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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Looking to upgrade my HP Z800 further, want to know if I can run X5690 CPU.


Currently have 2 x X5687 Chips & 192GB ram


if I install the X5690 CPU'S will I have to re-load Window's 


Will replace current c drive with SSD to help speed things up too. Window's 10 Pro


The reason the spec is good as it is now is because I do some very large v-look ups in excel some over 500,000 records.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help

HP Recommended

The short answer, for you specifically, is yes you will be able to run the x5690s and no you won't have to reinstall W7 in my experience.  You might have to do one restart.  Make sure to have the latest BIOS installed before you upgrade.


The longer answer is that you are lucky in that you have a version 2 Z800 based on the current processors you already are running, and also have the Performance heatsinks/fans because your current processors are rated to 130W max TDP, as is the X5690. 


For another person with a v1 Z800 it would be a different story.  Go search for Z800 QuickSpecs and look at early and later versions of those..... you'll see the differences in v1 vs v2 processors.  The Performance heatsinks/fans required to run 130W processors are virtually impossible to find these days, and expensive.

HP Recommended

Thank you SDH

HP Recommended

HP required that ALL z800 configurations using the 130 watt cpu's must use/have the optional 1110 watt supply instead of the stock 850 watt supply this is due to the power supply being a "multi rail" design and not single rail 


if you are only going to run ONE CPU, ONE SSD/HD and ONLY 4 memory sticks and a  120 watt or less video card then you should be able to use the 850 watt supply and not overload the CPU or video card  power rails










HP Recommended

Thank you D Groves,


I have  a 1100w power pack &  have the chips sourced to someone on e-bay, but one last question if I may.


I am going to run 2 x X5690 chips, but I read else where on the forum that you need the optional water cooling kit to run these chips, one thing I can not find on e-bay, unless I go for a aftermarket water cooling kit.


Do you know if the above is correct.


Option 2 = Replace the pc with the following


HP Z840 Workstation (3.20/3.60GHz, 16Cores/32Threads)


    Processors: Dual, 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2667v3 (3.20/3.60GHz, 8cores/16Threads)
        Memory: 256GB (8x 32GB) RAM DDR4 ECC 2133MHz
       Storage: 512GB HP Z Turbo Drive G2 PCIe SSD

                4x Caddies for additional HDDs
      Graphics: NVidia NVS 310 Graphics Card

Opitical Drive: Super Slimline DVDRW+/-
  Power Supply: HP 1125W 90% High Efficient PSU
    Integrated: SAS/SATA RAID On-Board 0,1,5 & 10
    Integrated: Dual Gigabit Ethernet
    Integrated: Audio
            OS: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations



HP Recommended

if you can afford it go the z840 route, it's much faster, and fully supports booting from a nvme ssd


as far as i know HP never officially offered the 5690 in the z800 the z820 however did spec the optional water cooling when using 150 watt cpu's instead of the 130 watt ones


personally i would step down to the 130 watt cpu's in the z800 IF i had the optional high performance coolers that used 3 or 4 heat pipes instead of the 2 pipes of the std 95 watt coolers


it is possible to modify a current HP AIO kit or go custom loop in the z800 look here




i think the radiator is a 90mm unit on the above unit


and the heatsinks (look at picts to see difference)


high perf 130 watt




std 95 watt




z800 liquid cooling kit


HP Recommended



Thank you very much, I have some thinking to do


Good news is I have the high performance heat sinks, just checked the Part number against the picks you sent

HP Recommended

I'd want the Z840 also as long as someone other than me was paying for it..... that always is best.


HP officially did certify the X5690 fast hexacore for the Z800.... you need a later Z800 QuickSpecs to see that.   That will only work on a version 2 Z800, not the v1.  HERE  is a link:



Here is a screen shot from that:

Z800 v2... X5690 official.jpg


Of interest, while the X5690 was approved by HP for use in the version 2 Z800 it never was for the Z600 because there just wasn't enough room or cooling capacity in the v2 Z600 for two.  It also never was officially approved by HP for the v2 Z400 but it actually works great in those.  The Z400 is a single-processor-only workstation and thus has enough cooling capacity and space to accept the bigger better 463981-001 Performance heatsink/fan that was included by default in most of the Z400 workstations, both v1 and v2.  Those are easy to find, and inexpensive.  I've always put in a X5690 in any Z400 v2 I upgraded for best performance.  An excellent HP-approved alternative is the W3690 single QPI link equivalent, as shown on page 3 of the version 57 Z400 QuickSpecs  HERE .  That  will only work on a version 2 Z400, not a v1..







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