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    Need Windows 11 help?
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OMEN by HP 17-cb0002ca
Microsoft Windows 11

I was not able to enable my secure boot and need to know what needs to be done since I am not able to go back to windows 10. I am asking this question because not having secure boot as disabled me form playing a game call Valorant 

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@Ceodaryl -- on the web-page: VALORANT Specs: Minimum, recommended & high-end requirements (playvalorant.com)


On that page, I see: On Windows 11 we also require "TPM 2.0 and UEFI Secure Boot"


Microsoft states that any computer that is compatible with Windows 10 must have those two features.


How did you get Windows 11 to run, if your computer does not have those two features?


But, I do not see any statement that requires Secure Boot for Windows 10 to run.


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Have you ever disabled safe mode?
according to what you indicate, you have this model


Originally with Windows 10, therefore Safe Mode should be enabled by default, most if not all Hp models should have Safe Mode enabled, since Windows 10



HP PCs - Secure Boot (Windows 10) 


that said you say "could not activate" then "because not having secure boot as disabled "

Do you mean that this option is not available, it is probably already activated!



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Windows 11 22h2 inside , user

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>> with confided

Oops. Some author allowed "auto-correct" to replace some word, maybe confidence.

And, no "editor" person caught the mistake.

??? Always believe what you read on the Internet --- NOT!

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My TPM is at 2.0 but when I went to my BIOS my secure boot option is grayed out and I am not able to turn in on and I don't know why. My computer and other games I play work perfectly fine, it's just the secure boot problem 

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I'm also on Windows 11

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I know that the game has nothing to with TPM and Secure boot. But in order for me to play Valorant on Windows 11, I need TPM 2.0 which I have and also I need secure boot to be on. The problem is that Secure boot in my BIOS is grayed out and I am not able to which the little cog butten to turn it on. Now when I was on Windows 10 I had no problem at all. With saying that I am no longer able to go back to windows 10 because the option is no longer available to me. So I am trying to find away to get my secure boot turned on using windows 11 or to get by laptop back to Windows 10. I hope this is a better explanation.

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@Ceodaryl1 / @Ceodaryl -- it's possible that the only way to "get back" to Windows 10 is:


  1. purchase a new SSD
  2. remove the current disk-drive -- put it aside as a "backup" in case the following does not work
  3. connect the new SSD
  4. enter BIOS SETUP, and enable Secure Boot
  5. reinstall Windows 10 -- Download Windows 10 (microsoft.com)
  6. use Windows Update to "upgrade" to Windows 11
  7. reconnect the old disk-drive, and copy all your Personal Files from "previous" to "current"

If step #6 does not work, reconnect the disk-drive (#2, above), and try something else.  Sigh.


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