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hp support or lack thereof

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I have a presario f700 under warranty and the usb ports stopped responding.  When I sent it in,they diagnosed water/smoke damage which is entirely false.   I was passed to 3 different "service techs";  I specifically asked the third one before I explained the dilemma.  After arguing with her for a while she started the mantra over and said I couldn't talk to the service tech as they didn't have phones!!!!!  So after lying to me that she was a service tech and lied that the service techs aren't allowed to have phones how am I supposed to believe them about the bogus diagnosis? The service tech I talked to about the problem originally was on the phone. The rest of the computer worked fine, except the usb ports.I guess the liquid/smoke was magic and just went to a certain area. I think they are trying to just get out of standing by the warranty, which is up in about two weeks. Anyway, I am trying to find out how to contact HP directly with an email to resolve this issue. I feel like the phone is just being passed around in a room to a different person each time, I guess whoever draws the short straw.  They now want me to pay $750 to get it fixed. How do I actually talk to someone with authority?

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You have phone,chat and email options:


Good luck!

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I have just had the most frustrating time (3+ hours) with HP's so called Technical Support. All I was asking for was a part number...


eventually they tried to send me to phone support who will not answer anything about an out of warranty machine, even a part number, and they knew that, they were just trying to get rid of me without answering my question. It was only the volume of my voice with phone support which eventually got me a supervisor who (against their "can't help if out of warranty" rules) stated that that part had no number, it was part of the M/B and that I should take it to any technician and that "they" would know how to replace it. This was after hours of chat support. I was hoping to order the replacement so that I could guarantee a suitable and timely repair. I repeatedly tried to "buy" the part but they said they couldn't supply it


In the interest of this specific forum, a serious suggestion to HP on how to reduce customer frustration and complaints.


Put knowledgeable people on the phone and give them the tools they require to do their jobs, namely manuals and phones they can use to access other resources for the client, etc. Or better yet put actual technicians on the phone! Provide access to complaint forms for those who have been frustrated by the poor service, and hire some supervisor's who have the chestnuts to come to the phone and deal directly with unsatisfied customers. Then give them some resources to compensate those who have already been offended by the atrocious business practices of your suuport team and who have wasted hours of their own time getting no where due to poor service.


Seems to me the entire HP support team could use a trip to MacDonald's University!


I've posted the entire chat session in the following post so that others will know what they're up against when calling up Chat Support... 


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Customer : looking for rear audio port part number
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Saubhik .]
Customer : hello
[You are now chatting with Saubhik .]
Saubhik : Welcome to HP Total Care for desktop support. My name is Saubhik. Please give me a few moments while I review your issue description details.
Saubhik : After reviewing your issue, I gather that you need a part number of audio device.
Saubhik : At the outset, I greatly appreciate that you have forwarded your concern and have given me a chance to assist you with this matter.
Customer : Yes, I was chatting with one of your reps a little earlier and he came to the conclusion that my rear audio port is hooped
Customer : i live in a rural area and want to make sure someone has the part onhand when I have it serviced but I cannot get that info from your site
Customer : I have sound - it's not the card, it's only the rear port which doesn't work
Saubhik : Yes. You can get it. But before that may I please have the product and serial number of your system? This information will help me pull up the relevant details needed to troubleshoot the issue. I would like you to press altogether Ctrl+Alt+S to find your computer's product number.
Customer : serial: mxf626026x

