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You're very welcome.


I don't get it either.


That Intel RAID driver should have worked.


Here is a partial copy and paste of the iaStorA driver setup information file which shows support for the ID you posted.


%PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2826&CC_0104.DeviceDesc% = iaStorA_inst, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2826&CC_0104


PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2826&CC_0104.DeviceDesc = "Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset SATA RAID Controller"


Now there is something I don't get about the LSI SAS Controller driver...


This would have been the one I would have used (and I'm sure you did use this one).


%DevDesc1% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0064
%DevDesc2% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0065
%DevDesc3% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0070
%DevDesc4% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0072
%DevDesc5% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0074
%DevDesc6% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0076
%DevDesc7% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0077
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0080
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0081
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0082
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0083
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0084
%DevDesc8% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0085
%DevDesc9% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_006E
%DevDesc9% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0086
%DevDesc9% = LSI_SAS_Inst, PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0087


But the decription of the device in the setup information file is this...


DevDesc9 = "LSI Adapter, SAS2 2308 Mustang -StorPort"


Your screen shot does not show the -StorPort.


In any event, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help you get W7 to install on there.

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One other thing...


That PC has USB3 ports, and if you are trying to install W7 from a USB flash drive, you have to boot it from one of the PC's USB2 ports.


It will not work from a USB3 port.  Will probably give a missing CD/DVD driver error.

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thanks again, plus thanks for spending your day with me trying to figure it out.


not sure if i understand how you got the driver detail. i might have to google some more


i tried any and all SAS drivers i could find.


For sure used USB2.  





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Glad to have tried to be of assistance.


Just open the zip file I posted and look at the setup information files.


Those have the hardware ID's for the devices.

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Well thank you Paul, after hours of searching the web for a solutuion to this SAS driver problem I came across your post and the second driver you posted worked for me. I had the same Hardware IDs as Sean.

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You're very welcome.


Glad you found this discussion of help to you.

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Paul Tikkanen,

Just now picking up on the history here.  I'm wondering if a fix has been found.  I have tried all methods mentioned here without success.  

Anyway, I talked to HP techs and we decided the best way to resolve the Windows 7 install problem on my Z820 is to order the OEM  Software CD/DVD directly from HP, which I did for $10.  Hopefully when it arrives, this issue will be history.  What a shame that no one seems to have the correct drivers to overcome the problems.  Funny thing, if the drivers exist in the OEM software and Windows 10, one can conclude that it's only because the decision makers really don't want to provide STAND ALONG DRIVERS so that we can install the Retail Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version on the Z820.  It parallels the same treatment thats given to IE verses Edge, they have abandoned IE.

Meanwhile, if you've discovered Drivers that really work, please update us.  I don't mind being wrong in my theory, conclusion and frustration.  Please advise.  Thanks for listening.


Walt Johnson  -  March 12, 2019

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on my HP Z820 there was system recovery but it did not work..


This time I tried windows 7 boot CD.


When I have choosen Win 7 Pro, then I loaded the drivers but it did not see the drives.


But When I choose Win 7 Ultimate, then I loaded the drivers this time it saw the drives and I completed Win 7 Ultimate..


But I got confused.


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