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HP Recommended
DC7700 DC7800



I looked in the internet and in the fora a lot about this bugs in the HP PCs. But I found no solution. Yes, that are old PCs but for some uses they are well enough.


For the DC7700 i found now a solution although the threads sometimes are really old. I hope that can help for the DC7800 too which has often the same problem!


The problem was that after an empty mainborad battery and replacing it the boot procedure end in a loop: the system says enable VT in the Bios. After doing that the system gave another error message about invalid VA or something else. There were hints to go in the mBex with ctrl-p and delete the VA but the system does not boot so far, it stops earlier. So no choice to delete the VA. No booting to HDD or CD-Rom or usb stick.

Resetting the CMOS by removing the battery and waiting for a certain while or removing the jumper on the mainboard for deleting the AMT password or other passwords did not work.


I got my PC running again with this procedure:

Installed was the lastest Bios-version 3.07 for the The Active Management Technology (AMT). But there is another firmware without this function, latest version 1.16. I downloaded both as I got the PC and updated the PC at this time to latest Bios version. Looking for a solution I saw that the Bios can be flashed via the Bios. So I created a DOS bootable usb stick and copied the *.bin file to the root. Then I got in the Bios via F10 and selected under file -> Flash System ROM. There the usb stick was selectable (may be that the usb stick should be allowed to boot from in another menu of the Bios). I selected it with F10, then the *.bin file on the usb stick in the root folder was shown. I selected this with F10 again and flashed the Bios with the Bios version without the The Active Management Technology (AMT). After flashing the reboot starts without any problems in  Win 10 x64.


So flashing the Bios with a non The Active Management Technology (AMT) functionality avoids running into the error message and boots in operating system correctly.


I hope this helps some people.


I did not flash back to see if the error message now ist gone because I am happy that the system is running again and do not want to have more trouble.


If someone needs the bin files for flashing email me!

HP Recommended


I have the same problem after a power cut on dc7800 I did everything you said update the bios from flash system room

the bios version has changed but the message va boot is going still appears

HP Recommended

has you selected and flashed a bios without The Active Management Technology (AMT) functionality?

I didi it on a DC7700 und hoped that it will work on a DC7800 too

what are the bios version numbers which was on the pc and what version has you flashed?

HP Recommended

I don't remember if I disabled technology amt or not
I had bios 1.04 now I have 1.35

if you can please send me another bios firmware  for dc 7800 small from factor 

Thank tou

HP Recommended

1.14 is Microcode Update for HP 786F BIOS Family Computers with Intel Processors, this is not the bios itself

1.35 is the bios version ,ROM Firmware for HP Compaq dc7800 (786F1)


i found this in the internet

The HP Compaq dc7800p Business PC uses the 786F1 BIOS family. Use BIOS version 1.04 or later for
best compatibility and performance with VA 2.6.
The HP Compaq dc7700p Business PC uses the 786E1 BIOS family. Use BIOS version 3.03 or later for
best compatibility and performance with VA 2.0 and VA 2.6
so for dc7700 bios version 3.03 and later uses VA. for the dc7800 it seems that there is only one firmware which support VA and no firmware that does not support VA like it is by the dc7700
try the versions you can find here
there are version from 1.04 up to 1.32, try the oldest version first
but i think that will not solve your problem bcause for the dc7700 there were two sorts of bios versions: with VA and without VA. and I think that for the dc7800 only one version with VA support exists.
if a version works the i think it will be the 1.04 because to version 1.24 ist a bigger step than from 1.24 to 1.32
good luck
HP Recommended

thanks for the help i will try tonight and i will keep updated thanks a lot

HP Recommended

hello the versions 1.04  1.14  1.24  1.26  1.27  1.28 dont work all

give this message

Boot block emergency recovery mode The system bios image is corrupted

only 1.32 and 1.35 work 

i flached 1.32 to  1.35 and 1.35 to 1.32

but always the sam problem  error va boot

thank you man for the help


HP Recommended

i have really no good idea


disconnect all devices like hard disks and other drives. best is only cpu and ram. if mainboard has a graphics card use this and pull out the other one. change the cr2032 battery. i had another computer which did not start at all because the battery was empty. there the error message hinted to somethong else. a make a cmos reset. then try to flash again one of the versions what creates the error message "Boot block emergency recovery mode". try to set then the bios to default or make a cmos reset to avoid that an old configuration of the old bios version disturb the new start of the pc.


 i am wondering why under histroy of the bios versions on hp site only the 1.32 and 1.35 are listet. the earlier ones are not listet. try to find the 1.04 or another one somewhere else in the internet and try this. important that this bios is for 786F1 mainboard.


i think that there was a bigger step in bios developement so that you cannot go back earlier than 1.32 version. and if it so i do not know how to flash an older version so that this one is accepted. you can search for another flashing tool in the internet which flashes with more force. this means it flashes without regards to anything. i found this for a long time ago but do not know anymore its name. may be that is an option. but only the last one then this can kill the pc totally.


on the other hand the pc is not usable at all too.


i wish you good luck

HP Recommended

when does the eroor message occur: during or after the flashing process of the bios or at the restart of the pc!

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