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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

HP_Removeable-1Tb_Drive --Fail
TotallyFrustrated . . .


Part# = KT315AA
Model# = hd10000s
Serial# = I tried my valid S/N#

When asked on "HP" site for "Either" Model/Part/serial numbers
Inputting the information produces "NO RESULTS"

I have in the past Successfully used searches for My Pc "m8120n" or laptop "dv9815nr", with no problem,

My 1Tb Removable Hard Drive Problem:-
2 x Led's Very Fast Flashing (That's it)
--Very Strange Behaviour-- not seen in my 10 Years of ownership.
Obviously a fault condition of some sort.
Drive is not showing up in Explorer.
P.Supply Checks out at 12.5V DC.

Someone else might have encountered that Behavior.
NOT SURE,-- Why it is not showing up in "HP's" database
Any ideas ??

Ps Ref Posting Board
<<Sorry --could NOT find EXTERNAL DRIVE Category board>>

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@jenga8 -- Part# = KT315AA, Model# = hd10000s, Serial# = I tried my valid S/N#


What is the manufacturer? Seagate? Western Digital?


Can you access their web-sites, and click on their "check warranty" hyperlink, to see if you get any result?


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Thanks for Responding

The numbers i mentioned ,Product Model, Serial# are all  --HP Numbers

They sold Many\Many of those removeable drives.

The pc has an inbuilt slot to mount the drive, as was the case with my "Hp m8120n"

It can also be used as a stand alone with any computer System.

It dates from around 2009,-- So No warranty!

I do not know who Manufactured the drive for "HP"

I would have to open it up(Tear Down)

Right now trying to avoid that and just see If others have the same issue.

Whats strange as these legitimate Numbers are --NOT-- now in "HP's" own Database

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@jenga8 -- when I open the Windows "Device Manager", I see:




So, I can see the manufacturer ID of one SSD, but not of the two drives in that "RAID 1 set".


What do you see?





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you mention a hdd pocket media drive disk, it seems to me that you are talking about the option that I also had on my old hp m9785.fr with  media bay

The hard disk being more than ten years old, it is no longer referenced at hp, probably the reason that it no longer works
however, if it doesn't work anymore, you don't have much to do.


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Windows 11 22h2 inside , user

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Thanks Everyone,
Nothing\Nada\Zip shows on My PC
It as if, the USB cable was -- NOT plugged in


I had indeed used this in the MEDIA drive bay, of my old "m8120n" [R.I.P.]

But i used it as a "STAND ALONE" ever since with various other PC's.

UNLESS, someone out there (With Similar Unit) , has encountered & Fixed the problem i described. . . . .

Then indeed it it is the End of the road.



No solution is in sight.

Thanks Everyone



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@jenga8 -- your external disk-drive has two major components inside:


1 -- either a 2.5-inch "laptop" disk-drive or a 3.5-inch "desktop" disk-drive,

2 -- a circuit-board that connects to USB and connects to the disk-drive.


So, if you can open the case, and separate the two components, and then connect the disk-drive as a "secondary" disk-drive in some computer, can you access any of the files stored on the disk-drive?

What I am stating is that the other component could have failed, preventing you from accessing the disk-drive.


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