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HP Recommended
HP Compaq 8000 Elite Small Form Factor
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi there everyone,


My name is Lennart and im completely new here and im hoping you guys can help me.


Im a refurbished reseller and i have a bunch of HP 8000 computers that have a BIOS splash screen / logo of the Hospital we bought them from. I would like to remove these logos of course but i can not find anywhere how to do it. Ive found instructions for newer models or notebooks but none of them are applicable. 

I have upgraded the BIOS software to the latest available version but this did not solve the issue. 


The full info of the computers:

HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF


BIOS version: 786G7 v01.14

Firmware: 5.21.1001

HP Recommended

@Leonardo1985 -- while in BIOS SETUP, do you have an option to *NOT* display that "splash-screen" logo?

Not the same as changing/deleting the image, but is it acceptable?


HP Recommended

Hey thank you for your reply.


No unfortunately this option does not excist in the BIOS SETUP. If it would have been that easy i would have fixed it myself :).


I heard there might be tools you can use to remove the images from Windows. Is anybody farmilliar with these tools?


Have a nice day!

HP Recommended

This HP DOS-Flash tool helps.

Sorry, but I can't upload the *.zip file (only pictures are allowed)



DOS Flash allows replacing the standard HP logo image with a custom image
provided by the user. Valid image files are JPEG or uncompressed BMP (bitmap)
images up to 1024 x 768 resolution. BMP (bitmap) format images are limited to
16 bpp. Also, the maximum file size differs from system to system, but will
be between 22KB and 32KB. The command line switch "/I " followed by the image
filename will write the custom logo to the BIOS. When using DOS Flash to
change the logo, the System BIOS is not updated at the same time. The custom
image can be deleted (restoring the standard HP logo) with the "/I delete"

dosflash /Image custom.jpg
This will update the system startup logo using “custom.jpg” as the image.
This syntax implies that there is no BIOS Setup password set.


HP Recommended

@Leonardo1985 -- this option does not exist in the BIOS SETUP.


It might exist, but under a different description. Maybe, something like "show technical details" ???


HP Recommended

Thank you so much for the advice.


But where can i download this HP DOS-Flash tool? Ive tried finding it via google but no succes.



HP Recommended

Also nothing in the BIOS that fits this description or something similar.

HP Recommended

OK, the machine was delivered with WIN XP and when you look for XP drivers you find a BIOS_sp42251. 

That's it ! You find a description in the file. 


If you need a DOS-Boot stick google for HP DOS Boot. You need 3 files  (IO.sys, MSDOS.sys, command.com)

HP Recommended

Okay excellent thank you very much. 


Only thing is these are WIN 7 computers and not XP. But i guess this shouldn't matter for the procedure. Ill try tomorrow, its 5 o clock in Holland now, time to rest 🙂

HP Recommended

I have tried to follow your steps, and also the steps from the readme files in the sp file and also from the hp website about how to create a dos bootable usb drive. 


Its all hard to follow and unclear. 


Im not an  ict expert but also certainly not a digital illiterate but this is a little bit too much for me. 


Is there another way to get rid off these horrible bios splash screens? Via some kind of commercial software maybe?


Thanks again!

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