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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello HP Forum,
I'm sorry I may not have chosen the right topic for my question, my question is as in the title; HOW DO I RESET MY INTEL AMT PASSWORD. i have dc7800p small form factor and i dont know how to reset my amt i changed my motherboard one week ago. i know factory password is admin but it doesnt work in this motherboard. and I haven't changed my password before. thanks in advance
(and guys please add windows 11 os list. yes thats right im using 11 on this 2008 older pc)

My System Properties:


GT 710 (GDDR5)


1 TB HDD + 240 GB SSD


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@GordonFreemanQ -- is this your computer: GC760AV (hp.com)


It states "maximum of 8 GB of DDR2 RAM", which sounds like a very-old system.


What functions of AMT do you need to use?


Nobody who follows the Rules on this forum is allowed to give you direct assistance on resetting the BIOS password. I am guessing that with a valid BIOS password, you may be able to clear/reset the AMT password.


Can you use Google to find an online "service and trouble-shooting manual" for the model-number of your computer? Reading that manual may be fruitful to identify all the jumper-blocks on your motherboard.


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Hello thatsyourname,

yes its mine pc and its very old i know but its perfectly run valorant, fortnite, csgo, lol (so it's not bad enough to be underestimated)

As for the question why I want to close amt..
It extends my bios time, about 4 seconds after the post screen, I want the windows logo to come directly. By the way, I know how to reset the bios password, I've done it hundreds of times. it just shouldn't be this hard for you my previous motherboard got the south chip burned because I put the jumper in the wrong place. actually it was good, 1 kg of powder came out of it, I can swear. As for the problem, I don't have a bios password, after all, no one uses the desktop other than me. I couldn't find the jumper map on the google, so I'm asking for help here. I'm definitely here only because of the bios time.. if you can't find it, dont worry I'll mark the answer as a solution.

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@GordonFreemanQ -- sorry, but I am bound to the Rules of this forum. 


Maybe, one of the HP employees who monitor this discussion forum may send you a private message.


Is there nothing within BIOS SETUP to "disable" AMT, to shorten the time before Windows starts to load?


This is my final posting about AMT. Sorry.


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Hey @GordonFreemanQ 🙂


Thank you for visiting the HP Support Community.


According to the Community's Rules of Participation:


4d. No posts shall include instructions or directions intended to bypass or subvert security measures, including passwords, locking mechanisms, fingerprint scans, etc., or to bypass any safety measures.


Therefore, this topic is being locked. If you would like help resetting the password on your product, please Contact HP support in your region. 





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