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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC TG01-2000a (2Z6E1AV)
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


My desktop HP (SN: [Personal Information Removed]) has a problem with a BIOS and dysplays message, that the BIOS corrupted and need to be repared.

I need to make recovery flash-drive on another computer, but I can't do it, because the program for update BIOS wich I downloaded from hp (sp135569.exe) doesn't work anywhere (I tried to start it on 4 different, but not HP computers).

Please, help me recovery BIOS on this computer.

P. S. Sorry for My English.

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@Twilight_Wolf -- I downloaded the file: 




When running the file on a "non-HP" computer, it produced the window::



Clicking "Next" produced the window:




Which of the above 3 options did you choose?


If you chose the 2nd option, then it will write some files to an "empty" USB flash-drive.

Then, boot your computer from that device.


If you chose the 3rd option, restart your computer, enter BIOS SETUP, and use the app to read from those files, to do the update.


Please tell us at which step you have a problem.



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Thank you for the quick response!


I can't understand why this file doesn't work on my computer... I downloaded it again and got a same  error like this:


I tried to run it on Windows 10 x64 1607, Windows 10 x64 20H2, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64 


As an experiment, I downloaded a bios update file for another hp computer model from the official website - everything turned out there, as in your screenshots, and there is some kind of trouble only with this file (sp135569.exe).



10534272  b (10 MiB)

SHA256: 8DA8DB7275F1FCB9808EF98AC988FA485B416897DAF443D0F3577AB358ED2AA6


Maybe this file is corrupt?


Сan I ask you to make an image of a flash drive for me, or share the files that should be on the flash drive?

@itsmyname wrote:

When running the file on a "non-HP" computer, it produced the window::




I don't have any windows at all and cann't make a choice 1 or 2 or 3 ))


Windows 11 - same problem:


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@Twilight_Wolf - There are two programs here, namely "sp135569.exe", which writes files

into the "C:\SWSETUP\SP135569" folder, and "08906F12.EXE" which has been written into that folder, and it is this latter program that is trying, without success, to update the BIOS while Windows is running.


The program "sp135569.exe" should run on any computer, to create that folder, and to write files into it.

After running this program, does that folder exist? What files are present inside that folder? 

One file should be that "08906F12.EXE" file.

If you restart your computer, and enter BIOS SETUP, one of the apps in the menu should be a program to update the BIOS, after you direct it to search in that folder to find the updated BIOS file.


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After launching the program sp135569.exe, the folder C:\SWSETUP\SP135569 is created and contains only one file - 08906F12.EXE.

But I can-not enter BIOS SETUP and see this:

IMG-20220316-WA0000.jpgIf I write a file 08906F12.EXE to a USB stick and restart the computer, I see this:


I assume the file BIOS should have the BIN extension (for example L74_0150.bin) and it is not there...

How do I make a BIOS USB recovery flash drive?

HP Recommended

@Twilight_Wolf -- How do I make a BIOS USB recovery flash drive?


It is one of the 3 options that was displayed in that image that I posted. See below for that image.


When I chose "copy the files", the target directory contains:


18/03/2022 12:44 AM 16,777,216 08906.bin
18/03/2022 12:44 AM        256 08906.sig
17/09/2021 04:18 AM 12,375,728 08906F12.EXE


Ater that "automatic BIOS recovery" completes, you should  be able to boot from the USB memory-stick, to install the new BIOS.  Or, enter BIOS SETUP, and point to the folder containing the "BIN" & the "SIG" files, and do the update using the app built-in to the BIOS SETUP.







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The whole problem lies precisely in the fact that this window "Please select" does not appear on any computer, and the program completes its work with an error. I tried to run this program on 5 different computers and got an error everywhere and the selection window did not appear...


I will be the happiest person on the world if you share files (08906.bin; 08906.sig; 08906F12.EXE)  for me.





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@Twilight_Wolf -- got an error everywhere


What is the exact text of the error-message?


What operating system was running on each of those 5 computers?


After downloading that EXE file, click on the filename with the right-side mouse-button, and select "Run As Administrator", to see if that makes a difference.


In this forum's software, I see:


Drag and drop here or browse files to attach
Maximum size: 5 MB 
Since that "BIN" file is much larger than 5 MB, I cannot upload it.




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Can you archive a file and split it into parts, for example, using a free program 7zip  and download it here in 2 posts?



I've tried all the options  and   "Run As Administrator" too.
The error message is missing on the screen. The program simply closes, and an error appears in the log (as in the screenshot above).
 Operation systems  Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11  )))
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I found file 08906.bin in the Internet,  but not sure if it is correct.

It has SHA256: 87518C1630D6303854017FB9AD80AD0A1B5140EE35629AE0909C2D22A584834E    and size  16777216 bytes (16 MiB).

Can you check the checksum (SHA256) of your file 08906.bin?

If it is correct, I would ask you to share only 08906.sig

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