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macOS 11.0 Big Sur


I've bought a HP DesignJet T230 and I wanted to use it to print on self adhesive printable vinyl.


The problem is that the ink does not does not adhere to the film. is it normal ?


does this printer print on vinyl ?

are there some settings that I should use for this kind of printing ?


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you got the wrong type material, which might be for eco solvent.. make sure prior purchase, make sure material

is for dye ink for your printer...

no doubt, those prices were much cheaper & attract eyes, myself made some mistake & wasted money before .

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thanks for your reply.

I have an adhesive vinyl from Arlon. It's a professional film. This one: https://www.arlon.com/eu_en/products/dpf-4550gtx-eu-en

I've bought this printer because I needed a machine not too big for my projects.

The problem is that i did'n know I could not print on this kind of vinyl I have. So is this normal? 

Is there another similar printer model that can print on the vinyl I have ?

Thank you

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read the specs & clearly you bought the wrong material :

Ink Compatibility.
your printer ink type is    dye...
keep it in mind, for outdoor vehicle wrap, not only need eco solvent , uv, latex prints, also need
laminating printed materials...
My next door neighbor does this business & I see how they do... they have a 60 inch HP eco solvent
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I did't know about this...


So, is there a similar machine that I can buy to replace my T230, for printing on this kind of vinyl ?



HP Recommended

I could give you few hints.

you need to know how your materials used ?   outdoor or indoor ?

for indoor materials & small sizes, there are lots of adhesive film, vinyl type available for dye inks.

if for outdoor, vehicle wrap types, you might have to invest more money for bigger commercial
type printers.. or if you have experience to repair hp printers, there are many cheap hp latex
printers available online websites..
google or youtube to search more infos for what you need...

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I'll try to explain what I'm doing and what I need...

I'm a graphic designer and I'm starting a business for Sticker and commercial graphic.


I need to use only that kind of adhesive vinyl for technical reason.

I have a typography that prints the graphic for me, but I want to do all by myself.


The only problem is that I can not spend too much money for a big printer, so I was looking for something like the HP T230, but that can print on this vinyl (Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV and latex Ink).


Is there a good solution for this ?


thank you

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Did you do a search on the HP website for something that might work?  


I don't think they make a small 24" printer that meets your needs but could be wrong.  You might have to search other brand printers but doubtful they'll have anything either.  Printing on vinyl for stickers or doing commercial graphics usually requires a water proof, fade proof ink and the dye inks HP uses for smaller printers are neither.  They work ok if you laminate them with UV protection material though.  So you'd need to invest in a laminater as well.


Not impossible to do but you might have to reconsider your budget.


You might consult the manufacturer of the material you bought and see what they recommend for a printer for  their materials.  And maybe do a search on this website for specs for the printer you bought to see what paper you can use.  There's probably a vinyl that works but you need to get the HP number to see if you can pick it up cheap on Ebay or somewhere like that.  


Good luck.  Let us know what happens.

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yes, I was looking for a small printer that can print on this kind of vinyl (Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV or latex Ink), with a budget of 800-900 €

I can not change the material because it has features that are important for my works


do you have any suggestions for an HP printer ?


thanks for your help

HP Recommended

I don't know if HP makes a small printer that works in Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV or latex Ink.  You almost have to get into the larger machines.  You might want to do a search on this website to see what they have.


Also, try some other brands, too.  I don't know for sure what's all out there for that sort of printing but I have a feeling that since the method for printing in Eco-solvent, Solvent, UV or latex Ink is much more complicated than dye ink jet you might be searching for something that doesn't exist.


Also, there's a forum on this HP website that deals with only latex printers.  Might be worth posting a question over there to see in anyone knows of a small printer that would fill your needs.


If I come across the latex forum I'll post up a link.  I've found a couple but they don't seem to work correctly.

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