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Complaint – HP Service - they have stolen my beautiful Notebook

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Reference number: 2606387121

I am writing here because, no body is actually listening and caring about my complaint in HP service centre.



I am having a HP Presario v3000 there  is almost 2 years I was using this notebook, without any complaint and I have managed to keep it as new as I have brought it from HP Shop. There was no single scratch on my notebook, till I have to submit my notebook for a display problem.

I visited HP center OKHLA, in Delhi, (on 9.03.2009) reporting display problem and the concern engineer digamous that there is need to replace Mother Board. After that he submitted my Notebook in HP center and committed that I will get the same within 7 working days.


On 7th – 8th day at about 9.30 PM I got a called from HP Center Engineer Neeraj called me and informed that he has repaired the notebook and he will be sending the same for quality check, he said, I will be getting call from HP center after quality check complete.


I was waiting eagerly; but there was no call till 2 days , then on next day morning I again called HP center and enquired, the phone operator said notebook is not ready as there was a dim display problem reported in quality check, and they have ordered a new part, which they will receive shortly and will repair can inform me, within 2 days.


Then, again there was no communication till next 5 days and I called again, and I got the same reply and the operator again said me to wait for 2 days
After that I waited for 9 days, then I called and enquired about my notebook, again, and they replied that they got wrong part and ordered again, and it will take 2 more days to repair the same. Then again called after 2 days and they again said the notebook is not ready it again got declined in quality check and then I spoke to Engine who submitted my notepad, he enquire from engineer and informed me that he will get that soon and I will get call from engineer, when my laptop is ready.


Next day I got call from engineer; he said he has done the needful and sending my laptop for quality clearance. Then I waited for 2 days and then called HP Centre, the girl who picked the phone, said my notebook is in quality department, when I said, it in quality department since 3 days- she replied “mam we cann’t do anything, if it is in quality department, otherwise you will complain about quality of service” she was very rude.


Then I again called and spoke the engineer who submitted  my laptop (parvez) ( he helped me 2 times) and them I get call that my laptop is ready I can collect it.

After 20 days of following their customer care person, finally, when I get information that my notebook is ready and sent a person with papers to collect the notebook- as I trusted that everything will be alright. He came back with my notebook and clearance papers, I was busy; after 2 hrs. when I checked my laptop there was no battery, so that I can check whether it has been repaired properly or not …. Then I got surprise condition of my laptop. :-
1) My notebook has been damaged from all sides.
2) It was many Scratches on top panel.
3) There was bad scratches on screen panel too
4) On screw cover from screen panel was missing.
5) 2 rubbers were badly rubbed and it was looking old.
6) Data-card space protector cover was missing.
7) Speaker plate’s right look was broken and it was open
😎 Apart from above- the machine was not properly tied; every part of machine was loose.


After I saw condition of my laptop I called the engineer who submitted my laptop; he called me with my machine and immediately, visited HP Centre, I showed the condition of the laptop to him, even he was surprised to see the condition of my laptop as – when I have submitted my laptop they all had appraised me for the maintance of my machine, it was as new as I have brought the same.


Then he arranged an adaptor and we tried to login. Then we found that we cannot open CD ROM – it was a problem injecting CD drive, then he called floor Manager Mr. Vivek and when I showed him my machince he was not ready to listen and was giving me garbage comments, as if that is not my thing I am talking about somebody others property. He said madam, service station me thoda damage to ho hi jata hei – what rubbish- we hp our machine to care- and they treat it as useless pieces. Then I have showed him all loose settings and CD ROM problem too, then he clam down and get the machine tied. 2 hrs. of harassment I was romming here and there to let the professionals know the problem, every body listing ; but no one actually ready to help- except Pravez- that engineer who submitted my notebook.

Finally; they forced me to take the same notebook and I was not helped…..


1) Notebook Screen and sides was damaged by the HP centre staff. ( after my complaint to Vivek – the floor manager that the screen was totally replace – it was not mine either, he was not ready to listen)- I have got my statement verified by Pravez – who submitted my notebook in HP center- but still vivek was not ready to trust.
2) My Notebook got so many scratches on screen & top panel ( they made my beautiful notebook shabby)
3) There was no proper response of my calls, 4 times they said my notebook in quality check and when i get the machine, only screen was working and every thing else was not working.
4) CD player was not injecting.
5) Data Card protector was missing.
6) Screen was damaged and scrow caps were missing and screen was not tied properly.
7) The base of Notebook was not tied properly and 2 screws was missing.
😎 Speaker Cover was broken and i have been told that i comes like this, as if i have not been using the Notebook since 2 yrs.


