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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Pavillon P6-2324EL
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi all,


I need to recover the BIOS from USB recovery. I downloaded the BIOS update from the Support site and I have installed on another PC but, unlikely the newer models, it seems that the setup is able only to update the BIOS on the current machine and not to install a recovery on the USB. I followed this support page: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04126730


Any advice?


Thanks in advance,


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Thank you for your support.


Unfortunately the BIOS update setup doesn't provide the ability to create directly a USB drive.


I can only install the SW in my C drive and it lists these files:

12/01/2015 23:15             149 flash.bat

08/01/2015 00:37 8 388 608 JOS_820.ROM

26/06/2012 03:49    302 352 safuwin.exe

01/06/2020 14:35      15 400 samifldrv64.sys

                                     4 File(s) 8 706 509 bytes


Is there a manual way to create the USB BIOS recovery?

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The WinKey + B (or V) fails then?


The executable makes a Z:

mountvol z: /s
del z:\efi\hp\bios\current\*.bin
copy .\JOS_820.ROM z:\efi\hp\bios\current
mountvol z: /d 
safuwin JOS_820.ROM /p /b /n /r /reboot

safuwin does run allegedly.

| AMI Firmware Update Utility(APTIO) v2.38_HP_v04_B04 |
| Copyright (C)2011 American Megatrends Inc. All Rights Reserved. |
| Usage: SAFUWIN <ROM File Name> [Option 1] [Option 2]... |
| or |
| SAFUWIN <Input or Output File Name> <Command> |
| or |
| SAFUWIN <Command> |
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Commands: |
| /O - Save current BIOS into file |
| /U - Display ROM file's ROMID |
| /S - Refer to Options: /S |
| /D - Verification test of given ROM File without flashing BIOS. |
| /A - Refer to Options: /A |
| /OAD - Delete system's OAKey. |
| /CLNEVNLOG - Refer to Options: /CLNEVNLOG |
| Options: |
| /P - Program main BIOS image |
| /B - Program Boot Block |
| /N - Program NVRAM |
<Press any key to continue>



There fore I would make a bootable something or other, DVD/USB, and add the files from the bios to that and proceed with caution.


W8 Repair.pngRecovery Reinstall.png

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Yes, the WinKey + B fails because it attempts to find an HP_Tools partition and I replaced the HDD with a clean installation some times ago.


Unfortunately if I haven't misunderstood, I think your last solution will fail too because I can't access the current BIOS anymore hence I cannot boot Windows 8/10 USB with the BIOS update in it.



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If it don't boot and you cannot access anything, then you have a paperweight.

Directory of Z:\

10/11/2017 15:40 <DIR> EFI
21/08/2016 10:55 502 clamscan-sda1.log
24/07/2018 10:36 <DIR> KRD2018_Data
01/01/1980 00:00 839,680 FSCK0000.REC
16/01/2020 13:53 <DIR> boot-repair
03/05/2020 15:52 0 dir
03/05/2020 15:52 0 support
03/05/2020 15:52 0 sources
03/05/2020 15:52 0 boot


Clamsscan is a Linux RootKit revealer...

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 941885
Engine version: 0.97
Scanned directories: 59
Scanned files: 200
Infected files: 0


You see I can access my BIOS stuff on my HDD, 

13/02/2016 10:22 <DIR> SystemDiags
13/02/2016 10:22 <DIR> BIOSUpdate
13/02/2016 10:22 <DIR> BIOS
15/04/2016 15:05 <DIR> HP Support Framework
15/06/2018 10:16 <DIR> DEVFW


So I would have tried to attach the dodgy hdd to another machine and attempted access that way.


But I sometimes do desperate things to solve a problem.



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