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NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

Whoever is out there please help....My main Desktop PC Compaq Presario S5300NX won't turn on....There power to the power cord and the light in the back stays on but when I push the power button there's no power....I've checked the troubleshooting and there's nothing that Ican find that's wrong with it....I don't have the money to send it out for repair but if it's not too expensive I can fix it here.....PLEASE HELP ME....!!!!!

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Re: NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

Remove the power cord from the back of the unit and then hold in the power button for 10 seconds. re-apply the power and attempt to turn the desktop on again
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My Computer won't turn on too!!!!

Unfortunately I think you're screwed!


Last month I got back from a three week vaccation. During that time my 2 and a half year old HP desktop computer remained at home unused and unplugged. When I got back I plugged it back into my APC battery back-up surge protector and could not get the PC to turn on.


Before even attempting to contact support I took the unit to a professional tech friend of mine to see what the problem was. We were pretty sure that it was a problem with the power supply so we swapped it with a new on, but it still didn't start. We then swapped the Ram then the Graphics card then unplugged the DVD-drives and finally the Hard-Drives to no succes...


We came to the conclusion that the problem had to be related to the motherboard a/o processor and stopped the trouble-shooting because we'd attemped just about everything humanly possible.


After looking through this forum I understood that I wasn't the only one experiencing this event with HP's faulty machines, so I attempted to contact support on what I beleive is a manufacturing defect with a certain series of HP computers. Boy that was an even bigger head-ache. If any-one has had to deal with HP support they'll understand what I'm talking about.


I clearly stated that I would pay for a replacement motherboard (since my PC is no longer under warranty) but before so, I would like information on the motherboard model, information on this common and known issue and assurance that it wouldn't happen again if I were to change it.


It has been two weeks now and HP support has been silent. I've been assured (at least 20 times) that they would get back to me, but they have not, and I am sure that they won't.


Besides my posts getting systematically erased from this forum, HP has shown no interest in my problem with their machine.


Hope you'll have more luck than I, but I doubt it.


Sincerely frustrated,






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Re: My Computer won't turn on too!!!!

My PC has recently been able to turn on and I've kept it on......Sometimes I can shut it off but I'm afraid that if I do it won't turn back on for me.....I've come to the conclusion that the power button is bad......I also recently had a problem where a file was missing for no reason and am now trying to restore my PC.....I had to do a System Recovery and I'm now re-installing just about everything......I don't know if any of this can help you and I'm sorry for your PC issues.....Thanks for the feedback!!
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Re: My Computer won't turn on too!!!!

Ain't we having fun with or PC's. I just wish that mine would turn on once so I could backup my most recent work.
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Re: My Computer won't turn on too!!!!

Have you tried unplugging the until and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds?  Sometimes that works.  I also kept hitting the power button repeatedly until it would finally turn on.   Now it seems to be able to turn on and shut off but I don't leave it shut off.  I'm afraid that it won't come back on.    I've also been working on a laptop also with a power problem and I found out that the power button can get overloaded and that's why it won't start.   Last resort would be to take the hard drive out and find someone to get the important stuff off it.   I hope you can turn it on soon.
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Re: NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

I'm REALLY hoping that someone will be able to tell me a an MCP, I'm EXTREMELY frustrated that I can't solve this one!  My PC won't turn on! Smiley Sad

Here's the deal so far:

  • The PC was running fine....turned off for the night...and it wouldn't turn on in the activity at all
  • Thinking the power switch was faulty, I tested it (with a multimeter) and it works fine.
  • Tested the PSU (tested each lead with a multimeter...all within spec) but replaced anyway.
  • The mobo's LED is lit, and there is power (tested with the multimeter) coming from the power switch prongs on the mobo
  • There is absolutely no activity from the PC (no fans or noises)
  • Replaced fans (as sometimes a faulty fan will cause the system to not run, as a safety feature to prevent overheating) activity.
  • Tried shorting out the power switch prongs with a flathead activity

Anyone have any suggestions OTHER than a new mobo/pc?  I'm finding it VERY frustrating that there is power everywhere in the PC, but the thing won't start up at all.


I'm putting out the official call for help here!  Thanks in advance


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Re: NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

You might try unplugging and reinstalling the power cables from the PSU to the mobo (unplug the AC first!). On ATX boards there are usually 2 power plugs...a 20 or 24 pin and another 4 or 6 pin plug. This has worked for me a few times on dead garage sale 'puters.


Good luck!

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Re: NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

Try clearing the cmos and make sure that jumper is put back to default position. Make sure the 2o or 24 pin atx power connector is in, check battery on the board and makes it's in properly, lastly try reseatting the ram sticks one by one and then check the front panel header connectors to the board. Those are the tiny wires leading to the front power button of the case and it's important to have that connected and in properly.


I hope the cpu and motherboard are not faulty. 

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Re: NEED HELP.....Computer won't turn on...!!!!

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My HP laptop won't turn on.  We tried all the hints in the book, but nothing.


I pressed the power button to turn it on, the light comes on for one second then the power light goes off.  Could you please tellme what is wrong.  My email is [edited]  but I am using my husbands computer to write this.  His email address is


Regards Bart

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