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    Need Windows 11 help?
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hp z800
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

how i can install windows 10 on hp z800 on gpt partation

any help?!

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Unfortunately, you won't be able to.


See the table on page 3 of the document below...


WKSEN_tcm_245_1350415.pdf (hp.com)


These Personal Workstation models do not have BIOS firmware that supports UEFI or GPT disk formatting.
 HP Z210 CMT Workstation
 HP Z210 SFF Workstation
 HP Z400 Workstation
 HP Z600 Workstation
HP Z800 Workstation

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Paul_Tikkanen is  correct, the normal z800 bios is not UEFI aware


however it "is" possible to make it UEFI aware via a preboot loader that runs/boots first which adds the necessary UEFI code

doing so will make booting from GPT possible and also adds bootable nvme support


for the z800 you will need the DUET/Refind 2015 boot loader, and a 32 meg to 4GB fat32 formatted bootable USB Key


(you must use the 2015 ver for the z800 later vers will not work!!) and you must set USB as the first bootable device in the bios


 Current download link for DUET (EDK2015) with REFIND included




• 1) Connect a USB flash drive and start the USBSetup application

• 2) Select the USB flash drive letter from the drop-down combo box

    The following step will completely remove all information and partitions on the selected USB flash drive

• 3) Remove all information and partitions from the drive by clicking on: CLEAN

• 4) Format the selected drive by clicking on: FORMAT

• 5) Make the selected drive bootable by clicking on: BOOT

• 6) Copy the required DUET files by clicking on: DUET

• 7) Copy the optional graphical boot manager REFIND by clicking on: REFIND

• 😎 Connect the USB on the target system and set Boot from USB as the first option in your system BIOS Boot order


note that because usb is now the first boot device the win 10 installer will install windows to the HD and then reboot......but instead of proceeding to boot from the HD to finish the setup, it will again boot the installer from the beginning. When this happens simply remove the win 10 install usb key (leave duet/Refind usb key installed) and power cycle the system


the Duet/Refind should load from the usb key, and then pass booting to the HD and allow windows to finish the install normally it doesn't matter if the boot drive is SATA or NVME/GPT



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when i do this steps how i can install windows 10 ? 

format flash and install windows 10 gpt or what?

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