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Hp all in one

It cannot turn on, the light in the bottom of the pc is not even show up

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Sorry for the bad news, but when a desktop does not even power on, you have few if any options for getting it working again on your own.

To determine the cause with hardware failures, you have to be able run diagnostics. We have no way of accessing your PC from here, so we can not do that for you. You have to do it yourself. You do this by pressing the Esc key repeatedly when rebooting and then, when the HP Startup Menu appears, selecting Diagnostics (usually F2) and letting it run.

But if it is NOT possible to run diagnostics, or if that does not work, then there is NOTHING more you can do by yourself -- and there is NOTHING we can do.

You will need to have the PC physically examined in a service facility by folks that can run their own diagnostics to determine what is wrong with it. And the problem with that is, while HP does do repair work of some sorts on PCs still under warranty, they generally do NOT do repair work on PCs out of warranty because they are not a general purpose repair facility. You would have to contact them in advance to see (1) if they are willing to work on it, and (2) if they will provide you any kind of repair cost estimate.

Since you live in the U.S., here is a link to the HP Service Repair Centers:

If that link does not get you a useful page, then use the main HP link:

If you can't get assistance from HP, then you will have to seek out a local service facility to have them examine it for you.

Good Luck

I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor represent, HP
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Try the following:

  1. disconnect the power-cord from the computer
  2. press the on/off button, to drain any residual electrical power
  3. for a desktop computer, remove one side panel
  4. notice where the fans are located (inside back, on top of processor)
  5. while watching those fans, reconnect the power-cord.
  6. do the fans momentarily "twitch"? If so, that's a good sign that a small amount of electrical power is now reaching the motherboard.
  7. is there any lamp on the motherboard that lit up at step #5, above? If so, that is a good sign.
  8. press the on/off button.
  9. Do the fans start to spin? Does that lamp light up? If not, my guess is that the power-supply has died.

As @WAWood  wrote, if your HP Warranty is still valid, you can get HP to repair your computer.

Otherwise, find a local owner/operator computer store, and take your computer there.

They will examine the physical dimensions of the power-supply, and the wattage that it produces, and will remove the power-supply, and temporarily connect a replacement. If your computer now starts-up, purchase the power-supply, to "support a local business". If not, you have some other problem, and they will try to trouble-shoot.


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Hmm. I seem to have lost the ability to "edit" my message.


Since you have an All-In-One, don't try to remove any panel -- too complicated for this type of computer-case.


Instead, at step #5, listen for the fans to start spinning (put your cheek near one of the exhaust vans, to see if your cheek can feel any flow of air). Also, there might still be an internal lamp. Maybe.


Also, that local computer-store probably does NOT have a replacement power-supply that would fit inside the computer's case.  If you have an external power-supply, the person at the computer-store can check that the external power-supply has not died.



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