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HP Z640 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

The machine does not wake up when sent a magic packet when using window 10.

The advice from searches refer to a setting in adapter options; properties>configure>advanced tab>Wake on Magic packet>enabled.

Sadly there is no such item in my drop down menu.


FYI I have enabled WoL in the BIOS and can start the machine fine when shut down from openSUSE.


Any clues please?

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Try disabling ERP compliance in the bios

From the tech manual


This computer provides ERP compliance mode capability.
When this feature is enabled, the computer shuts down to the lowest possible power state. The computer
must then be turned on with the power button. One of the effects is that "wake on LAN" is disabled.


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Hi and many thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately I am not too familiar with my way round the BIOS and could not find a reference to ERP.  Please can you give me a clue where I find it?


BTW, the machine can be started using WoL without difficult using linux, it is only the Windoze system that messes things up. If the machine stops for example due to UPS power failure or dirty Windoze shutdown I have had a problem as I cannot always access the machine physically so need to get WoL working reliably. 

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Explained here 


in BIOS Select Power>Hardware Power Management>ERP Compliance Mode, and then select Disable


However, if WOL works in Linux but not windows then there is another problem, possibly a windows setting or network driver problem

Please ensure your system is configured for S3 sleep state.  Use the administrator command prompt as shown below (HP Z400 system win10)



Try the original and latest network driver for Z640


Make sure the network power management property has the following


and from properties => advanced





I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
If you think this reply was helpful, please mark it as so or as a solution.. Thank You!
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Hi and many thanks for your patience.  I found I had to update my BIOS and the link to the network driver update was also needed.  This has now given me the Wake on Magic Packet option which was not available before and had me guessing until you came to the rescue.


I have S3 sleep mode as available but no idea if that is what is being used but it should be possible to make up the machine even from shut down mode as it is with Linux.


The BIOS screen which comes up on my Z640 is quite different from the examples and I cannot find any reference to ERP.   anywhere.  For now I am concluding that my machine does not have this capability.


With the machine in shut down from Windoze I cannot wake the machine with a magic packet from a Linux machine.  I shall now try putting it into sleep mode ans see if that works.


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OK, from doing a few more trials I get:-

If I put HPZ640 into sleep mode and then send a magic packet I think it is waking up as the power light is thurns on continuously rather than blinking as it does in sleep mode but the screen doesn't come to life.  

If I shut down from windows  I cannot wake up the machine from a Linux machine.

If the Z640 is shut down from Linux I can wake it up with a magic packet from a Linux machine no problem.

So my problem is with windows 10 system and waking it up from a windows 10 shut down.

I am also having difficulty getting to the same windows screen you show in your example.  I cannot find a network power management setting.  

Any ideas? 


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A quick follow up.  I have found that if I shut down the windoze system from a command line with the command

shutdown /s /t 3

this does shut the system down correctly and I can then wake it up with magic packet.

The trouble with this is being able to do this as it needs me to issue the command.  I need the machine set up so folk can just use the button!!!  

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If you can figure this out please let us all know because on later operating systems it has been difficult to accomplish. One of the problems is that WOL is inherently energy inefficient, and regulations have developed that result in some of the default BIOS settings be energy efficient. There are BIOS and network adapter settings that all have to mesh together perfectly for WOL to work. 


I assume that you've seen the attached HP info on W10 and WOL... if not take a look. We always turn off "Fast Startup" in the control panel Power app and I see HP advises that too for WOL to work.


Good luck to you!


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For those with the dual rear network ports such as the Z620 and the Z840 those generally have not been identical ports... in the Z620 at least one is a less capable "L" type and the other ("AMT" is printed on the backplane by it) is the more complex and capable "LM" type. LOM means Local area network On Motherboard. First, here they both are shown in Device Manager, and then the two pictures below show the properties tabs for the two types. I used the LM type port for my network cable attachment and experimenting, and that is the only type a Z420 has:


DM Network Adapters in Z620.jpgL type Network Adapter in Z620.jpgLM type Network Adapter in Z620.jpg


I worked on this for a while but did not really need it so finally gave up. Still interested, however...

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Some feedback for all those with this problem.  I am running Z640 machines and these only have one NIC on board.

I have wasted far too much time to wrangle a solution from Windoze but I have never used this operating system myself so have little knowledge or experience.  (I used OS/2 and then eComStation until I moved to OpenSUSE, v8 as I recall, and never looked back!)

The problem is that Windoze is very flawed and a shut down from the Start button does not shut down fully or correctly.

In desperation I sought help from the openSUSE forum and this is what was suggested.:-


Right click on the desktop and create a new shortcut, in there enter the `shutdown /s /t 3` and name it Full shutdown or just STOP or whatever suits. It should now have the shortcut on the desktop.  Right click on the shortcut and select properties and the on bottom left hit the change icon button. Ignore the warning, now in the popup (bottom right) is a red power button, select that icon and save/exit. Then just drag the icon to the task bar and pin it there...

I now have a red STOP button in my taskbar.  It is fast, easy and works.  Once used I can then start the machine remotely with a magic packet just like the real thing.


I understand running an admin powershell and using `pwrconfig -h off` should do the same thing but I have never used powershell.  The windoze community will know more on this.


I hope this is of some use to others once they have sorted out the BIOS settings correctly which are essential as shutting down this way requires the BIOS to be set to enable WoL.  I understand the windoze settings are not relevant here.  

Hope this helps. 


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