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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi Guys, 

First time here, I don't have an issue but a requirement to upgrade a workstation that I'm using at the moment. 

I have purchased an Z600 some time ago and I would like to speed it up a bit. 

I am not sure what parts should i get in terms of Memory and CPU - without upgrading the motherboard. So basically I need as much speed as i can get with the current motherboard, unless ofc price of the upgrade exceeds reasonable levels...


I'll attach some pictures so hopefully i'll get some recomendations. 

In terms of BIOS upgrade, should I do it to V.3.61, but I'm not sure how this is safely done, is this an sequential upgrade, so Do I need to upgrade it first to v3.60? 


If I do end up installing 2x X5690 do I need to get other (better) fans to cool them down? Not doing anything resources hungry but in case they need a chill, what do you recommend?

For memory I am interested in idealy 6x ECC REG -1333 Mhz if this is possible. 


Here is some info about my rig. 

Before I mess up the bios upgrade,what method do you reccomend and how do you safely care this one out?

Hopefully i'm not asking for too much! :OpenSmile:

Kind regards, 



here is some info about my rig. 






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And an bios update with Windows 10 tool was completed successfully!




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The X5690 CPU upgrade won't work. I've just researched the exact same type of upgrades and the highest you can go is Xeon X5675.

It doesn't matter which fan you use. The CPU must be listed in the HP white list embedded on the BIOS (can't be changed) and your rig won't boot with non listed CPU's.

Go for the x5675 and buy another original heatsink/fan to go with it (463990-001).


I run 16GB memory sticks in my Z600 (revision C2). Samsung 16GB DDR3-1600 RDIMM PC3L-12800R (m393b2g70bh0-yk0).
You could potentially get 96GB RAM using 6 of those sticks. Can't guarantee that it will work for you, but works for me running (2x16GB).


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Thanks Hiatus, can you please help with the type of memories I have?

CPUZ is telling me that the memories are PC3-10700 - 667 Mhz but if you look at the bellow pic from the BIOS report, Looks like my memories are 1333 Mhz, OR that is showing the maximum capabilities?

Also how can i tell my revision? 

Also when you match memory sticks, just to confirm you have to match so you can only go 1-1 2-2 3-3 of the same exact stick right for each CPU right?


LE: i can see on the spec sheet: 6 DIMM slots, up to 48 GB, 6-channel DDR3 1333 MHz, 3 channels per CPU (actual memory speed dependent on processor capability. 





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Your'e welcome.
I'm not really sure about the memory clocks... Here's how mine looks.


We run pretty much the same speed even though I use faster memory. I guess thats because I run mine in dual channel and you run yours in triple channel... Makes me really want to buy that extra stick. Not because I need 48Gb, but for the speed...

I've been struggling a bit figuring out the memory placement when mix-matching RAM-sizes, so I've decided to stick to matched sticks for all 6 slots when it's time to upgrade to 2xCPU just to make sure. But the advice I've got so far is to match the two memory banks exactly. Whatever you install in the three slots for CPU0 should be mirrored on CPU1.

The easiest way to find your revision is to go into bios and look for your "boot block date". For B3 it's 10/30/09 and for revision C2 it's 01/07/10.


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Unfortunately your picture hasn't shown up (yet). I will check it later. Today I have managed as you see above to update to 2018 bios v3.61 (i still don't know what it brings new) it took about 30 minutes and I've done it under windows. 

For the X5650 CPU's that i have now i am running the standard fans would these work for the X5675?
2 x X5675 on eBay​  these are for ​ £55.89
6 x 8GB 1333 Mhz​ these are for £93.60
Would you buy them from China? That comes to £149.49 ($200) not a lot for a relatively big jump in performance... unless you get scammed or they don't work :LaughingTears:that is. 
HP Recommended

Thanks for clarifications, I did found Samsung 6x8GB 1333 Mhz on ebay for about £90 and 2x x5675 for about £60 (in china, lol) so a £150 wouldn't be too bad, unless.... Also I was wondering if the standard fan that i have cooling down my current x5650s aren't good enough for the x5675 (i'm not sure about the part numbers, so yea) 

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Prices are going down. 🙂

The standard fan is good for all white listed CPU's except for the X5647 which runs on 130w instead of 95 that the rest of the compatible CPU's run. I think that configuration needs the larger "high capacity" fan/heatsink from the Z800. However, the X5647 is a quad core that's far from the fastest CPU in the family and lacks some memory support. It's just power hungry..

The short answer. You don't need a fan upgrade. Just buy another one of the one you got cooling your X5650 today and you'll be good. The Z800 ones cost north of  $100 and aren't necessary for the application...


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Sorry for the double post above... couldn't see the first one appearing. 

Looks like your RAMs are very similar to mine. 

I'll try in the near future to get my hands on the 2*x5675s + the 6x8Gb 1333mhz  otherwise I'll use my 2*fans from the 2*x5650 just to clarify

And maybe a 1660 GTX 😃😄

. Thanks


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Ah, your'e running dual 5650 today? Then you only need the CPU's.
When it comes to graphic cards the limitations are 150w maximum and six-pin power connector. There are adapters, but dual 6-pin plugs tends to mean higher power consumption...
Look for a single fan card. I'm not sure if you'll find any 1660-model with low enough power consumption, but depending on what you are using your Z600 for and what's installed today, there's usually plenty of GPU's to pick from for an upgrade.


My $0,02. To get max performance out of our old-ish workstations the best thing you can do is run software and hardware from the same generation.

Older hardware tends to bottleneck newer software and old hardware bottlenecks newer hardware.

I would buy second hand from 2015-2016.
For example, something like a 8Gb Radeon RX 480 would be a huge upgrade for me. I'm running a Quadro FX4800 today... Not that hard to step up from 1,5gb GPU, but since I don't do any gaming, it's enough for me for now. 🙂


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