I spoke to floor manager Mr. Vivek, he was not ready to listen first, i showed him all the documents, which i got when i submitted the laptop, also let him talk to the professional who submitted my notebook in HP centre, and That profession also said in front of mr. vivek that this machine was brand new look machine and this is all Engineers and Quality checking people mistake, but he was not agreed to listen. I wasted my 2 hrs. with them, then they get my note book tied only and said me to complain if i can.


' I hate HP and HP service. They don’t help people at all. They are profession thief, who has stolen my beautiful laptop and return me a shabby laptop. I am help less; but that management know what type of service a customer is receive – I trusted them and they spoiled my lovely notebook. I hate you HP SERVICE .

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.....sounds like an absolutely awful experience you should so sue them, I also recently had a similar experience and was even supplied with a diagram of  the damage the technicians had caused to my previously immaculate HP HDX18 including a very deep 3 inch scratch to the lid which must have been caused by a sharp instrument with some force! As a graphic designer and gamer i am very particular about the quality of my screen image and now every time i use my very expensive brand new laptop i am reminded of their technicians incompetence by 3 chips in the middle of my screen. Having a high definition screen is now rendered pointless. As an estimate, if i say that this damage has decreased the resale value of my machine by just 25%, that equates to over £200  in cash terms and there is very little chance of me risking sending it off again to be damaged futher!

one very unhappy bunny who is likely to boycott HP in future.

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Finally... some reply. However, HP official has no eyes and ears. What else i can expect from them. worst is, they do not trust their own officials, a person who received the pc is saying infront of Manager that he recevied my notebook without any scratchs and damage, and the manger, is showing attitude.....


They donot understand- i have done 2 yrs of hardwork and saved all my money to buy this notebook, and then spent 8000 rs. to extent the warrenty so that i can take care of my notebook. But they do not understand this thing. Because HP is paying them unlimited for doing nothing. Ir-responsible people do not understand cost of others hardwork. 


 Now, i donot recommend HP to anyone and when someone in my institute ask about HP they all horified by hearing this story and see condition of my notebook. 


O' god i don't want HP service again. 



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I have had HP brand loyalty with my computers and printers over the many years but the experience I have had with my new computer has been so discouraging that I have to write to you because of my frustration. I bought a new desktop computer (H107390736) back in June for $1250. It never worked correctly, my DVD had to be replaced because it was making loud noises, an HP technician came to replace my video card because it was intermittent and when he was out here he confirmed that my RAID1 hard drives were not working properly. In fact, I took a screen shot of one of the scans showing 182 errors to submit it. Finally the HP technicians sent me a box for me to have it repaired. I heard nothing from them for many weeks and now it has been ONE MONTH since I have last seen my computer (HP still has it). I have been calling and calling and finally got a guy Josh, my ‘case manager’ in the service department that said my motherboard was being fixed. He was absolutely unhelpful. He would tell me one thing and then not follow-up, not call me back and not take my calls when I called him and when I did talk to him he wouldn’t listen to what I had to say. He was rude and obnoxious that it made me so angry and frustrated I had to keep calling him and other means of tech support to go around him but I kept getting back to him. He finally told me (and you can listen to the recording of our conversation on 12/2 in the afternoon) that if my computer wasn’t ready by today at noon he would replace it. Noon came and went, I called and he said he would NOT replace it so I wanted my money back and he was uncooperative. I am so livid about this whole experience I have called American Express to see what they can do and I am thinking seriously about creating a YOUTUBE video cautioning holiday shoppers NOT to buy an HP computer this season because of my experience and explain all the issues that have happened with the computer hardware AND explain that not only was customer service insulting, demeaning and making me feel powerless, they also kept my new computer for OVER ONE MONTH and I STILL don’t have it yet! I really hope this gets to you soon so someone can apologize and rectify the situation to my satisfaction INCLUDING an apology from Josh (7501-223-383) the case manager.
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Hi Friend ,


         Indeed HP service is very lousy and never give it to HP service center as its very expensive and time consuming . I also faced similar kind of problem , but luckily the laptop belonged to my boss . Some 4200 model , same thing the screen panel was scratched and the keyboard was not fixed properly . For safety purpose buy Dell Laptops , after sale service also good . I see most of the HP Laptops heats up after some time . Their horrible model is dv2000 .    

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