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HP Compaq Dc 7800p Small Form Factor

hello there
i have dc7800p SFF

i wanna know first what is maximum memory gpu for this pc
like can i have 4GB GPU for this pc
and what maximum of Hard disk can have SSD 2TB will work ?

i was have AMD Radeon 5450 1GB work for 2 years then on some day screen get white and GPU dead idk the reason
and after I took off GPU 2 RAMs of mine got dead too
my System info now is


Core 2 Duo E6550
Power subbly is 240W
BIOS up to date version v1.35


now i wanna upgrade processor and get a new graphic card
i'm looking for something can play games with, but i dont know what to choese
CPU (E8600 - Q9550 - Q9650)
GPU (GT 1030 - AMD R7 240 - Radeon HD 6570) they all 2GB
should i first upgrade Power subbly to 365W or its ok to keep the 240W

and i don't have budget to buy a new pc.

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You can install 4 x 2 GB of DDR2-6400 memory.


You can't upgrade the power supply so you will have to select a video card that will work with your PC's 240W P/S.


Below is the link to the HP Quickspecs for the dc7800 model series.


The list of supported processors can be found on page 9.


HP Compaq dc7800 Business PC (nordykassociates.com)


Bear in mind that the quad core processors consume more wattage (30 Watts more) than a dual core processor which takes away from the list of graphics cards you can install.


I haven't tested out a GT1030 in the dc7800.  It worked in an 8000 Elite though.


I don't think you should go more than a GT 730 low profile as far as a power draw.


If the GT 1030 works (only a 30W power draw), it would be a better choice, but you will probably need to update the BIOS.


The HD 6570 low profile's 60W power draw may be too much for your PC's 240W power supply if you install a quad core processor.


AMD Radeon HD 6570 Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database



HP Recommended

thanks for replay, ok but can you tell me exactly what i go with in processor and graphic card

i want an graphic card thats 2GB and good for gaming

and what about replace HDD to an SSD will work

im already updated the bios to latest version 


all i need you give me the best 2GB GPU for this pc and processor like e8500 or e8600

and why can't i replace 240W to higher one like 365W, thats it.

HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


The power supply your PC uses is proprietary which means you can't just plug in any power supply you can buy.


The 365W power supply from the dc7800CMT won't fit in your PCs case.


It is a different shape.




Power Supply HP 437798-001 DPS-240MB-1 A DC7800SFF 240WATT Mini ATX 24-PIN 6-PIN | eBay




437358 437800 437331 462434 365 Watt HP Compaq DC7700 DC7800 DC7900 Power Supply | eBay


I have a 2.5" SATA SSD in my dc7800 CMT and it works great.


Since the drive controller is SATA II, the SATA III drive is backward compatible and even though it only runs at the SATA II speed, it performs much better than a 3.5" mechanical hard drive.


See if you can get a used but tested and working GT 730 low profile card on eBay.


Those should be 2 GB.


HP GeForce GT 730 2GB Low Profile 917882-002 | eBay


I actually have a Zotac GT 730 4 GB card in my Dell Optiplex 7050 MT


Zotac GeForce GT 730 4GB Zone Edition Graphics Card - (288-9N308-A00Z8) | eBay


The E8500 processor is supported according to the specs, so you may as well go with that one.


My dc7800 has the E8300 and a Radeon HD 6570 but mine also has the 365W power supply.

HP Recommended

thanks for the info, but from what i know GT 730 is low profile its not good for gaming in this days is there is no choice besides it, i need best one for gaming with my week pc dc7800 SFF, and the last question, you don't know why when my old gpu damage also rams damage to is thats because power supply or what, and thanks again for your interest.

HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


I don't know of a better card because your PC's BIOS is very old, and I have no idea if a newer card would be supported.


Most newer video cards require a UEFI BIOS which the dc7800 does not have.


Unfortunately, I would have no idea why the old GPU would have also caused the memory to fail as well.



HP Recommended

ok so in this case i will go to an shop and  try some of the cards on this device,or i will think about having another pc, thanks to your time this was really helpful.

HP Recommended



Glad to have been of assistance.


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