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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Desktop - M01-F0016
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

When I shut down this computer, it shows "Update and Shut Down" and "Update and Restart" but there are NO updates pending.


WHen I run Windows Update - it show's "You're not up to date" but when I click on "Check for Updates" - NOTHING happens except it returns to the same GD screen.


Don't tell me I'm going to have to reinstall WINDOWS AND ALL OF MY SOFTWARE TO FIX THIS PUPPY?!?!!!

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The only suggestion I can offer would be to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter if you have not done so already.


Windows Update Troubleshooter (microsoft.com)


There are plenty of YouTube videos to watch as well.


fix windows update windows 10 video - Bing video

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Thank you for responding.  I'll try your suggestion.  I did a search a couple weeks ago and tried to remove the "Update" nag and nothing I found worked.


My MAJOR problem is that this computer is mainly used for music recording: Cubase Pro 10, Wavelab 10 using Roland Octacapture and Zoom L-8 for interface.  I've experienced occasional audio drop outs but now it's become nearly unusable with constant drop outs.  I've spent hours contacting Steinberg, scouring the internet for potential solutions.  Near the end of the list is to try to get rid of this issue and do a Windows Update.


But I'm afraid that my only recourse with this machine will be to be reinstall WIndows and spend two days of work to reinstall my mission critical software.  I've been designing software and programming computers since 1964 and still can't believe that people put up with 3rd rate software like WIndoze.  But alas, we're victims of what is essentially a monopoly.

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You're very welcome.


If none of the videos/troubleshooting steps work, before you clean install W10, you may want to see if upgrading to W11 fixes the problems.


It might save you a lot of work.


You can do that by clicking on the blue Windows 11 Installation Assistant button at the link below (1st option).


Download Windows 11 (microsoft.com)



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From all I've read about Win11, I'm not that interested in installing an even buggier OS.


With an interface that's even more like an iPhone than Win10.  


I'd rather go with the devil I know...  🙂

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Troubleshooter DID NOT WORK (again)...


Windoze is **bleep**e but I'm stuck with it because that's what my $2,000 of high end audio software runs on. 


I've been working with computers professionally (programmer and systems designer) since 1965 and they've never been flakier and less reliable than an average Windoze box is now.


Going to try a reinstall on this machine plus one to two days to reinstall all of my professional audio software.  May know in a week whether THAT will work...

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NOTHING WORKED!  I've still got a $400 boat anchor!


So now the only thing left to try is to reinstall Windoze...GOOD GRIEF!


You would think that after the last 35 FREAKING YEARS- MS would find a way to release a Windoze Operating system that doesn't require one to have to REINSTALL WINDOZE AND COMPLETELY RE-INSTALL ALL OF A PERSON'S SOFTWARE to repair **bleep** SENSELESS PROBLEMS LIKE THIS.


**bleep** Windows!


(Yeah, I know.  MS chose to follow a terrible, put everything into one big humongous basket approach to OS design)

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I gave up and prepared to re-install Windoze 10.


How does one do that on one of these machines?


I'd like to RETAIN the files on my hard drive.



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Finally - Found the Windows 10 Updater on the M$ website. Trying to update from buggy current version to latest updates.
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Stupid error message:

Windows 10 Update Assistant

"Something Went Wrong"   (YA THINK????)

Select Try again.  And if that doesn't work contact Microsoft support for help.  (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!)
Error code 0x80004005


Going to have to try to find a windows image and re-install the whole GD thing and my software!


Is an image available on the HP website?

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