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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Pavilion 590-p0xxx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have a Pavilion 590-p0xx with a i3-9100 8 gb ram and I want to upgrade my gpu but I don't know what gpu are compatible with my pc I want to upgrade it like a Nvidia 1650 or rx 480 but I don't know if they are compatible can someone tell me what gpu are compatible with my pc.

HP Recommended

some P0xx PCs (yours not told) can use the 400w HP Psu upgrade but NO PC told no Product code nor what xx is.

this kind of post here GPU upgrades are super common, and  answered 1000 of times. 😐

the answer is always the same. due to some odd facts and just normal; facts.

First off abnormal facts, 😂 and classic to most OEM PCs sold. not just HP. (

HP does not spec, PSU nor the cables inside to it or from it, fully for sure GPU AUX power cables, making answers hard.

what a shop does is LOOK. looking only works. (for space and those 6/8 pin AUX power cables) paired too. on real  PC.


MOST HP desktops have no ATX PSU .  missing cables jacks and size case is ALL WRONG. end to end all non standard.

now to normal mode. (buying 10,000 cards made by 12 makers) NVIDIA real is just one  maker, yes daunting...🤔

  • the GPU card must fit the x16 slot end to end called length we use  a ruler and see if it does. (RTM nvidia)
  • the GPU makers  have vast cards, some even have 1,2,3 fans and are too long for a PC so read the makers cards data sheet spec,  RTM there, each card has its own datasheet.
  • Do not overload the PSU.
  • the 1650 is not one card, it comes in 75watt or 100watt versions and the latter needs PSU AUX power to run.
  • the 100w watt card is called the SUPER, that is your call what card to buy fit and not overload the PSU nor find the cables to run it missing in your PC.
  • That is it, unless the card overheats the case but I think not. here.
  • oops one more, UEFI issues,  if the PC boots in secure boot mode, some cards added will not run,. (unless OS is reset)

card variants are huge,  number of fans, ports on the rear, you need, speed, grade, OC, VRAM sized, back side coolers, and more. lots more,  go  to newegg dot com, see GPU see left side bar read all that see what you need. there. only you know

some one 4k? to game or?  I like newegg for there great side bar options! but sadly lacks a watts filter. (I begged them)

there are no w10 issues.  I run GTX1650 here no filter and runs 50 top games, easy not 4k, ever here.


many P0xx PCs had only 180watt PSU and that is no good IMO. what is your PSU there?

some have the 310 or 400watt new or as option new,  I only look first.

  • power ok watts. PSU upto the task total watts GPU and all else.
  • fits (ruler time)
  • no missing cables  PSU to GPU.

1,2,3 but vast choices of cards,  and no PC told yet,  0xx means what. 😄


NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

power on

hammer esc key

BIOS pops

read info page, see 2 things

full PC model, with out XX

see actual HP product number, wow important.

NO warranty answers by me.
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