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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



I cannot add to the discussion in the link above; so I am being forced to start a new discussion. I just wanted to make my question visible; so others know that these "older" but wonderful Workstations are getting hosed when updating to the latest firmware.


For me, it was a mothballed machine that I decided to bring online for some of this "distance learning" going on for the Virus, so that my family could use without touching my main rig. It was on a 2013 BIOS and the latest BIOS was 2016; so I decided to upgrade, but then the machine was acting a little screwy so I decided to look for other current firmware on the Support page.


I noticed there was an ME firmware update 2017 and I probably should not have upgraded; but I did and then the ME options in the BIOS disappeared and now the machine shuts down after 30 minutes. I found that other thread and it appears I am having the same problem, so I will probably have to head over to Win-RAID; but I wanted others to "see" there is a problem with upgrading the BIOS on these old machine.


Hopefully, HP will release a final update to stop ME from being corrupted with a final, final Coronavirus BIOS update. I will follow the advice in the link above; but if anyone has any other suggestions, then feel free to let me know, because PleaseHelpMeTq did not seem to get very far...




Another good thread; so not an isolated problem but it does keep us from reviving wonderful old HP workstations:





I think I did shut it down after I ran the ME firmware update; because it just "hung there" like it was doing nothing. Someone mentioned elsewhere that it might appear to not be working; but it takes a long time to finish? Might be my fault ultimately, so anyone else reading this - just let any firmware updates run for at least 30 minutes to get a prompt before touching it - just to be safe, hahaha...

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first of all you fail to mention the me firmware package you tried to install (and what method of install DOS/windows)


and you also stated you crashed the system during the me firmware update because you thought it hung


as you have found out, crashing/rebooting a system during a bios or any other firmware update is a guaranteed method of creating a non working system


if you post the me package sp number and how you tried to install it i might be able to point you to a recovery of your corrupted  firmware

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Oh, that is easy. I will not only give you the packages numbers; but the actual links...

Z200 SFF



BIOS Package - 1.19 Rev.A - SP75228:



ME Package - Rev.A - SP81826:



Only two Firmware updates and EVERYTHING was updated through Windows 10; but I know my way around BIOS \ USB \ etc, so if you have something I can set up with Rufus or Windows, then I am all game. The machine boots. Everything runs fine. I slapped in 2x4GB. Nvidia Quadro 600. Runs smooth for an old i5 (4 logical). It just shuts down every 30 min. So I am glad I found these threads and thanks for helping others.


But you are right. Next time, I will not be so impatient and just go get something to eat while an update runs; but seriously. It rebooted to a black screen with a blinking underscore. No text. No warning. No message. I thought the update borked my machine; but maybe I borked it. Hahaha...


HP needs to at least add a spinning icon with a "dummy" timer, so we believe something is happening...



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register on the site i linked to, and post your problem in the Intel Mgmt forum and they will usually be able to walk you through resetting/reloading a working firmware image


and be sure to tell them if you used the DOS or WIn updater (it's important which is why i asked and you failed to give this info)


you should allways use the DOS updater


the updater is written for experienced users who READ the included documentation before doing things

i'm guessing you simply downloaded the ME firmware update and just ran it on my z820 the me update takes about 4 min but i've seen other setups take as long as 6 min





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True. True. I should not have messed with the ME Engine update and it was a "blind install"; but they made it sound so easy.  😋


I used the Win Updater option; but I will make a note to always use the DOS option in the future.


Anyway, signed up on Win-Raid and let's see if they can help me; but I am hoping someone else finding this can learn from my mistake...



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the win-raid forum mods know their stuff!!    you have done what you can to make others aware, and you also have learned.... 


a replacement board can be sourced on ebay for a nominal price so it's not a majorly expensive in your case (11 to 20 dollars)



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