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Third party PSU for HP Pavilion Gaming TG01 Series

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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi Everyone, 

I've noticed that this subject has been widely discussed around here, but I'm still hopeful about managing to upgrade my beloved TG01-1000NP's PSU that I just bought a couple of days ago here in Portugal. 
I have a AMD RX580 that I would love to install on this machine that currently has a 310w PSU and yeah I do know that these machines are designed not to be PSU upgradable by third party ones which makes absolutely no sense to me and it is super annoying once this should be an upgradable gaming computer as advertised. Well, despite of that I did a research and found a supplier in Lisbon (I live in Porto) that sells the 400 and 500w models for ridiculous 139eur what is insane!  


Now, my final question before I realize that I have no chances in upgrading this machine's PSU is: Is there any tiny possibility to fit (cablewise) any kind of third party 400-500w PSU without having to spend 100+eur?  Because in terms of size it surely fits with some workaround as I've checked with the dimensions. The main problem here turns out to be the weird 7pin cable for PWR CMD on the MB.

As I could see this Baker 8767 MB has the pretty simple following PSU cable requirements: 


1x 4Pin Main Connector (most Psu's come with a 20 or 24pin main connector)
1x 4Pin CPU Power Connector

1x 7Pin *with 3 cables* PWR CMD connector >> Here is the main problem.


And that's pretty much it, as the other cables are the 6+2pin for a dedicated GPU and ones that are not directly linked to the PSU itself.


Please, someone give me some hope because it's been pretty hard to find any kind of solution for this that shouldn't be such a huge problem is it has turned out to be and making me so disappointed with the whole potential these machines could have.  

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I do feel your pain, and you bought PC that is not ATX PSU compliant,  next time shop more carefully or do DIY PC with mother board  z270 up. AND NICE CORSAIR 750 Watt modular PSU, nice.

that 7 pin told you it is NOT ATX for sure.!!!

lets do the whole bad act. HP. (good or bad, IDK)

  1. HP does not document their secret PSU (nor does most Dells) and other OEM.s. spec  zero.
  2. HP service manauls do not even once show how to replace any PSU, is even in the index.
  3. HP does carry some PSU seen at HP parts surfer, dot com.   but does not cross reference them ouch.
  4. HP sells some. but no upgrade pages at HP cover PSU,they say some the PSU is for the life of PC not to be changed.
  5. HP has no pin out drawings; (like seen on some HPE workstations, like my z600 has. this class act is now (gone)
  6. SOME PSU have fan controls from BIOS To PSU, and are NOT optional if there. no spec how can I tell you? I can not.
  7. SOME PSU dells and HP have a high voltage +12vdc stand by rail pin. not industry ATX  +5vstby.  oops that is very bad.
  8. and more of the PSU has PSU thermal sensors that BIOS sees? oops again. no spec,  not even PIN NAMES.
  9. On some PCs I have made adapters that work for sure the ATX 5v to 12v DC to DC convert for. #7

some HP can be adapted (as seen sold on ebay and amazon both) I have one in my love dell 3020/9020(optiplex)

Yes some OMEN PC just need a top mobo power adapter 4 to 8? but I have never tried.

ATX Main 24-Pin to 6-Pin PSU Power Adapter Cable 18AWG for HP Z220/Z230 ATX 24-Pin to 6-Pin PCI-E PSU Power Adapter for HP Elite 8100 8200 8300

even Z800


ATX Main 24-Pin to 6-Pin PSU Power Adapter Cable 18AWG HP EliteDesk 800 G1

and more... looking on ebay for fit ups , is best IMO.





here are some more all seen on ebay ,read the ads see what fits first then buy HP PCs.

this is from micro MOLEX mini (mini = ATX FIT)

  • Adapts between ATX Mini 24-pin and 24-pin PSU connectors
  • s3500f, s5160f, s3521, s3100n,, s3500f
  •, s3521, s3122x,, EN996AA,
  • s7310n, s3122x, s3120n, s7310n, s7220n
  • s7120n, s3120n, s7210n, s7120n, s7400n
  • s7410n, s7415c, s3431, s7420n, s7210n, s7421c,
  • s7500e, s3430f, s7500n, s7400n, s7500y, s7410n
  • s7510n, s7415c, s7515x, s7420n, s7517c, s7421c
  • s7527c, s7500e, s7530n, s7500n, s7600n, s7500y, s7603w, s7510n
  • s7605n, s7515x, s7612n, s7517c, s7613w, s7527c, s7617c, s7530n
  • HP 5188-7520, EN996AA
  • HP 5188-7520
  • HP 5188-2755, s7220n
  • Slimline s3431
  • HP 5188-2755
  • HP 5188-7602
  • s7600n, s7620n, s7603w, s7627c, s7605n, s7320n, s7612n, S3400T
  • s7613w, s7700n, s7617c, s3707c
  • HP 5188-7602
  • s7712n, s7620n, s7713w, s7627c
  • s7727c, s7320n, s3220n, S3400T
  • S3420F, s7700n, s3707c
  • s7712n, s7713w, s7727c, s5120f, s3220n, S3420F
NO warranty answers by me.
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next time build your own PC 😍

if you can build it you sure can upgraded it, I PROMISE ! (buy  case first, no odd shaped, but with front bottom and top screens.

called a cool case, nothing wrong with air , no water needed and large slow running quite fans.🤔

with ATX real PSU, unlimited upgrades in fact even above 1000watts.

over 700w they can get too long fast.

sell yours and rethink needs, now and say 4 years from now and RTX3090 gets cheaper. 350watts just  it ! and ohboy fast.

have plan for all that.  is best. or ask what is best OTC.  just my opinion and nothing more, 😎



NO warranty answers by me.
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now devils advocate answer mostly why secret PSU's

  • so you don't blow up any PC in warranty. (#1) using junk PSU sold all over the world. (cheap gets you that)
  • the PSU is vastly cheaper to make less all those VRMs gone, and more inside, just 2 cables less copper.
  • The VRM's moved to mobo so regulation can be better there (for sure done right) but more costly MOBO.
  • PSU fan controls and thermal sensors to get this job done right.
  • to make a cheap 180watt PSU that ATX OTC sellers do not sell, today,  costs less and makes Energy star CZAR's  happy

I'm sure there is more but this is my opinion.  (and keep it a secret until hackers win and many did see my links above)

NO warranty answers by me.
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