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HP Z6 G4 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have an hp Z6 Workstation:


Product Number/SKU


Product Description

HP Z6G4T X5222 16GB/256 PC


HP Pavilion




256GB M.2 2280 PM981a PCIe Gen3x4 TLC SS


16GB DDR4-2933 ECC


I would like to increase the memory to 128GB…can you tell me what parts I need? Do I need an additional memory fan? If so, can you give me a part number for that, please? I tried upgrading to 128GB Crucial memory but I receive an error message saying a memory fan is not detected and gives me trouble rebooting. I ordered a Corsair memory fan but it does not fit. I would like the part number for the secondary memory fan for my pc and if I need to change to hp memory.


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@JackScanlon -- one good place to look is:  www.Crucial.com 

On this web-site, specify your manufacturer, and model-number, to get a list of RAM (made by Crucial) that they guarantee will be compatible with your computer. It also tells you the number of slots for RAM, and the maximum RAM supported by your motherboard.


Or, from the HP Warehouse: https://partsurfer.hp.com/partsurfer?searchtext=7BG85UT

you can see if you can order the part(s) from this source. Or, minimally, you can get the desired part-number, and do an Internet search (Google? eBay? Amazon?) to see if anybody sells that part-number.



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Hi @JackScanlon 


you need only one fan, check with the following video if the fan is connected correctly.




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Thank you for the response. My original memory fan is working, but according to the video, I don't have the riser assembly or fan shroud. I had no problems until I installed the crucial memory which was chosen by Crucial's website for this pc. The pc works fine after I restart but upon restarting, I get the "POST error 517-memory configuration requires a memory fan and this fan is not detected. Press enter to continue." I usually just press enter and it boots up but lately, I have to turn the computer off, then on several times.

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Thanks for the response. I went to Crucial in the beginning. As it turns out, I ordered the wrong type of RAM...I was just on a caht with Crucial and they pointed out that I need RDIMM, but I bought DIMM...so now I have to order those

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I was just about to ask which Crucial memory you purchased.

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Resistencia, Back to your suggestion about the fan video...I don't have the shroud that the video shows to remove...I will try the new RAM and see how it works. Do you know anything about ranking? There are two choices for the RAM I need...one is 2 R x 8, the other is 1 R x 4...do you know which one is better? I am looking to go with six 32GB RDIMM ram cards for a total of 192GB...I just want to know which would be better

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You're getting good help already... I'll let others help you with the memory.  Here's my quick results, and they include another video you have not yet seen, from HP.  It is not the memory's fault.  When the motherboard sees above a certain amount of RAM it knows more cooling is needed and throws that error message at you.  You can F1 through that and there are some HP workstations that may let you turn that type of warning off, but that is a bad idea.  Some HP workstations came so stripped down from the factory that they did not come with a front case cooling fan/black plastic PCI card guide kit.  Some also came without the memory cooling "saddle" I mention and shown nicely in the video.


What I don't think you need:
HP 2HW44AA Z6 G4 Memory Cooling Solution 916799-001
Specifically search eBay for 2HW44AA for best price, about $75.00 USD. This is a memory cooling "saddle" that sits over the processor heatsink/fan and you may already have one.


What I do think you need:
Search with google for L10311-001
This is also known as a front card guide and can hold a fan. You want the black plastic part and the fan inside. Watch the video. I found one with fan for $35.00 USD.

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In principle a 2rx8 means that it is a dual rank 8 bit chip and   the other 1rX4 is single rank with a 4bit chip.  This suggests that the 1rx4 has more chips or the chp is smaller (GB).


The difference between the two is that the 2rX8 when the processor accesses the RAM it must go around 2 times and the 1Rx4 must go around 1 time and this makes it a little faster.

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Thanks SDH,

I definitely want to get the fan shroud. 

I also saw that the memory cards(2@64GB) installed are DIMM, not RDIMM as Crucial recommends. I ordered six new 32GB RDIMM and replaced the 64GB...I am getting an error message: "Post Error memory initialization warning 30-14 occurred on CPU0-DIMM4 during memory initialization". I cleaned everything and tried again...after restarting a couple of times, I was able to boot up but the installed RAM in the device specifications in Settings show 160GB...supposed to be 192GB(missing one of the 32GB cards)...probably DIMM 4 as the Error Message states. HP support wasn't able to help so they are sending a tech to my office. I was hoping to resolve it before they come.

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