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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



We received a few HP E24i G4 screens recently and some of them have flickering and blinking issue. We wonder if there are some production issue on this type of screen as the issue has been detected on different desktop types and different video input connector (DP, HDMI, etc...)


What is happening ?

Soon after putting them in service (a few days of usage), some horizontal regular "lines" start to appear on the screen and the screen light start to blink quickly. This behavior starts unexpectedly and also disappear on its own after a few minutes without any user action. Power off / Power on the screen does not help.


This issue has occured sometimes 2 or 3 times in a randomly manner.


What we have done to workaround this issue ?

We changed the screen with another new one from our stock (same type and model) and crossed our fingers that the issue won't show up again on the new device. Sometimes i did solve the problem but sometimes not, and the "new" screen reproduced the same behavior as the "old" one.


Serial numbers of impacted screen ?

We expect a manufacturing issue as the issue is similar on many screens of the same model and bought roughly within the same period of time.

Here's a list of some serial number of impacted screens:


[Personal Information Removed]


Thank HP for your support on this




Accepted Solutions
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Hello, everyone.


We've traded one monitor so far and have been watching it for a while.

So far it's running flawlessly.

The replacement device does not have the BIM111.

(But there are probably also replacement devices that have BIM111 again. However, these then still have an addition or a sticker, so I think they have already been repaired and then go out as replacement devices.)


Changing the batch has helped so far.




Many greetings
Manuel Katus

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Hi There.


We have the same issue.

Is there any Firmware Update or something else?


best regards



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Same problem here, but i don't see any answer from HP. Can we fix this with a firmware update? Multiple screens with this problem in our organisation. 

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We are experiencing the exact issue in our fleet. Two months in and random flickering and grey horizontal lines on multiple G4s in our large fleet. Swapped all parts and no fix. 

Do you guys go through a dock at all? 
Ours are dual monitors and only ever one monitor at a time effected.  
It looks like electrical interference to me so I was wondering if the supplied DP cables aren’t shielded enough?

I’m going to try a different cable brand now and test. 

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Hi BluePacificEel


We have no docking station.


We have at every Workplace one Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q with two E24i G4 monitors.

One HP G4 monitor at the DP Port and one at the HDMI Port.

We changed every cable and use different ports.

We even changed the whole PC including the power supply.

But the affected monitor continued to flicker afterwards.

Nothing helped for long.


So we changed the flickering monitor with a new one out of the box and it fixed the problem.

But after a time it begins again.

So we could not be sure how many faulty monitors we have.

(we bought over 30)



One of the monitors begins to flicker and with grey lines too (whether hdmi or dp). First very light and than it begins to getting stronger. Especially with dark windows.


It resets when we boot from an Acronis USB Stick with WinPE.

(With this USB stick it will only one monitor used. maybe that's an important detail?)

Then after i reboot with normal Win10, it begins to flicker again after some time.

But it could not be an driver issue because we have exactly the same config multiple times (since january 2022) and not all places are affected.


Next step will be to try an USB-C to HDMI adapter instead of the DP or HDMI port.

(But I'm not confident)


I firmly believe that some monitors have an electrical problem inside.

Hopefully it could be fixed with a firmware upgrade.


@HP please fix the problem asap.


Best regards

Manuel Katus







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We use Thin Clients or Desktop Mini's and no Docking Stations. We have more than 20 units with this problem. @HP please fix the problem asap.

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We have tried to send back to our retailer the involved screens as a standard warranty return, but they refused to proceed to an exchange  because they have found no issue on them (of course because the screen can work smoothly for days before the issue shows up... )


I am not sure which tests they have ran, but probably not a full  and  deep testing to check the electronic parts inside. 


I hope HP publishes soon a release note containing S/N of impacted screens to inform the retailers to take them back, as a normal on/off test won't necessarily show the malfunction.


Keep looking for HP updates...

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Why are we still not getting a response from HP? Still nog answer and no Firmware update...

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Hello folks. can you all please have a look after the revision of the affected monitors?

our affected ones have all the rev BIM111 NOV21 so far. I haven't finished all of them yet. It looks like this batch has the problem though.

Please share all ouf your affected rev. here

Thank you!


best regards

Manuel Katus


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Ours are rev BIM111 December 2021.

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