product: ex332aa-aba

hardware build: 0nx111400

Saubhik : Thank you Sir for giving me this information. Would you mind if take 5 minutes to check details of your system.
Customer : ok
Saubhik : Thank you.
Saubhik : I am still researching this issue; please give me 5 minutes more.
Customer : ok
Saubhik : I personally want to express my sincere appreciation to you for being so patient and helpful.
Customer : no problem
Saubhik : I have tried my best to search this part number of rear audio port. But we have no part number of this audio port Sir.
Customer : ? If you don't have it, who does?
Customer : it's not part of the M/B is it?
Saubhik : We have information on the front port part number.
Customer : yah i found that too
Saubhik : I understand your problem Sir and your condition presently. But I am unable to give you this part number. Even I consulted with my senior support.
Customer : so when a techie calls up to order it... who's he gonna call?
Saubhik : I am sorry to get you this information Sir.
Customer : This is rediculous, you should have a list of every part number in this machine right down to the resistors!
Customer : and if you can't get it for me then you should be able to find someone who can
Customer : who am I gonna ask, Dell?
Saubhik : We have all of these but apart of this part number. We might have lost this information.
Customer : You're joking, of course
Customer : Then go into the back room and take one apart, I'll wait
Saubhik : I apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing.
Saubhik : But I have no information of this part number Sir.
Customer : I appreciate your apology and that this is not your doing, now go get your supervisor and let him tell me that HP "doesn't know the part number" and then he can offer me a warranty repair since you can't even sell me the part.
Saubhik : I have discussed with my super visor about your problem.
Customer : Then I guess I'm waiting for him to discuss it with HIS supervisor. You are the ONLY ones who can, do and should have this info and I'm not letting go till I get an answer
Customer : it's a one inch square box with six outlets, call the parts department and have them look through all the boxes, you cannot leave me high and dry
Customer : or call your service guys... I'll wait!
Saubhik : Sir we have tried our best to get this information but we have no specification of this part number.
Customer : so who does?
Customer : Have you physically CALLED your: Parts Dept.
Customer : your Service Dept?
Customer : Your Head Office?
Customer : Then you haven't done everything you can do.........
Saubhik : We can understand your problem but we are unable to give you this information because of your system is old.
Customer : my "system" is 2 years old
Customer : and you are the ones who supply info and parts for it
Customer : now get someone who can make me happt!
Saubhik : Is there anything else may I help you again Sir?
Customer : Yes there is I want that part number and I'll keep coming back to your chat help as long as it takes...
Customer : get me your boss then, please
Saubhik : May I have you phone number Sir?
Customer : yes ***-***-****
Saubhik : Your first and last name please.
Customer : I did that very early on in this conversation. Customer
Saubhik : Thank you.
Saubhik : Your email address please.
Customer : also given very early on in this conversation
Customer : so where's the man with the answers?
Saubhik : Thank you for all of these information.
Customer : you're very welcome, what does it get me?
Saubhik : May I confirm that you are chatting with me for this Media Center TV m7580n Desktop?
Customer : for and from, yes
Saubhik : Thank you for all of these information and staying with us for a long time. We have tried our best to get this information but again this part number is not here. If you need further help please contact Hp desktop chat support.
Customer : curious... have you looked into any other parts books for any other computers as many use this same part
Saubhik : Is there anythign else may I help you Sir?
Customer : yes, i want your boss, please
Saubhik : We are sorry.
Customer : about what?
Customer : I want your supervisor's name, please
Saubhik : You may contact phone support for further assistance Sir. This number is 1-800-474-6836.
Customer : but my "system" isn't covered by phone support so NO I'm not going there and why did you ask for my personal info?
Customer : and I would like your supervisor's name and phone number please
Saubhik : I can not get this information Sir.
Customer : You're refusing to give me your supervisor's name and number? Is that correct? This is going to look really good posted on your forum, for however long
Customer : and you still haven't told me why you wanted my phone number???
Saubhik : I am sorry to say you Sir I can not get you my super visor name and phone number. If you need futher phone assistances please you may call up 1-800-474-6836.
Customer : and are you saying you don't know your boss's name?
Saubhik : I can not provide you this information Sir.
Customer : and I told you that your site specifically states that it "does not" supply phone support for this PC, so stop trying to pass me off!!!!
Customer : then we will stay here chatting all night long and it will cost your company much more than that part or the repair ever would
Customer : you call phone support and ask them, i'll wait


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Saubhik : Sir I have tried my best again and again to find out this information but if it is out of date then what would I do?
Customer : and I REALLY want to know why you asked for my phone number
Saubhik : Actually my senior support were asking this information for confirming the product details of your system.
Customer : I can think of several things and I''ve already suggested them 1) call phone support yourself. 2) call your boss and his boss and his boss, 3 call your parts department, 4) call your service department
Customer : They already had everything they needed and new my "system" down to it's product number and build number, my phone number wasn't required for that
Customer : Now how about you go get your "senior support"
Customer : neiter was my emal addy
Saubhik : Is there anything else may I help you Sir.
Customer : yes, thankyou, I'd like the part number for the rear port on a HP Pavilion m7580n which your company built a mere 2 years ago, thankyou
Saubhik : Thank you for giving us your valuable time and sharing your important information.
I hope we can maintain this relation for life-long.

