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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Pavilion All-in-One - 27-n250na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


Hi All,


I have a 27-n250na AIO that has worked perfectly up until, during use, the screen went black, the fans turned on full, the on screen power light went out and pressing the keyboard only caused the lock symbol to light up.  Pressing the mouse key caused the fans to shut off.

Pressing the power button brought the on screen power light back on, but no fans or boot.


I thought perhaps the hard disk had failed as when I could get the unit to boot, the screen would freeze every 30s or so fpr about 10s.


I replaced with an SSD, ensured all was up to date on bios (rev A.18 2019) and reloaded a fresh Windows 10 install.


I installed all drivers from service packs and a few that windows couldn't detect using pci device sites.


I found that the issue reoccurred with the freezing and tracked it down to graphics driver issues.


What I am left with is a system the only boots after multiple retries and I can only shut down windows, never restart. 


It always loops around three times after the first power on, it never POSTS, it powers up for a few seconds then cuts out, powers up cuts out, then on the third attempt the power light stays on but there is only minimal fan spinning, no life from the rest of the board.


After a hard shutdown or 2 the whole system comes up and appears to work normally, except the fan doesn't increase speed with temperatures at 100 degrees + on the CPU and GPU.


It passes all the built in HP tests.


I have reverted back to the original HDD as using an SSD didn't appear to solve the problem.

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This appears to be a hardware problem where a motherboard component failed or is misfunctioning.


Since the problem occurred in the middle of being used that rules out a power failure bios corruption problem.


If the system still fails after a clean install of Windows 10 (which you have done unless I mis-read your post) then you can try a few things


Get an estimate from a service shop and compare the cost to buying a used system.  Since the screen works it is actually valuable on eBay should your decide to part with it.

Take it apart and look for obvious damage or anything out of the ordinary.


Some damage is obvious such as stains on the Motherboard or leaking capacitors 

Frequently putting items back together fixes problems such as loose connectors.

While you may not be able to fix it yourself you can provide a picture or describe the fault part to the service rep and get a better (honest) estimate of the repair cost.

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