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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Recommended
HP Pavilion All-in-one
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

New All-In-One Randomly Freezes since week 1,

Its effecting my work now my professional job. 
Here is what I have tried

1) Windows is fully up to date.

2) HP Software updates are fully up to date.
3) I have Not install any thing 😧 drive is empty c drive has only windows and HP drivers as I work remotely 

4) I have removed all devices from it even keyboard, mouse and use the touch screen still it freezes.

5) No power issues here in Canada. 
6) HP Tech wasted my 2 to 3 hours before and right after his call ended I had similar problem (I tried to ignore this freezing problem but now I am at my limit)
Imagine you are presenting something at office and suddenly it freezes, it happens to me once during my presentation I did not like it


Freeze Patterns 
Freeze Patterns are random

sometimes every hour, sometimes few times a week

1) Hp give me full refund (its in 6 or 7 months warranty period)
2) Throw it to garbage(so it don't hurt anyone else) and never look at HP systems again as its painful and effect professional job. 

I am tired of its freezing 



HP Recommended

@Tahir2020 Due to the current global COVID-19 situation, we're seeing an influx of customers coming in for support and we appreciate your patience.

That said, I understand this could be frustrating, however, we are here to help, and here are a few steps that should help us identify and resolve the issue:


Step 1: Run hardware diagnostic tests

Make sure the issue is not hardware related by performing diagnostic tests.

  1. In Windows, search for and open the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for Windows app.

    If the app is not installed on your computer, download the latest version from the HP Hardware Diagnostics website.

  2. On the main menu, click System Tests.

  3. Click the System Fast Test tab.

  4. Click Run once.

    While the test is running, the time remaining and test result for each component displays on the screen.

  5. If a component fails a test, write down the failure ID (24-digit code) and contact HP Customer Support. The information is also available in the Test Logs on the main menu.

    If no system component failed, continue with these steps.

  6. On the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic app, click System Test, and then click System Extensive Test. The Extensive Test might take several hours to complete.

    • If an issue is not found, continue to the next step.


(By the end of this article all the issues should be resolved)


Note: Please ensure the complete product name/number for a quicker response from the community, as we need to know what we are dealing with to provide an accurate solution: 

Click here for steps on finding the information we need!

Remember: Do not share any of your personal information such as serial, phone number, email ID, etc.


P.S: Welcome to HP Community 😉


Keep us posted,

If you would like to thank us for our efforts to help you, 

Give us a virtual high-five by clicking the 'Thumbs Up' icon below, followed by clicking on the "Accept as solution" on this post, 

Have a great day!

I am an HP Employee

HP Recommended

The HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for Windows test shows all tests pass.
1) Today system hangs if stay ideal for a while,

2) turn off turn on turns to a black screen 


3) if the 2nd screen is attached it shows the green color and the HP screen shows black color.

4) testing for the freeze is done with and without attaching any harddrive,

5) testing for the freeze is done also with an empty window and with turn off all startup programs nothing works



HP Recommended

@Tahir2020 Thanks for the test results, that said, you may want to click on the link I attached at the bottom of the post for advanced troubleshooting on randomly freezing issues, here's the link again for your reference: click here and follow from Step 2 onward.

let me know if by the of the article, issue persists, and we'll help get it sorted, accordingly.

I am an HP Employee

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