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Z800 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

How in the heck do I disable internal audio so I can use my Creative Labs X-FI Elite Pro sound card.

I don't see any options in the BIOS to disable the internal sound card like every computer I've owned or put together myself.

I much rather use my killer SB0550 than the internal stereo sound since 7.1 audio is much better

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Hi MichaelFWhite


I did some research on the web on disabling the Internal sounds card. Below are some instruction that may help with the matter


  1. go to Start, and type "Device Manager" then click on it
  2. Go to [Sound, video & Game controllers], and click the [>] on its left to expand it
  3. The internal sound card should be listed under the expansion
  4. Right click on the Internal sound card and select [Disable]
  5. Close the Device Manager

Hope this information may aid in solving your problem



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disabling the audio from the control panel doesend do the job

I have disabled the onboard soundcard on my hp z600 and than my external soundcard worked fine

now i have hp z800 workstation and dont remember how i disabled the soundcard on bios , i just remember it was some code name i had to disable , wasnt named AUDIO or something 



thank you

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I haven't tried again to vet it to work. I know where in the bios to turn it off. The issue I was having I forgot to hook up the power supply to the Soundblaster Live card. I forgot it even had to be hooked up. So I have it working in my old PC and right now using the Z800 with 3DS Max which it's so cool to have so much power that I wish I could get another Xenon CPU and Ram after 28 years's doing CGI and 3D graphics this is actually the most powerful mach8ne I've had since all mine were stolen and software. I'm so beyond stoked Blizzard Ent let me have this one. It's sad to lose everything to people that have no clue of what they stole.

Once I'm done with this demo reel I'm working on for myself with all the particle sim ill put the sound card into this computer and should work fine. I can't wait to hook it all up to my Roland VS2480 Daw only issue I need more HD apace lol 7 terabytes full next I need 4 8 terabyte HDs
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hello Michael

can you please tell us where to disable the audio in bios 

i turned audio into hide mode , but this doesend do the job



i remember at my hp z600 there was some strange code on bios for the onboard audio device 


please help us in case you know can remember it 



thanks in advance 

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In the BIOS you don't have to turn off the internal sound. When I talked to HP support last year they informed me that the BIOS will see your soundcard and in Windows set your soundcard that you installed as default.

What soundcard are you using? If it's the Soundblaster XFI Pro like mine make sure you hook up the power to the soundcard. I had forgotten that had to be hooked up. I know there's a new set of drivers for it for Windows 10 I just don't remember where I found them off hand. Though Windows 10 already has drivers built in for it. The downloadable drivers basically are the same. The only thing that I saw that didn't support Windows 10 is the sound font software. I did see another sound font software for it, but I think it's a 3rd party and costs money. I had a system issue and reinstalled Windows 10 so today or tomorrow I'll put in the Soundblaster XFI Pro in and see if it works.

The only reason it didn't work last year is I totally forgot it needed the power hooked up, so the external module receives power.

But no there is no BIOS option to turn off the internal sound which is actually only the internal speakers.

Oh, the software and drivers I got from Creative Labs website you can find it by doing a search. Sadly some of the software isn't supported Windows 10 which off hand I know the Sound font app and I think the software with setting up all the special effects

If I get it to work or it doesn't ill let you know either tonight or tomorrow night.
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thanks for the quick response



im using m-audio firewire 410 on windows 7



i got the same soundcard installed on hp z600 windows 7 64bit . the only thing i had to was to disable the internal sound card on bios , in that time i found on some forum how to disable it on bios , now i can not find that information



maybe bios for z800 is different from z600 . i dont know 



all i know is that i cant make the soundcard work 



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When I talked to HP support last year I asked what sound cards work with the Z800 offhand I don't recall which ones but the list were very limited. Most of the soundcards are no longer being sold on the market and only saw them being sold on eBay. It's sad that even though our soundcards are older ones they're not natively supported by the Z800.

HP said that the BIOS would automatically see the soundcard. Have you updated your bios?
I have the latest bios installed.

I know that one of the soundcards supported was the Soundblaster Live but not the Elite XFI Pro which I thought was weird lol.

MAUDIO I would think it would work, but it doesn't show up in Windows 10? Or are you using Windows 7 on your Z800? I got rid of Windows 7 immediately since it was horrible how slow everything ran. Once I installed Windows 10 the Z800 is screaming fast. I'm blown away how fast rendering 5.6 million particles with 3DS Max Particle Flow, FumeFX, and Krakatoa 24 frame blue in Krakatoa rendering time 3 mins. I wish I could afford another Xeon 3.4 GHz and 48 gigs of ram even though I'm only using 8 gigs so far at the most 12 gigs. I would love to see this machine with two CPU's screaming at 84.2 GHz

I'll look and see if there's anything about your sound system and the Z800 workaround
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I am seeing strange behavior. Sometimes my soundblaster Audigy ex is seen and sometimes not. seems like the logic to turn off the internal sound card is flaky. when it forgets on the boot it takes forever to load. sometimes works sometimes not

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