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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Pavilion Slimline s5623w
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have an older Pavilion Slimline s5632w with the Narra5 motherboard. Sometimes (like 20-25% of the time) when turning on the computer and when Windows 10 performs its fast startup, certain drivers fail to load correctly. These include, but not all at once...

  • Network adapter not present or complaining that a cable isn't connected
  • Sound not present or complaining that no output devices are connected
  • Cursor (USB mouse) extremely laggy, refreshes every second while being moved

Restarting the computer and performing a full boot fixes these issues, but it's very annoying. Not sure if this is a Windows 10 thing or a compatibility issue with the computer. I tried the following in order to resolve this...


  • Running System File Checker
  • Running the DISN command
  • Reinstalling the driver for the network adapter (there was a newer version available from Microsoft, and that seemed to at least fix the network adapter from failing to load)
  • Deleting and rebuilding the hibernation file with the powercfg command

Other than these issues, Windows 10 works fine for the age of the computer. My only fix would be to disable fast startup and suffer with longer boot times, at least until I decide to replace the hard drive with a SSD. Any suggestions on how to make fast startup work correctly?


System Specs

  • AMD Phenom II X4 820 (Quad core clocked at 2.8 GHz)
  • 4 GB of memory
  • NVIDIA GT 710 PCIe graphics card
  • Windows 10, 20H2 64-Bit (clean install with no upgrades from previous versions)
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well dont use fast start up on such a very very old PC.

fast start up is IMAGE boot mode.

and if last image is bad, so be the next boot up.

is ethernet wire to your router

well if YES< you can see it is dead NOW

and if dead the PC can not do any w10 PnP plug and play , most of these PC are not HP supported at all for w10

so that means you are married to the MS< PnP engine, for ever and if you turned on driver updates in the w10 autoupdate

setting that is big trouble.

first of to make any PC this old on for sure this PC, you need to test an force load other driver, like doing w7 to W10

MS, web site shows how to do Compatibility mode and this would be drivers to. (old)

first is that ethernet chip must first made to work then  when it does so not let MS ever ever do auto updates or it will that old driver down.  see?????????

here are the rules on legacy PC w10 (I have one X4 AMD pc here to and know all these ropes complex)

  • get ethernet up first.
  • get the newest driver for it at hp.com for say w7 ops , HP ended all support on this old dog,  oops.
  • Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430  , did you read at AMD how they do not support this 430?????
  • HP is zero here,  so that  leaves only AMD. GT710 is w10 full support .
  • NIC x10 slow  and old: Realtek RTL8201N   Data transfer speeds: up to 10/100 Mb/s

"With the new requirements for Windows 10, the GeForce 6150 nForce 430 is not compatible and will not have drivers to support the hardware for use with Windows 10."  430 is , now 15 years old (2005 chip)

MS PNP would need to be GOD like to make all this work, NFORCE is the bad news, W10 does not support  this . period.

that means full support as w10 now uses limp driver just to get legacy booted, just like they do on old GPU cards not fully supported.

MS can not receive AMD drivers that DO NOT EXIST. w10. impossible path. if the 430 fails I bet so will Realtek.

all you can do is force feed vista drivers to W10 good luck there. hard that is.


Only VISTA driver from Nvidia ,is offered now, (1650SE-43) period,  so try loading that under w10 in compatibility mode.

No PC on earth is so hard, NFORCE  in year 2020 unless you land on VIA or SIS chips,  doomed and worse that is.

Ive tried them all just to see how old a PC will run answer 2005PC, all intel modo, no NFORCED or VIA SIS ever.

one cheaters way is to learn to replace that relic, ethernet  with a real USB 1giga lan USB dongle or same on PCI-e express card. then ethernet works and then PnP works and fast boot off, (2seconds slower not a pain ever) and then hope 430

chip works right under microsofts PnP , band aids.

do not allow MS, w10 updates to load driver, or BOOM the legacy box dies, (I never allow it to do that) ever.

sorry for long post but legacy is not easy.

 I have this on w10-64: ASUS.com  M3A78-CM AM2+  AMD CPU! (and newest stepping works only) 780V/SB700/ RS780C

AMD supports mine, see?


try the vista driver above using these 4 simple steps, and if it  fails that is end of the line for ...


NO warranty answers by me.
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there are no w10 drivers for 430 , never was.

and would need to be 64bit

and VISTA 64bit driver will not work I bet  , fully, key word is fully, not limp mode,

w10  is great OS in that it has low level drivers to at least glow the screen and act alive

do not be fooled see all those errors in DM device manager. yes,  and fast boot forget that ok>?

oops, 2005 is bad year,]

most PCs this old are NOW in the recycle center in  RED box with LEAD Toxic warnings, no kidding, it's junk

find I3 core PC up and win. Gen4 intel up is best ,for SURE>

end the pain of AMD legacy junk now.

even newer  (vast) mobo is $20 (i3)

why suffer max pain for 20 bucks. :?

or whole PC 8300

NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say, so I'll mention a few other things.


First, I've used two other computers of similar vintage, both with Windows 10 on them, and never had issues with fast startup. I also know someone who still uses a HP computer from 2009 and a Sony laptop from 2010, and he too, doesn't experience any issues with fast startup. I really don't think what you said applies to my system.


Second, another computer that I once had but failed due the capacitors had the nForce 6100 chipset, and it was deemed compatible by Microsoft when they were initially pushing out Windows 10 via the Get Windows 10 offer. I never upgraded that system from 7 to 10, but if that chipset wasn't compatible, then I'm pretty sure I would have never seen the upgrade offer. The 6150SE shouldn't be no different, other than building on top of the 6100 and supporting additional features.


One of the reasons for installing the GT 710 was no driver support for the 6150's graphics under Windows 10. Even if it was supported, it wouldn't be able to keep up with modern graphics. The GT 710 still chugs away nicely on YouTube as long as it's not decoding VP9 video.


Internal network adapter is not a Realtek. It is NVIDIA. Yes, it isn't gigabit, but I don't share large files over my network, and my DSL is a whopping 20 MB/s, so this isn't a big deal to me. However, my 8th gen Intel Core i3 Dell laptop isn't gigabit either, and that bothers me seeing how new it is.


Lastly, I've got to work with what I got. Can't afford a new desktop at the moment, only pieces of hardware to upgrade it and keep it going. It's all light usage, running mostly older and non-demanding programs.

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