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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have a Z800 with this config.


HP Z800 Workstation
2x XEON Hex-Core E5649 @ 2.53GHz
48gb DDR3 ECC
500gb SSD (OS installed)
2x 500 SATA
DVD-RW with LightScribe
Nvidia FX4800 video card
I add 3 hd of 2tb
I remove the video card , nothing happen
I remove the ram 
I reinstall everything, power on, I get a video for 5 to 10 sec, after nothing
After, no more video and I ear 5 to 6 beep
The light on the rear of my PSU is green
What I can do to verify what is the issue
HP Recommended

modern video cards have two sections 2d and 3d, when you start the card and use the bios or DOS only the 2d part is active


when windows tries to display it's screen the 3d section becomes active and the 2d shuts down


it's possible to have a failed 3d section on a card, meaning it boots to BIOS/ or DOS but crashes when windows tries to display


recheck the power connections to the video card by removing and reseating and if no change try a different cheap video card


you can buy win 10 compatible 512/1meg win 10 cards off ebay for around 15/30 dollars


last if your monitor has DVI/DisplayPort jacks try swapping the video feed from the current to the other one

HP Recommended

I change the Nvidia card with a asus card and this is the result :


1 - green light for the power suply


2 - no beep


3 - bios screen show up


4 - boot to w10


5 - capable to logon 


6 - shut down


7 - add fan for the ram (near power suply)


8 - press power on


9 - start 


10 - start - stop loop ...


So, I assume  :

my memory are ok

my boot drive are ok


So I do not what I can do for the next step ..., please help



HP Recommended

if you are not capable of understanding that


7 - add fan for the ram (near power suply)


is the source of the problem and needs to be investigated by someone who is skilled in troubleshooting computer issues


take the system to a reputable computer repair shop and have them look at it


the z800 memory cooling shroud has two 80mm fans that has a plug which mates to the motherboard socket


has anyone been playing around with this and tried to modify the original fans? are the pins for the shroud on the motherboard socket bent? 



HP Recommended



I understand, I think I do not express myself correctly. English it is not my first language ...


I put all the original parts in the Z800 after that,  the system boot once, and after I press the on button and the loop start.


I do not know how to verify what is the trouble .


If I have the green light on the PSU 850w that means it is ok ??


Merci, Thanks

HP Recommended

you will need to take the system to a place that knows how to troubleshoot computer problems 


it seems that you do not know how to do this ( and there is nothing wrong with your lack of knowledge in this field) and you also lack the necessary replacement parts to try "swap tests"


it's very very rare, but one of the heatsinks may have failed try running with only one cpu/heatsink and if still issues swap with the other one and if system boots/runs normally the other heatsink (or cpu) is bad

HP Recommended

If I have to change the XEON processor , actually I have XEON E5649 I can go wit which one I can go  faster ..... than the actual one...

HP Recommended

I'M ASSUMING YOU MEAN E5-5649 as there are no E5649


and i stated a CPU COOLER, not a cpu may have failed


again it's obvious you are not qualified to troubleshoot the issue you are having with your PC


you run the risk of doing major damage to the system, this is a case where spending the money to have a qualified person look at it is perhaps the best route

HP Recommended

Ok, I can do the minimum to check, but if you know a good cie in montreal that can do the trobleshootin , I take it ..


And for the question to upgrade the cpu if I need more speed now from E5-5649 ... going to ...

HP Recommended


I can not get the W10 logon, the boot stop before.



Thanks ... to response



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