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HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



I would like to upgrade the PSU of my workstation from the original one, rated at 500 W to the largest one supported, that is 650 W if the quickspecs document is to be believed.


Is this a supported operation ?

Specifically:  is the new, larger, power supply mechanically compatible with the Z2 G4 tower case, and electrically compatible with the motherboard ?


Can you confirm L57253-003 is the proper part number for a 650W PSU for Z2 G4 towers ?


Thanks in advance for the help - cheers!

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I think I owe you a little bit more context, absent which my question sounds incredibly naïve.


The reason I'm asking is I have noticed there is mention of two CPU power connectors on the "system board overview" sticker that's in the cover panel mentions: P3 and P4. I understand that, if I buy a 650w PSU, I would have to connect P4 power pins to the new PSU. Only trouble is... the P4 connector is nowhere to be found on my motherboard.


cover panel stickercover panel stickersticker legendsticker legend


Here's the photo of the PSU sticker - I understand it says the PSU has 4 rails, all with a current limit set at 16 A:


500W psu rails500W psu rails


+12VMAIN must be meant for the main motherboard power connector, +12VCPU is for the CPU ("P3" connector, mentionned above), +12VG1 and +12VG2 have to be current limits for each of the two Pci Express connectors (on my model, two of those, one 6+2 pins and one 6 pins).


I guess all my worries would be gone if a kind soul could come up with a scan of the 650W PSU sticker: then I would be sure nothing silly has been done (such as reducing the +12VCPU current limit)


I'm aware that, with the 500 W  current limit, I can draw 16A * 12V = 192 W max on any single rail, as long as total power drawn from all the rails does not exceed 500W. Ultimately, I'm worried upgrading the PSU entails somehow soldering an additional CPU power connector on my motherboard.


As I would say.. any help is appreciated.






HP Recommended

checking the z2 g4 specs, yes the units that are configured from the factory do have dual cpu pwr plugs on the motherboard


furthermore the HP part numbers appear differ between the  650 and lower wattage motherboards (HP partsurfer website)


it's possible that the boards that mate to the 650 watt supplies may have parts on the motherboard besides just the missing power connector


you will need to actually check a dual pwr jack board and see what's different


also the SFF/tower models and xeon/core i "X" motherboards are different so you need to be very specific on just what model/formfactor and cpu you have

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First, thanks for replying to me.


After (too long) a browse through the partsurfer tool, you are correct, the 650W "chassis" (6CX04AV) and the 500W chassis (2ZS06AV) have different references for their system board:


L13216-601 "SPS-BD SYS Z2G4 TWR/SFF WIN" seems to match the 500W

L55875-601 "SPS-BD SYS Z2G4 - R - TWR/SFF WIN" comes with the 650w one. This one has a photograph available:




where the two CPU connectors can be seen




While you're asking, I have a Z2 G4, Tower (not SFF, not mini), and it has a Xeon E2224 CPU.


But I think I found an answer to my questions - on a very non-authoritative site: Aliexpress. I'm now pretty sure this is a substitute for the genuine 650w PSU - it's labelled "New PSU For HP Z2 G4 800 650W Power Supply DPS-650AB-30 A L36048-003 L36049-003 L57253-003", and it comes with a readable photgraph of the PSU sticker:



The extra connector materializes as an extra rail, and all rails have a current limit higher than the one of the 500 w (18 A > 16 A). So I'm not buying from AliExpress, but I believe they will sell good copies specwise, so I'm inclined to think the HP PSU will match those specs.


Unless some one gives me some reason not to, I'll proceed with my purchase, and let you know what the PSU sticker of the genuine parts says.




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the HP EliteDesk 800 G4 Workstation may or may not use the same power supply as the HP Z2 G4 i recommend you do some more research to make sure and also buy from a vender who takes returns


also compare the wiring colors on the motherboard connector ends they should match your 500 watt supply


also, the aliexpress part IS a HP unit but one only sold in the far east 

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