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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690-0011na
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have this pc with one video card installed in it from the factory. I have been using three monitors on it and suddenly the dvi port on it just stopped working. Everything I have done couldnt bring it back. Can anyone help please. When I looked at the NVidia

The video card has three outputs on it. One DPort, One HDMI an one DVI. It is the DVI that is not working now. The other two are working.


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i can only assume the dead DVI monitor was tested on a good working 2nd PC< to see if monitor is bad.

old monitors 2010 year made or older love hard fail with bad CCFL backlamps does the menu button on the monitor fails work for OSD menu.?? test the monitor first is best practice. 

test the DVI port all bay it self on PC yet, using 2 monitors that can do DVI?

really it it only 2 things here, card or monitor bad.

lets to the hard reset.

all Cards and all chips made have this thing called ESD protection that fire off and lock dead the port.

the cure is simple, I call it a long hard power reset see here, steps 1 to 4 ( all caps discharges IS THE GOAL) this unlatches all chips for  true clean cold boot.  do that first. it is 100% safe to do at any time.


is the video driver current from CARD maker, (12 makers HP just one)

NO warranty answers by me.
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also rule 2. (for sure there are lots of things to try) even 1 monitor at a time.

DVI monitor dead

power it on, in under 15 seconds push menu button on monitor,  it must show OSD screen or monitor is toasted or just intermittent as all old ones do.

then if monitor has more than one port (does it) force it to DVI only from AUTO or from wrong port

this is how to run monitors like this FORCED.


if you turn a monitor on last not first .

it will show, you 3 errors,  no sig, no sync, no connection or out of range.

all have meanings and causes. for sure set to wrong port or flaky auto.

tell me the maker and model of the DVI monitor and I can look up its (what I call bad news history and age)

DVI monitors can be very old. 1999 old,  20 year old monitors  1999 to 2010 most are now all DEAD (CCFL DEATH)



NO warranty answers by me.
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HP Compaq LA1905wg.


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wow the old old dog. LA1905wg.

first one 2009 best I can tell

this is the year that all monitors slowly shifted from CCFL to LED back lamps

your manual stated mecury toxic page and that is CCFL

they last 5 years  10 yours a day turned on and used,  CCFL then die. black lamp

the rear is listed

VGA, DVI-D (HDCP support), DP

do all fail or just DVI.

did you  force the DVI port in OSD?

always force it any time it fails, otherwise it can scan and fail. finding the port live.



see this board used on some early 1905,  see the words HV there, that is 600vdc to CCLF tubes





test any failing old monitor on a 2nd PC for sure DVI port. even a bad cable to it can fail. or bent pins.

as you can  see there are 2 boards inside,  HV and digital

now the acid test, if the power lamp on monitor glows ok (doe it) not flash not be amber, that means the digital board is happy and not in sleep mode.

then with a flash light aimed at the screen you see data  there, OMG the BACK LAMPS ARE DEAD.....





CCFL go dead NOW.

and blink

or go yellow for white.

or work only hot or cold. (ambients)

99% of these died back in 2015, 5 years ago, fully used , with 20,000 hours on the lamps.  all did..(NO LED yet)

some hanger queens not. (no hours  on the clock)

the first LED started the next year, and on the wide expensive screens for and tiny 19" last. (short history)

NO warranty answers by me.
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I tried the monitor on HDMI splitter, it works.

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