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So my update is that I have 3 HDDs in my 40xt.  

Kudos to the person that posted the picture of the L22273-001.   I took the cable I obtained from Amazon here: 
This is the correct Molex Microfit connector, so there was no need to shave the housing.

I popped the pins,  re-inserted the pins to match Sparkylondon's photo:
Black (Gnd)   Red(+12V)              n/c
n/c.                 Black (GND).            Yellow (+5V)

(I just tied the Orange (+3.3V) wire back.)

Works like a champ, so far.   Hoping I never run into Power issues, because I have no faith I'd be able to lay my hands on the correct form factor Power Supply.

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Is was mentioned to me that it might have been easier to find a Molex Microfit 3.0 connector with all 6 wires, and just resolder the right connections together.

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Thank you all for providing much valuable information (where HP is NOT!)


Just unpacked my 0037cb and have been setting it up on the network, access to servers, backup, etc.  I took a quick look under the hood, but did not yet pay attention to see if extra cables were supplied inside. I have not yet rotated the HD cage out or even thought about the additional drives. 


My initial plans were to add two HDs, but am hesitant with all the chatter of cable availabilty, pinout discussion, and cable hacks to create your own. Maybe this is a real naive question, but has anyone attempted to attach the drives with traditoinal SATA cables and take the power directly from the PS?  In the pics supplied by GRas 13, you can clearly see two SATA connectors marked HDD2 and HDD3.  Then if there is a spare connector from the PS (haven't looked yet, but traditionally, manufacturers supply extras or you could use a Y adapter), the HDs should connect to the MoBo and PS traditionally.  


Has anyone tried that?  Is it MANDATORY to use the new mini Molex connector? It may be that the Molex mini connector MAY be for the Euro market, which is why it is available there and supplied with Euro builds as mentioned.


I had hoped the PS would support TWO additional and and M.2 SSD.  I opted for the build with the 400w vs 300w PS.  I have not yet checked the draw on those drives.


Note for 



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Good luck with your attempts to upgrade; it's an uphill climb. I bypassed the mini-molex in my 795-0035xt by using individual pin connectors on each wire. This is tricky because of the tight fit and minimal (heat shrink) insulation; not for the faint-hearted. Getting power directly from the 0035 supply was not possible since it has no spare output wires of the correct voltages. They designed the system to power all peripherals from the motherboard power buss. When I connected (1) the HP SATA, (2) a 1T Seagate SATA, (3) a 480G SSD and (4) a Nvidia GTX1050 Ti card to the 400 watt supply I experienced periodic brown-out from marginal wattage. NATURALLY HP has no plans for a larger power supply; I had to give up on the second internal SATA drive. I plan to avoid buying an HP again (I have been a faithful repeat customer) because of their stoneface refusal to support the 795 line to my expectations.

HP Recommended


Thanks for the quick return post.

I was concerned when I initially opened the case and saw the newly redesigned (and possibly proprietary) PS. I could see where they would not need extra power dongles if their intention is to redirect all connectivity through the MoBo. I may place installing the additional drives on hold, although at $1.21 US for a set of four(ebay) and free shipping from China, it was hard to resist purchasing the HP blue isolating mounting screws!  I'll just keep looking for a cable source or consider making my own.


I have not yet taken a closer look at how the optical or included drive is powered.  I would think it would still use a standard  SATA power connector.  Any reason why I couldn't just "Y" off that.  It also looks like 


Thanks again and off to continue my "uphill" climb! Longtime HP repeat customer too, Also disappointed about lack of info. The 795 series has been out long enough to have online support...  

HP Recommended


So after TWO FULL DAYS of transferring data, setting network access, re-mounting servers, installing network printers, installing software applications, and customizing the Win 10 Start page...  the power supply failed!!!


That is a LOT of extra work, as I CANNOT ADD additional internal drives at this time.


The computer will not power up and I cannot get ANY readings from the PS. The main (P1) connector to the MoBo should have an output of 12v.  Does anyone know if this is an ALWAYS ON output?   Will the PS only have output AFTER pressing the "ON" button located on the front panel.  I would think the MoBo would always have to have power for Standby Mode when waiting for button press.  I was getting voltage readings with the computer off from this earlier as well as the mini connector and other unused PS connector (12v - as stated earlier).


As this is a new purchase, the seller is reshipping a replacement... one week delay... then 48 hours setup!


HP's only solution is to ship to their service center, evaluate, ship back repaired, 9 to10+ days MINIMUM.


Even if I opt to swap out the HD to the new computer to save install time, as you all know, Microsoft "marries" Win 10 to the MoBo and I would need HP to supply an new Win 10 Auth#... good luck with that!

Sooooo, I thought I would just purchase a new PS, as I always stock spare parts anyway. 

The part is listed at $65.10 USD although I don't know how fast shipping options are or what additional costs it would add.

Hope that I can just swap out the PS and get on with life!


Here is a link to the entire parts list for my build


You can go to partsurfer.hp.com and enter your Sr#, product number, or description to get the list for your complete build.


NOTE: The Sata Power cable L22273-001 is N/A... NOT AVAILABLE!  so, onward and looking to build my own cable.

ALSO NOTE; Part #511945-001, the blue HD isolation mounting screws are not even available (although available from China via ebay $1.21 USD for set of four).

How does HP expect you to mount/use additional internal HD storage???!


COME ON HP,  this model has been out since MAY 2018... Get parts, manuals, documentation, AND SUPPORT for this model.  At over a year old now,  in this fast paced industry... it's almost a DINOSAUR!


Thank you all again for all the support and feedback.  I hope the parts link can help someone.


HP Recommended

Dear Tech-

We know your pain. I've hammered HP about this situation through both sales (clueless) and tech (software only) support. They are unconcerned about our troubles. I suspect, only from hints, that the hardware is totally out-sourced for the 795 (Burkes MoBo, Dyson cables, proprietary PS, etc.) and HP loads software into a purchased package. Whatever the case, they are shameless about the negligible hardware support and obviously care nothing about their reputation diving into the sewer. I also suspect this is a money matter, wanting to compete in the mid-market PC field but skinney out on the support. I bought this machine for the chipset tursting on HP's reputation. Now I wish I had spent another $300 and bought an Asus.


Good luck on your journey.

HP Recommended

Thank you Chrisocowan your method worked perfect for me. I bought the cable at amazon, re-pinned it, tied the orange cable back since 3.3v is not needed. Worked like a charm This is definitely a solution to the problem. 



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