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This is the 2nd time getting BSOD: K_mode_exception_not_handled on my 6 week old Omen by HP Obelisk Desktop (model: 875-0xxx) and stuck in a boot loop. Unfortunately I didn't make any restore points, so I had to restore Windows twice. Last night I managed to fix an update issue with OMEN Command Center and this afternoon BSOD. I imagine a related HP update has installed and caused this. Updates now paused and restore point to be made shortly. Thanks for the tips.


HP/Microsoft this is not a good experience, sort it out

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Hi All, 


i have been struggling with this one for over a week now on my Omen Desktop.

Have had the boot loop with Kmode Exception Not Handled and it working for 10 mins then crashing. 

Have reinstalled twice now, not installed any HP software,  deferred updates till the 20th when i did my last reinstall on Thursday, and yet here i am 3 days later and its doing the same thing! this is getting awfully frustrating!

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I have had this problem since Thursday on my Omen desktop I got back in September, the updates installed a day or two earlier. On Friday it worked for 24 hours after a reinstall from the blue screen menu, doing that again last night only got about half an hour of use. Today I used the Windows 10 install from the Windows Media Creation Tool on a USB stick, and it's worked for the past 90 minutes. I have updates paused for a week, if it doesn't come back I'll just let them all happen--if the updates crash everything again, I know I have the solution handy.


Like others in this thread, I am hoping the new install offers a permanent solution, but I am VERY paranoid.



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I also have a Omen by HP Obelisk Desktop (model: 875-0xxx) out of warranty 3 months ago. I have had the exact bsod K_mode_exception_not_handled problem.

It started 5-12-2020, not sure if it was after some new auto update or not.

I had win 10 home w/1909 build with auto update enabled when the looping bsod happened. I took it to a local repair shop and he reinstalled win 10 PRO w/build 18xx. I updated this PRO version to a build 1903, and reinstalled the HP command center. Then got most all my files back via the Microsoft One Drive and a WD Passport. Now I'm slowly adding back programs that I had before this debacle happened. Im at least glad to know its not a hardware issue ! So far so good. Do we dare to update the win 10 PRO to a 1909 build ? I think not since all is working well again at this point.

I agree HP/Microsoft this is not a good experience, sort it out !

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I have been running over 24hrs now with W10 1909 latest Win Updates, and installed the Omen Command Center, and no HP Support Assistant. So far so good. I am assuming it's a definitely a driver conflict between an hp update and windows update, so I am not going to updates both till we hear this is fixed.

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I had the same problem with my Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790-08xx and want to share my experiences, should it help anyone:


Some few weeks ago (as of may 2020) it started causing "KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED" BSODs a few seconds after the login screen; I was unable to login and even booting to safe mode failed. HP hardware check utils didn't show any errors.


Re-installing Windows (with HP reset to defaults -feature) without wiping user-data made it possible to login and run Windows for some 5 minutes before the BSOD to appear again. This was enough to do something in Windows and disabling fast boot -feature helped here. After that it didn't BSOD for at least one day, during which I copied my files to usb-drive and decrypted hard drives (had bitlocker on).


After files being safe, I performed a full re-install (with reset to defaults -feature) wiping also the user-data (from solid-state C-drive only, not from D). After this, the system has been running fine, even with latest Windows updates applied yesterday (may 17th 2020).


My system: HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790-08xx, Windows 10 corporate edition (upgraded from home edition), Bitlocker enabled, Bios 844C vF.40.



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I had a few systems doing this exact issue. First round I ended up wiping and doing a fresh install. Despite deferring updates into June, it came back on one system. One of the threads mentioned the bug check check indicated an issue with windows defender and the kernel.

So I figured out how to disable windows defender from the recovery console and broke out of the boot loop.

Go to troubleshoot - advanced options - command prompt.

Login with your password

In the command prompt enter regedit and press enter.

Double-click hkey local machine

Click file - load hive

Browse to C( was D in my recovery environment):\windows\system32\config

Open software

Enter a Key Name, I used temp

Open the temp key, then expand policies - Microsoft - windows defender

Create a 32bit dword DisableAntiSpyware. Set it to 1

Right click windows defender in the left and create a new key Real-Time Protection and create these 32 bit dwords set to 1




Scroll back up and highlight the temp key, and then click file unload hive.

Then highlight hkey local machine again, and choose load hive. This time load system from the same location, and set 

Temp\contolset001\services\windefend start to 4


Hopefully someone can clean  these instructions up and add screenshots for the less skilled 



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Does this work consistently for you i.e. is the machine running OK all the time? I'm having the KMODE problem on an Envy 795-0010, and it cropped up about 1st May or thereabouts. I've done all the stuff, including Memtest and MS Memory Test, checked for driver updates, disabled a lot of stuff that ran on logon and startup, uninstalled Avast (which gave me serious problems on a W7 machine a long time ago), unplugged all peripherals, ensured BIOS is at latest (V 40). I haven't installed any HP recommended software for weeks. There was some suggestion that this is caused by Sleep, and the first time this happened was the first time I'd left the system alone long enough for it to Sleep. I have turned off Sleep, and disable the power Quick Start option as well.


I'm running W10 Pro 1909, and the Cumulatives installed April and May are, in date order, KBs 4551762, 4549951, 4556799. Of course, the oldest cannot be uninstalled now.


Once the machine has crashed, it often enters a boot-loop or "deadly embrace", making it impossible to boot up or start in any mode other than from an external USB device. I have Macrium Reflect (paid version) installed, with umpteen image copies, and I've shoved the system back from these. It's too regular an occurrence.


I've found that the machine may run OK for a few days (about 3) after restoring an image, but then it freezes and KMODE BSODS start again, and the whole gets progressively worse, with lockout and then reimaging.


If your method works, please do post some more detailed visual instructions.

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Is you machine running OK still?

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I just tried the above re disabling defender. And I can report that it has stopped the boot crash loop and I can now get into my system. Let's see how long this lasts.

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