Saubhik : Have nice time
And Happy New Year!!!

Saubhik : Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at:
Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site at:

Customer : and your supervisor's name and number and now I'd like a warranty repair ticket for this old bucket considering how useless your support has been to this point
Customer : why don't you visit those sites and get the information you're supposed to have onhand and that your "supervisor" is supposed to supply you with
Saubhik : As i have told you before also that particular information is not in our records as the system which you are using is a very old.
Customer : 2 years insn't "very old" and you should still have that info. what if a techie called in to order it how would you supply the part... this is so rediculous
Customer : "somebody" in your company has to know what it's called and you are my source to find that "somebody" now please do your job and get me that part number
Customer : do you not even have a service manual there???
Customer : what kind of support facility is this that doesn't know "how" to find a prt number?
Customer : or a service tech that does?
Customer : Or the guy who built the **bleep** thing?
Customer : I'm not leaving until I get some effective service, I told you that
Customer : so is your boss afraid to talk to me? Afraid to say he doesn't know how to do his job and find the correct information?
Customer : Won't even give out his name? Wow! now THERE'S Customer Service for you!
Saubhik : Sir let me tell that we only have information for the front panel, if want you that information, i can provide you.
Customer : won't give his name or phone number, can't find a "simple" part number and doesn't offer any form of customer satisfaction. Wow you've really got a giamt among men for a boss eh?
Customer : do you really think I want that info?
Customer : all i did was log on here to get some SIMPLE information and in a completely wasted hour plus all you've done is piss me off
Saubhik : If you want that information, i can provide you with that ?
Customer : that was a retorical question, no I don't want that info I want the info on the REAR audio port
Customer : now if your boss is still too afraid to come out of his hole then would you please call customer support for me and get back to me with there answer as I KNOW that's just a run around and they will not help me either
Customer : somebody HAS to have a manual or schematic for this OLD piece of ____
Customer : I assumed that it would be you guys since you guys are TECHNICAL SUPPORT for this machine!
Saubhik : I cannot go ahead and call technical phone support, you can take down the number from me and you can call them up 1800-474-6836
Customer : just making a pot of coffee while you make that call, it looks like this is going t be a long night Smiley Wink
Customer : what you don't have a phone either?????????????????????
Saubhik : It is my pleasure to assist you Sir. Is there anything else may I help apart from this issue?
Customer : yah, go get the cream Smiley Happy and your boss!
Customer : I have been in buusiness for over forty years and never have I come across a supervisor who wouldn't pass along his name in the intereset of cutomer service
Saubhik : I have already informed you about our constrains. So there is no option for us to help you. If is there any other problem you are having you may tell me.
Customer : I now have customer service on the phone woh are as I suspected refusing to help me
Saubhik : We are extremely sorry for your inconvenience.
Saubhik : After all concerns and hard research we found that this audio port is integrated with motherboard only.
Customer : it's not an inconvenience, it's dow
Customer : n right lying to send me to soomeone whom you know won't help me
Customer : so i need a new M/B?
Customer : this is beginning to sound like a design flaw and one which your company should be responsible for
Customer : and why wasn't all that hard research done vefore you tried to pass me off, where is that boss of yours
Saubhik : We have no intention to forcibly send you to someone who will not help you. If you want to know this thing I can send document where you can know all of these.
Customer : you didn't force me you left me no other option and YOU recommended it as it stands I haven't heard a peep from them either for over five minutes
Saubhik : Only this port can not be replaced and it does not have part number. It is integrated with motherboard. It is a parts of motherboard.
Saubhik :
Customer : your company's customer service is very bad. I would like your supervisor's name so that I may issue a formal compliant
Saubhik : I would like you to try this link to know the information.
Saubhik : I apologize for your inconvenience.
Saubhik : I hope now you can see it.
Saubhik : This rear audio does not have part number.
Saubhik : Is there anything else may I help you again?
Saubhik : I again apologize for my gross mistake Sir.
Saubhik : Are you with me? Please tell me if you are able to view my messages?
Saubhik : Since there is no valid response from the customer end I am going to end this chat from my end. It is my pleasure to assist you Sir.
Saubhik : Thank you for giving us your valuable time and sharing your important information.
I hope we can maintain this relation for life-long.

Saubhik : Have nice time
And Happy New Year!!!

Customer : hhhhhhh im online with your phone support
Saubhik : Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at:
Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site at:

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