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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP Recommended
Pavilion 2015
Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit)

Pulled the power cord in a fit of rage. And it gave me some error. So after pushing all the buttons I get a factory reset and chkdsk/f and it loads the traditional login page. Wouldn't log in as administrator nor with the Microsoft account. So I threw some command that was supposed to give me a new user to login with but I don't think I started the code correct or finished. Now it said my hard disk wasn't installed and I cannot get the code box back on the screen. Stuck at "memory test, hard drive check, language , exit"

Quick fix with the code box, or a USB stick or new computer?

HP Recommended

what PC is this, Pavillion desktop or laptop,  what model.

I must ask because age matters. 

if confused post a photo of failing screens. 😉

do not know what code box means, for sure me deft. and old.😬

the PC is NOT Dead, only windows is dead so that fact is 1/2 good news. .

The first thing to fail in PCs mostly is dead RTC coin cell Battery and will never boot windows, and can not find or boot the fully good HDD with fully good windows on it. that is all normal with that battery dead.

Power on hammer ESC, and see BIOS info page, see model of PC and tell what PC you have. please.


why not do the hdd test too,,  like it hinted.

memory test, hard drive check, language , exit"


I guess is a desktop posted to desktops but which model.?

is it an  AIO PC>? all in one?

wiki list (mind blowing, yes) but age matters big time on all machines made by man.

  • HP Pavilion: p7m, p7z, p7t, p7xt, p7qe
  • HP Pavilion Slimline: s5m, s5t, s5z, s5xt
  • HP Pavilion HPE (High Performance Edition): h8m, h8t, h8z, h8xt, h8qe, h8se
  • HP Pavilion HPE (High Performance Edition) Phoenix (Gaming): h9-1100z, h9-1120t, h9-1150t, h9-1170t, h9-1135, h9-1200ex *(not customizable)
  • HP Pavilion Wave: 600t


  • HP Touchsmart PC: 310z, 610z, 610t, 610xt, 610 Quad
  • HP Omni Series (All-In-One): 100z, 100t, 200t, 200xt, 200 Quad

Past desktop models

(Note that this is not a complete list, but a list of more recent models.)

  • HP Pavilion: a1740n a255c, a6560t, a6560z, a6510t, a6500z, a6460t, a6450z, a6410t, a6400z, a6250z, a6250t, a6210z, a6205t, a6200t, a6600z, a6608f, a6610t, a6660t, a6660z, a6700z, a6750f, p6300z, p6310t, p6350z, p6370t, p6380t

a000 series - Panther / Jaguar a1000 series - Mojave / Gobi a6000 / p6000 series - Venus / Venus2

  • HP Pavilion Slimline: s3100n, s3200t, s3200z, s3400t, s3400z, s3500t, s3500z, s3600f, s3600t, s3600z, s3700f, s3700z, s3710t, s3750t, s5305z, s5310t, s5350z, s5370t, s5380t, s5730f, s7350n
  • HP Pavilion Media Center: a1330n, a1410n, a1600n, m7580n(XP Only), m8300, m8100y, m8200n, t000,
  • HP Pavilion Elite/HPE: m9350f, m9300t, m9300z, m9200t, m9200z, m9000t, m9000z, d5000z, d5000t, d5100t, m9400t, m9400z, d5200t, e9300z, HPE 110t, HPE 150t, HPE 170t, HPE 180t, HPE 190t
  • HP Pavilion Ultimate: d4999t, d4999z
  • HP Touchsmart: iq770t, iq772t, IQ504t, IQ506t, IQ804t, 300z, 600t, 600xt, 600 Quad
  • HP Pavilion All In One/Omni: 23SE, MS220z, 200t
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