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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

I have 3 HP desktop computers (HP PRO 3500 SERIES MT) with the same problem: Keyboard error on boot.

1.The keyboard and the mouse are OK. I tested them  and they  work on other computer.

2. I tried to put keyboard on other USB ports - result: Keyboard error on boot

3. I changed the battery with new - result:  Keyboard error on boot

4. On one of computers I tried to reset BIOS (by pin) - result:  again Keyboard error on boot

Please advice how to fix problem?



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no keyboard maker or model told , 🤔 if wireless the batteries are bad.(NOT this time...)

bios does not work on vast makers and vast model of wireless keyboard. (NOR MICE)

so if must be wireless and hate this error  (that means wrong keyboard)!!! 😐

then in BIOS turn off the BIOS keyboard test.  seen on all hp ive seen. (USE A REAL USB KEYBOARD TO FIX THIS)


never did you say it worked before,  history matters. (but it did not , Im sure)😮

ALSO we test the RTC coin cell first if low or dead BIOS goes nuts or lies to you , below 2.9vdc is bad. COIN. replace it  for $1


wrong keyboard used, not HP or not supported with this PC (

turn off the check. for kbd.


or get a real usb wired keyboard and it never fails in fact 10000 keyboards from 100 makers all work here no kidding.😁

wireless are trouble, there is no standards for them.  some have custom RF wireless dongles (HP does not support)

or have BT dongles that HP does not support and more.... lots more... this is so common,,

NO BIOS on earth can use and run 10,000 wireless kbd or mice, and will never happen.😎

NO warranty answers by me.
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Thank you for quick answer!
I use only real usb wired keyboard (and wired mouse). I tested two different real usb wired  keyboard (Hama and Delux), but I still have a problem.
When I said that I changed the battery with new, I ment that I changed the mainboard battery (RTC coin cell) (Sorry, my English is not perfect:(   )
The problem with keyboard did not appear suddenly. At first, when I restarted 3 or 4 times the computer, the problem disappeared. But now can’t work.
On one of the computers, when I load Windows and then put the keyboard and mouse USB port, Windows recognize them. But when I restart the computer I have message keyboard error.
Other two computers didn’t recognize the keyboard and mouse and I have message keyboard error again.
I think that I have a problem with BIOS, and I am looking for way to reset or update the BIOS (without working keyboard 😞  )


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Hi I have the same issue, HP 3400 MT.


Have you figured out a solution/workaround? It seems none of the USB ports are working. Thanks!Keyboard.jpg

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Hi Dakota409,


Have you tried updating or re-install Windows? Try downloading Windows 7 at this (Link). Maybe with the newest update of Windows 7, it will remove your Keyboard Error. After all, Microsoft tends to fix hundreds of bugs from hardware every now and then. If it's still not working, maybe there's something wrong with the keyboard, maybe you can try for another brand?



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I have the same problem... I have purchased a HP Pavillion 24R019 second hand hoping to give it to my Daughter for school.  
I can not access the BIOS. I have been around computers for awhile my first build was an AT that is a 286 for those of you who know a pentium was a 586... I digress 🙂


When I power it up I get a screen that cycles through 3 different screens:
1st HP Logo, 2nd sytem summary with Processor/Ram Bios version with "Keyboard Error"
3rd a blue square saying Boot issues (this is expected - I have not installed as OS yet.)


I have gone through everything I can think of including:
Keyboard is USB and works fine on other machines
While plugged in the keyboard does not show any LEDs during reboot/restart or CAPS NUM Lock
Tried keyboard in all 4 USB ports (2x USB 2 and 2 USB 3)
Tried keboard in a usb c to multi adapter that as a USB 2 port.
Putting a USB memory card with LED in each port indicated they all have power/ led flashed indicating read.
Removed CMOS battery/ and power during dinner (plenty of time)
Removed all devices from MB except the backlight that includes USB, SATA, touchscreen, m.2 , WLAN
Swapped out the RAM with another. (2nd screen mentioned above updated as expected)


Did I miss anything? Any ideas? I am at a loss. Do I need to replace motherboard?


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