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    Need Windows 11 help?
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HP All-in-one 24-f0xx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

My computer doesn't wake up from sleep or hibernation mode by shaking the mouse or clicking the keyboard or touching the touch screen. I have to reboot the machine by holding down the power button every single time. how can i fix this?

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Hi @I_am_Norma_B


Welcome to the HP Support Community. I'd be happy to assist you with the sleep mode issue. 


Let's try these steps -


Step 1 Enable the keyboard to wake the computer -

1) In Windows, search for and open the Device Manager.

2) Click the arrow next to Keyboards, and then double-click the name of your keyboard.


Keyboards selection in the Device Manager window


3) Click the Power management tab.

4) Select the box next to Allow this device to wake the computer. Click ok.


Step 2 Windows Updates troubleshooter -

Click on this link to run Windows Updates troubleshooter.


Step 3 Windows Updates -

1) In the search box, type and open Windows Updates.

2) Check for updates.

3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer.


Step 4 HP Support Assistant Updates -

1) In the search box, type and open HP Support Assistant.

2) Check for updates.

3) If the updates are available, click on install and restart the computer.


Step 5 Troubleshoot using the Windows Power troubleshooter -

1) In Windows, search for and open the Control Panel.

2) In the Control Panel Search field, type troubleshooting.

3) Click Troubleshooting.

4) In the System and Security area, click Improve power usage.

5) Click Next to run the troubleshooting tool.


Download and install the BIOS, Chipset drivers from this link.   


Hope this helps! Keep me posted. 


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Have a great day! 

I am an HP Employee

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I have an HP All-in-One also. Mine is brand new and I am also having that problem. I have received remote assistance from HP support and Windows Support. My advice would be to bring it into a store. If you are like me, that just made your muscles tense with stress, but if you'd like to avoid wasting HOURS on the phone, that's probably the best thing you could do.

I spent two hours on the phone with Windows and they could not fix the problem.

I've tried researching it myself and I only saw the repetitive solutions (which I followed every step of)  like "make sure your mouse, keyboard, and usb ports are enabled to wake the device", "set your computer to never sleep or hibernate", "check for updates", etc....

I have even tried doing a hard reset and completely repeating the setup process all over again seeing that I had nothing to lose being that it was so new. The only thing I had ever even downloaded was Google Chrome, and it had started this problem before that.

Eventually, I tried installing some BIOS updates manually, and then cried from sleep deprivation and frustration when it didn't work.

So, I gave in and decided that, since Windows Remote Support didn't solve the issue, I'd go ahead and spend time with HP Remote Support. As I watched the polite lady scroll and click away on my screen, I tried telling her that I already downloaded the BIOS updates she was downloading. (I didn't know if it mattered whether or not they are double-installed). But without checking, she did it anyways. I'm not sure if it's an actual thing where tech support agents just think everyone doesn't know what they are talking about but I get why they would be that way because I'm sure they get some phone calls from some real gems. I did get quite discouraged after I went through a very long explanation step-by-step of what I had done myself only for her to start with something like "did you turn it off and on"......... Duh! I had said many times that I have done this that and etc. Turning it off was involved like 90 times..... 

But still I entertained her, and completely unplugged and plugged the entire device and she basically said "so its working". I'm not sure how many times it took for me to tell her that the problem occurred when the device idled for too long so I'd need to give it some time, but I guess at some point it clicked and we played the waiting game. It never went out because this only happens when the desktop idles for hours and we only waited a little longer than what she set the sleep timer for but whatever updates she did fixed it for like two days.

But alas, here I  am , typing from a computer that I avoid because of the fact that it doesn't wake from sleep unless I hold the power button to turn it off and on. 

I'm not trying to dump on HP or Windows. They were my first choice for my first desktop being that I needed to make this investment to earn more money from home while my fiance was in school. But I am human just like the employees at HP and Windows, so I am naturally frustrated that they don't seem to take this problem seriously enough to educate their support team on how to resolve this issue. I did not pay $1000 dollars for this desktop, but I picked this one based off of what I thought would be best for my small-fry budget. I'm eating one meal canned meal a day because I invested in something that I would thought make us the money back and then some. I hate being THAT person that gets on and complains in a long message, but a girl needs food money. So I hope that they reply to your issue with something other than basic troubleshooting or "we recommend that you bring it to your local store". I don't see myself at a BestBuy during the Coronavirus, and I don't see myself affording the hour trip to get to a "local" store. 

@I_am_Norma_B  if you find a way to get this fixed or you have this fixed by someone, please ask them what they did and post it loud and proud for all to see. #BrokeB'sGottaEat 

Thank you for reading.

Jessi ❤️

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@MyViHeart Same!! So I tried everything suggested by the previous person that responded. Mouse and keyboard settings, etc etc. When I finally got down to there BIOS updates, that fixed it!!!! But only for 1 day!!!! So I've come up with my own workaround. I set the computer sleep settings to "Never". This is not ideal. the computer will waste more energy, run longer hours unnecessarily, but it does fix my frustration of having to reboot it multiple times per day. I wish a real fix was available. 

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When I had tried setting it to never sleep, it still had the same problem. But I will try again and see if it works. I read somewhere that it doesn’t really change the lifespan of your computer so I’m hopeful that it will work this time since I’ve tried all of that other stuff since the last time I had it on that setting. I really appreciate you replying and keeping me updated on this issue. I will do the same for you also. If I find a solution, you will be the first to know. ❤️ thanks!!!

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