the problems

Here are some pictures illustrating the problem


I can not go back to the previous BIOS and start error messages
Please help me solve these problems

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the new bios also requires you to update the ME firmware, however to be able to do so,

the Intel AMT LMS_SOL for AMT 5.xx Rev. A driver must first be installed, installing this driver will cause a Com 3 device to show up in device manager. once this is done and "ME" is enabled in the bios you can proceed with the 'me" firmware update


HP Compaq Business Desktop ME Firmware Update and Utilities Rev. B



his package contains utilities that can be used to update the Intel Management 
Engine (ME) Firmware on the supported desktop models with a 786Gx system BIOS.

NOTE: The Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) 5.2 ME firmware image is 
only intended for the following:
-HP Compaq dc7900 PC
-HP Compaq 8000 Elite PC
-HP Compaq 8000f Elite USDT PC
-HP Compaq 8080 Elite CMT PC
-HP Compaq 6080 Pro
-HP Compaq 6000 Pro PC configurations

This SoftPaq does NOT include a system BIOS image. However, it is recommended 
that the system BIOS be updated to the latest version before upgrading the ME 



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Thank you, my friend. Thank you so much for your response

I downloaded the software provided but the same errors are the same

f you can connect to my own devices via TeamViewer

And work better than me because I'm not qualified to play on the computer

And greetings to you

The problem starts when some computer hardware changes
Then the problems came

And from the time I mean this problem please help me solve it

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I don't think you want to pay what i make in a hour doing "IT" support  as it's not cheap


also teamviewer will not be useable when atempting to check bios settings


to update the system you need to follow these steps in order


1. update bios (you have allready done this)


2. in the bios enable the Intel AMT,..... do not attempt to enter the AMT settings if you do you will be forced to create a AMT password write down this password if you do access the AMT settings, as it can not be recovered if forgotten!!!


3. once the AMT is enabled in the bios, reboot and install the intel AMT software/SOL com driver, once installed check device manager for a "Com 3" device if this does not show, stop and determine why, as you can not procede until com 3 shows


4. extract the ME firmware from the SP file, READ HOW TO INSTALL/RUN. usually you boot to DOS from a disk or usb key, and run the firmware updater bat file, but later versions of this updater will run from within windows....the included documentation will tell you if can run under windows or if it's DOS only


the updater will give feedback during the updating, and tell you if it was updated ok

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Possible program to restore the BIOS
And modified
Or a copy of the BIOS is retrieved from another device with the same model as the PC
It is charged on the BIOS chip using the programmed
Please bring me a solution

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