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HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Base Model All-in-One PC
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

So basically when I turn on my computer after the manufacture logo screen I get windows logo screen. But beneath it no loading circle is present and it wont move from that screen. However when I shutdown my pc and turn it on again like few times or randomly; the loading appears and I am logged on to my pc, how can I fix this issue so that my loading appears and I dont have to shutdown my pc and start it up again for me to log on to my pc? (It not a disk error since I have a new ssd installed)


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@Rayyan2650 --  I still have to boot multiple time to login in to my pc that problem is still present


That is unfortunate.  A "permanent" failure, such as slashed automobile tire, has an obvious solution -- replace the tire. An "intermittent" problem, such as an occasional rattle when driving the automobile, is much more difficult to remediate. 


In your case, any "intermittent" problem is probably:

  1. failing disk-drive, but you have ruled that out,
  2. failing power-supply, but that is not likely, given that your computer, once started, works fine,
  3. failing processor, which also is not likely, given that your computer, once started, works fine,
  4. failing motherboard.

Experiment, in two parts:

  1. remove the SSD from your computer, and connect it to another computer, to temporarily replace the disk-drive in that other computer. Disconnect any Ethernet cable -- this experiment is better when there is no connection to the Internet. Start that computer. Does the computer start-up properly the first time, i.e., no need to "double-boot"?  
  2. take the disk-drive from that other computer, and connect it to your computer. Start-up your computer, again without an Ethernet connection. Does that disk-drive, which never before has needed a "double-boot", now show the same need to "double-boot" ?
  3. return each of the disk-drives to their "home" computer.

This experiment may show that the motherboard has an "intermittent" problem, even though the hardware diagnostics that you have tried did not show any problem with the motherboard.


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@Rayyan2650 --  It [is] not a disk error, since I have a new SSD installed


Hmm. Did you have the same problem before you installed the SSD ?


When you power-on the computer, repeatedly tap the ESC key, until you see a menu where you can launch the HP Hardware Diagnostics?  If so, launch it, and see if detects any other hardware-issues.




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Before installing the ssd i had an hdd when i turned on my pc with it i will be stuck on a black screen. But with ssd i didnt receive any problems till now. In pc diganostic there are no problem it passed every test

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@Rayyan2650 -- you may have some "intermittent" problem with the computer's motherboard, and maybe it could be a "heat" problem, either:

1. the motherboard is fine when "cold", but has a problem after the temperature inside the computer is much higher;

2. the motherboard is "intermittent" when cold, but works fine, once it is warmed-up.


What you could try:


1. leave the computer off, for a while, until it cools down.

2. start-up the computer, and immediately enter BIOS SETUP mode.

3. don't make any changes in BIOS SETUP mode.

4. after 5 to 10 minutes, "exit" from BIOS SETUP mode -- presumably, your motherboard is now "warm".

5. does Windows now boot the first time, now that the motherboard is "warm" ???


How old is the computer? Is it approaching its "retirement" age, or will it work until October 2025, when Microsoft will stop all support for Windows 10, thus forcing you to buy a new computer with Windows 11?


I hope this helps.


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I rebooted my pc and that fixed the problem

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@Rayyan2650 -- I rebooted my pc and that fixed the problem


Instead, what could have happened is that the very-first time you booted from the SSD, Windows "repaired" itself, to adjust to the new disk-drive, but failed to restart itself. When you restarted, the "fixed" version of Windows was able to start, without any issue.


However, if the issue reappears, in the future, I would suspect some "intermittent" hardware problem.


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Turn out the problem was resolved temporarily or it was my luck because the problem is still occurring any suggestion?

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@Rayyan2650 -- the problem is still occurring any suggestion?


It could be a failing disk-drive. Restart the computer, and immediately start tapping the ESC key, until you see a menu, where you can run the HP Hardware Diagnostics against the disk-drive.  If there is no error, run it against all the components.  


It really is difficult to isolate any "intermittent" error.



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My hard disk is working fine I have already ran it diganostic.

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@Rayyan2650 -- My hard disk is working fine 


So, are you saying that needing to "double-boot" is no longer a problem?


If so, click "Accept As Solution", to tell the volunteer contributors in this forum that you no longer need any assistance.

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