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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am having issues on booting the PC.  

I press ESC to enter startup menu.  

The screen just stays for a few seconds to a minute at the "ESC to enter" prompt, before turning off the monitor.

I've been working all day trying to find a solution and nothing has worked.


Cleared CMOS using the pin hopping procedure (moving pins 1-2 to 2-3 and back).

Removed CMOS Battery and put it back in after (1 min, 5 mins, 1 hour)

Put in NEW CMOS battery

Reinstalled Windows (just to cover my bases)

Note:  With windows, I do update & security > recovery > advanced startup -- and under troubleshoot I DO NOT have a UEFI option.  I check my sysinfo file and it says "Bios Mode: UEFI", but still won't give me access options.

Other recovery options -- such as booting from a disc or USB -- also does not work.


Drive scanners (sfc, dskchk, etc) all indicate that my drives are not corrupt and are in good health.  Since I can see my BIOS information in sysinfo, that leads me to believe BIOS itself isnt broken either -- so what I am trying to do is figure out how to fix my boot options so that I can access the (so i can use "ESC" to enter setup menu for accessing UEFI and other startup features, boot from disc features, etc) on bootup.


So that is what I am struggling with.  Bios is only part of the problem.  The issue here is that I cannot enter the Setup Menu (thus, I cannot enter BIOS or other startup alternatives).  It just turns off my monitor and freezes the PC.


Note:  Using Advanced Startup troubleshooter I have managed to boot windows into safe mode, but even in safe mode I did not have any access to bios and my startup menu prompts still continued to freeze the machine.


The make of the motherboard is 

AMI 2AE0 (PO) with AMD Chipset manufactured by MSI.  I've tried looking at the MSI and AMI websites for guides and turned up empty handed.  I tried Microsoft support and turned up empty handed.  I'm hoping HP support can offer the help that I am looking for.


I try using recommended "BIOS Update tools" (update to 80.52 A for example) but I get a checksum error.

According to Speccy my CMOS battery is currently alive and well running at 3.4 V, and as I stated earlier I had replaced the battery all together and still was unable to access the start menu.  So why a checksum error?



So what am I missing here??  Why is my startup menu broken?

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@CorwinS If the screen is turning off a few seconds after you power on the device, I needed to know, if you've considered this being an issue with the display?


Here's what you need to do, to identify the issue and resolve it accordingly:

  • If not done already, check if it works fine on an alternate/external monitor to identify if it's either a hardware or a software issue:
    • If it works fine on the Alternate monitor, it's a hardware issue with the desktop, most likely, the graphics card or the system board.
    • If the alternate monitor doesn't work either, you may want to open the tower and boot the device without a RAM to check if the device beeps to identify if the system board is still active, once confirmed, change the RAM slot and try booting again.

P.S: Welcome to HP Community 😉


Let me know how that pans out,

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That said, I will have someone follow-up on this to ensure you've been helped,

Just in case you don't get back to us, 

have a good day, ahead.

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