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Pavilion 500-459 PC
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Running Win10Pro x64 v21H2.  Speakers are Logitech Z130.  They work fine plugged into another PC and with the volume turned up I hear occasional snap/crackle sounds when I uninstall/reinstall the sound driver.


Device Manager shows no issues.  Windows troubleshooter shows "It looks like there might be an issue with the audio driver.  After it reinstalls the audio driver it shows "I'm sorry these steps couldn't fix the issue". When I run DxDiag it shows "Error: Problem getting extra sound info. 


I've uninstalled and re-installed sp71866 (Realtek IDT driver) and sp71717 (Tempo driver), but neither one results in working sound output.  Any suggestions or troubleshooting ideas are most appreciated.

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Audio problems can be difficult to fix as there are a number of things that can go wrong.
With the device manager showing no errors there is no good place to start debugging.

Do a sanity check:
Is audio cable from speakers in the correct "green" plug. Use the connector in the back of the computer as front panel wiring might have a problem.
Do you have a graphics card that supports audio? Maybe audio is being sent to monitor with no speakers.

Look at the speaker icon. Is there an X on it? If so, no speakers detected and clicking on it may not do anything

At windows start: sound -> volume mixer ==or depending on win version== just type in "sound" and get mixer app

Look at output device:

if you see "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" then audio going to a monitor with no speakers so change it
If you see "Speakers Realtek" you have correct device but click on it and see if there are any other devices.
Possible an older driver that was not properly uninstalled is responding to device manager and windows thinks you got 2 or more Realteks.
I had this happen with AMD Radeon RX-570. I had only one video card but two showed up and I had to use a cleaner.

With the correct output device selected, If you adjust the master volume the "X" will disappear from the icon and you should hear a beep.

If there is no output then connect speakers to the headphone jack. The "App Volume and Device preference" should show the new connection.

==============Maybe the above will fix it, maybe not===========

Your system shows 2 audio drivers available: realtek (my GF has HP-Z400 and older and no speakers on monitor).
However I also see drivers for "Tempo" which is IDT and not Realtek

so right there might be a problem. Which audio chip is on your motherboard? You may need to bring up the bios and look.
Worse case get a magnifier and look at motherboard for IDT or Realtek chip.

Bring up the device manager and look under "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" and find Realtek
at windows start bring up Manage Sound Devices.
Look and compare what you have to the following. Should be similar as her driver is also Realtek but slightly older.

If you installed both of those drivers then download the free REVO uninstaller and get rid of all tempo and Realtek and put in the driver for the chip you got.  If you have never used REVO then be sure to do a "select" and a "delete" in the advanced mode not just an uninstall.




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