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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

All of our 400 thinclients (model t630) sometimes (once or twice a week) completely freezes.

First the mouse pointer doen't react. After that the numlock key react one time and then te thinclient hangs completely.

The only way to solve this is to push the hardware on/off button and start it up again.



We are using Win10IoT; the newest BIOS update is already installed (M40.0106)



Anyone got this problem too? And a solutions?


Kind regards

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We start deploying one of them in our environment to replace t620 but the only one t630 we have installed is also experiencing the same behavoir. We had the BIOS version 1.05 then I decided to install the version 1.06 but it seems that you still have this issue with this BIOS version. I will probably open a support case with HP regarding this.





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hey, i am facing problem in our prodction environment some of the thin-client T620 appear bluescreen if not using long time nothing update from HP regarding bluscreen isse un Win10Iot?


Please help me out ! 

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We have spoken to HP support and they acknowledge the problem and have a couple of clients that have this issue.

They gave us some settings to try and we are testing this now.


This are the settings


  1. Login as LocalAdmin on the thin client
  2. Disable write filter - Reboot
  3. Login as LocalAdmin on the thin client
  4. Go to Control Panel
  5. HP Ram Disk manager
    1. Set settings from 512 to 768(Max)
    2. Reboot the thin client
  6. Go to the Bios when booting by pressing F10
    1. Go to Advanced
    2. Device Options
    3. Put “Integrated Graphics” on Force
    4. Put “UMA Frame Buffer Size” on 1G
    5. Press F10 for Accept
    6. Go to Security
    7. Secure Boot Configuration
    8. Press F10 in the red screen
    9. Put “Secure Boot” on Disable
    10. Put “Fast Boot” on Disable
    11. Press F10 for Accept
    12. Go to File and Save Changes and Exit
    13. You will get a message that the boot was changed.
    14. Fill in the number to accept and boot

Hope this will help.

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What is the Blue screen error code?

What image are you using?  Suggest you to update to the latest monthly QFE

If you EasyShell, then update the latest version


If continue, suggest to call HP Support

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If you continue youto hve the freese, suggest to call HP support

HP Recommended



Which version of windows Iot Are you using ? you can get the version from hp system Information

The freeze appear when you are connected to your server ? which type of connection are you using with the T630 (RDS / citrix / vmware) ?

Best regards




HP Recommended
Hey Erefix,
Does it work for you what you have posted above settings.?
I am waiting for your response and Solution of freeze.
By the way thanks for the info!

Have a good luck ahead!

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If you stil haev the issue, please submit a case to HP support so we can help track and provide you with an update or fix  if there is one.

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Here same problem with 2 HP T630's, using connection over RDP to a Windows server 2012R2 over a RDgateway with connection broker.


One machine is configurated with Ereflex's suggestion, the other just out of the box.

We cannot find any behaviour that triggers the freezes.


Any new suggestions are very welcome!

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