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Example: PavilHP 6200 pro SFFion 65XX
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I purchased an I7 3770, had seen a video on You Tube where someone installed into the 6200 SFF.
It did not work, fan came on continuously,
This forum already had several solutions regarding the Bios, So I installed and updated the BIOS 3 times, to different updates to no avail.
Changed the processor back to i3 everything works OK
I have read the maximum to install is I7 2600. I now have an I7 2600 and when I install this I get the same problem.
Bios updated to
Now 0232
Would really appreciate your help, spent more hours than I care to remember
Thanks all
Keep safe

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The i7-3770 didn't work because the Q65 chipset doesn't support any 3rd gen core processors.




If you installed a plain old i7-2600 processor, it should have been plug and play, and I would have no idea why it isn't working.


If you installed an i7-2600S or K, those won't work.



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Thanks for the reply.

I did read that and installed the 2600

I have even installed in another PC to check the i7 2600 is OK and working, it plug and plays instantly in another pc.

I did wonder if I had to change something else from boot.

Thanks again for trying to solve the problem



HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


I can't imagine what the issue could be.


You have the latest BIOS update. 


The PC could have come from HP with the i7-2600 installed, so even if you had an old BIOS on there, it should have worked.


What if you have the processor in, and then clear the CMOS?


That will clear all of the settings in the BIOS, and the PC will 'relearn' the hardware.


See the service manual for how to clear the CMOS.   Appendix E, pp 304 & 305.



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Hi Paul.

Thanks again for trying 

Removed pewer and Mouse, Keyboard,

Reset CMOS 

Started and would not start with i7

Placed back in i3 and restarted fine came up with reset press f1

Runs OK again only with i3

Put back in the i7 2600

Power on and after 20seconds the fn ramps up but no screen comes on.

Back to i3 for now. If you have any other ideas.   

Thanks again


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You're very welcome, John.


I'm afraid that I am stumped on this one.


I have a 6200 Pro that came with the i5-2400, and that works fine.


I guess I will never consider upgrading the processor, because the i7-2600 should have worked.


I checked to see if there were different i7-2600 processors and there aren't.   Just that one -- SR00B




There are rare instances where there are two or more processors with different sSpecs, and some will work in a particular model PC and some won't. 


But that isn't the case here.  There's just the SR00B.

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