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Z2 G8
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


i'm tryng to setup up a raid1 with two Samsung m.2 model 970 evo plus nvme 500gb.

The problem is that only one SSD  (slot2) is shown in Intel rst (BIOS access), but i can see and use both of them in BIOS and in Windows.

I have try to use original z2 g8 HP SSD m.2 512gb plus another HP SSD m.2 take from another PC, but the result is the same, Intel rst show only SSD in slot 2. (Z2 G8 SSD is in slot1.  O.o )

What have i try: (obviously unsuccessful)

-disabled re-enable rst remapping

-disabled secure boot

-inverted ssds position (Always work only slot 2)

-installed windows on a sata SSD and create Array from Intel rst app 

-updated BIOS and Intel rst driver

I also called hp phone support and they say that must be a motherboard problem and must be replaced, so i'm waiting for technician.

But i'm not so sure about a motherboard issue, any ideas?




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from the HP Z2 G8 quickspecs:


note that this entry level system does not have a dedicated raid controller card, as such it's raid support is limited to raid 0/1

using the integrated intel OPROM's 


Factory integrated RAID on motherboard for Z Turbo Drive
RAID 0 Data Configuration Y
RAID 1 Data Configuration Y

NOTE: SATA hardware RAID is not supported on Linux® systems. The Linux® kernel, with built-in
software RAID, provides excellent functionality and performance. It is a good alternative to
hardware-based RAID. All drives must be identical in type and capacity. Boot volume/RAID array must
be less than 2 TB
NOTE: Requires identical drives (speeds, capacity, and interface).
NOTE: The HP Z2 Tower G8 Workstation is capable of configuring up to 2 Z Turbo Drives. By default,
the Z Turbo Drive configured will be installed in the M.2 storage slot on the system’s motherboard.
NOTE: For storage drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less.
Up to 36GB (for Windows 10) of system disk is reserved for system recovery software.



HP service manual:



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Hi DGroves,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, i saw that in quickspecs, but the strange is which in intel rst (from bios not from os) i can see every disk i put in slot2 (z turbo, samsung or any other)  and i can't see any disk i put in slot1 (z turbo, samsung or any other).

If the problem is the ssd's model, why can i see zturbo in slot 2 and no in slot 1? (even if it's the only ssd connected)

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all of the Intel RST raid matrix  enabled motherboards i have used do support bootable raid 0/1


while i have not used the Z2 G8 systems i suspect they do not differ that much from the previous z800/820/840 workstations which i do support for


note that you cannot make a existing non raid bootable drive into a raid, you must start from scratch and this will destroy any existing data


the link below shows how to configure raid on the earlier model workstations, but should still apply to your model also



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I scratched both ssds but the result is the same

Bios settings are a little bit different, anyway there are two options that reguard Raid:  (both enabled)

-Configure Storage Controller for Raid

-RST Remapping (that enable ssds m.2 to be seen by intel rst)

Intel rst is always the same  😄

Anyway Sata Raid works fine, the problem is only with m.2 nvme raid.

I recontacted phone support to be sure about compatibility of ssds m.2 different from zturbo, i'll let you know.


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Hey, I have the same problem with Z2 G8. Do you have solution with RAID1 using two M.2 ? I try at original HP M.2 discs and at samsung m.2 970 evo plus. Both the same problem.

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Hi Dymicom,


unfortunatly there is no solution yet.

Yesterday hp's technician come with a new cpu (my reaction: what??? ) , and have no result even with a long call to a hp advanced technician who tried different bios setup.

He took and sent bios log and they will let me know.

This waiting is absolutly scandalous, workstations have NBD warranty.

Anyway i will keep you update.

Do the same with me 😄

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your comment that: "workstations have NBD warranty." is misleading,


workstations ONLY HAVE NEXT BUSINESS DAY  warranty/service if you purchase the optional HP care pack



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I have the exact same problem. Two m.2 drives from Hp and no raid, only ssd2 visible as an option. Same machine.

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I have answer from HP that it cant work becouse first slot of m.2 is nvme gen 3 and second slot is nvme gen 4. At factory they can upgrade motherbord but with extra money (what?) 

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